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Dec 9 2017, 09:59 AM
It had been a crazy night. A crazy night indeed. One second he had been at the border, the next at Skyclan camp, and before he knew it back home again. The only difference was that he had returned with someone who hadn't came with him on the journey.

Entering camp, the leader would hold his head high as he walked towards the nursery. It was waking time now, although the male didn't much care if anyone saw him. In fact, he found it to be good news. This way there probably wouldn't be much confusion when one wondered where the extra kit had come from. But who was this kit exactly? Well, this kit was his son. His son that he had taken from it's mother, and had taken back home. Here he would raise the chocolate tabby point proudly, and make sure the male stayed safe. There was no telling after all what dangers would be faced ahead. Granted, there was probably going to be a war now, but he had the feeling that war was going to be fueled by mostly assumptions instead of facts.

Dec 7 2017, 06:41 PM
It had been a few days of planning, but Firestar had finally figured out his route. After speaking to Walnutpaw, his apprentice who had at a time actually stayed in Skyclan camp to rest before heading to the moonstone, the chocolate tabby had gained the directions to where the camp lay. It still intrigued him that a clan would wish to live in a cold cave, but he supposed that probably protected them from the wind. All the same it probably meant the camp itself would prove unsafe for them at times. Yeah they had escape tunnels, but who could really find their way around in them?

Well, he supposed few could. One of which being himself. It wasn't common knowledge to others that he had super senses, however he didn't want that to be common knowledge either. He needed ways of getting around behind the backs of others. Also he liked to eavesdrop on his clanmates to see just how loyal they were to the clan. Now though he would be using the power for something more personal.

Approaching the Skyclan border, the Shadowclan leader would leap into a nearby bush on his side of the border. He wasn't about to try sneaking across the border and into a tunnel without checking to see if it was safe yet.

Ears perking, the tom would check to see if he heard or scented any Skyclanners around. And there didn't seem to be any. Nor was there any sight of them. Slipping out of the bush, the tabby would make a dash across the border before dipping into a tunnel on the other side. It would have been obvious to a bystander that he had been educated about the tunnel for quite a while now. (of course though there were no bystanders in sight).

Finding himself in the tunnel, Firestar would allow his senses to lead him through them towards camp. A large hollow area was what he was looking for, most likely sloping up as Walnutpaw had told him of Skyclan camp being near the highstones. As well as that he allowed his nose to search for strengths of Skyclan scent. It was common sense that Skyclan camp would be full of it, considering that was their base and where they gathered at most points of time.


It was close to midnight when he arrived. He had made sure he wouldn't show up in broad daylight as that would honestly be quite stupid. However now most Skyclanners were asleep.

Slipping into the cave, the male would slip around the very edge as he kept silent. He hadn't a clue if anyone would hear him, but with luck they hopefully wouldn't notice it was in fact an intruder instead of just another clanmate.

Reaching the nursery, the place where kits were kept, the tom would slip inside. The den was rather empty, albeit a queen and a single kit. Ah, this was what he had come for.

Gently lifting the kit from the flame point queen, the tom would slowly back out of the den again. Turning around, the male would look to see if anyone had yet noticed his presence in camp. He heard a bit of scuffling from what he assumed to be the warriors den (although as a visitor he couldn't be too sure about that), but other then that all was quite. Perhaps though, it was best not to dawdle. He hadn't a clue when someone would awake, and the queen he had taken the kit from was now a ticking time bomb. She could awake at any moment and flip out.

Turning back towards the tunnel he had come from, the male would push back inside before jogging as quickly as he could in the dark back through. He had a scent to follow now, his own actually, and hopefully he would get back to his territory before anyone noticed it.

//Firestar won't be caught //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/wink.gif (at least not during his escape.. they are totally allowed to know shadowclan did this though)
Nov 26 2017, 11:03 AM
It wasn't too long ago that he had last hosted a meeting, however today a different kind of meeting would be hosted. Today he would be hosting ceremonies- mainly name changing ceremonies and an apprenticeship ceremony. Of course though, there might be others that come to mind during the time. And the ceremonies that did come to mind during the time that he was doing these would surely be added to the lineup. Why waste another day if he could just do them all now anyways?

"Shadowclan! May all those old enough to hunt their own prey please gather here for a meeting! We have some ceremonies to get done!" Firestar would call as he leaped onto the leader's perch. Alright, what first? Probably the apprentice ceremony- it had been needing to be done for some time now. But that first required the apprentice to come. Well it couldn't be too long, usually he called quite the attention whenever he showed up yelling somewhere.
Nov 22 2017, 09:34 PM
Windclan. It had been quite a while since he had stopped by. In fact, back then he had only just been deputy of Shadowclan. And actually, their past leader had gone missing at that time. Obviously though they had a new leader now. If he did recall their name was Rowanstar actually. Or well that would be their name now. Considering they had leadership and all within their clan.

Approaching the border, the large chocolate tabby would approach calmly. There was no doubt that he was a Shadowclanner. He held all the qualities of one. Large, bulky, tough built. Not to mention there was a good chance everyone would recognize him due to the fact he was the leader of Shadowclan as well. If they were educated properly anyways. But he knew at least some of the members were getting proper education. For example the medicine cat apprentice that resided here. Now she was certainly getting proper education. He for one would know, since the educator came from his own clan.

Seating himself quietly, the three eyed leader would wait patiently. He had chosen to come alone as a way to show he meant no harm. Of course though, as Shadowclan leader harm still happened to follow his every footstep. Wherever he went, it was sure to follow. But he wasn't about to scare off Windclanners just yet. First he wanted to talk with their leader.

Nov 15 2017, 07:37 PM
The leaves crackled under the pawsteps of the Shadowclan leader as a sharp wind peaked into the courtyard. It was growing colder by the day, and at this point some of their usual prey had started disappearing. He hadn't seen as many frogs, and it seemed that even the rats that hung out at the twoleg dump were beginning to settle in for the long winter. Here and there they still found squirrels to capture who were storing nuts (he understood the motivation for that), but otherwise hunting was getting a bit tougher.

All the same though, there was still an extra mouth to feed nonetheless. He wasn't too happy about it, but he supposed the worst part about taking care of a Thunderclanner was the influence Riverclan had gotten on the decision. In all honesty, he would have taken in the cat in the beginning had Riverclan not shown up as well. It was Riverclan that had set him off after all. And indefinitely, Hollowfrost was the main factor in that. Hollowfrost had allowed his own clanmates to feel rebellious regardless the fact it was common code of the warriors' code that the leader's word was law. It didn't help either that the Riverclan deputy seemed prideful of his little win. Perhaps in the future the male would have to teach a little lesson to Riverclan.

But that wasn't what he was supposed to be thinking about right now. Right now he was on a mission to bring a frog to Spottedlegs, and then take her for a walk before bringing her to his den for a little more insight on what she had gone through to end up in Shadowclan in the first place.

Approaching the medicine cat den, the chocolate tabby poke his head in and look around first. Alright good, it seemed that he wouldn't actually be bothered this time around. That was definitely good considering he didn't really need that sort of crap currently.

"Hey Spottedlegs, are you willing to speak with me? Sorry about earlier by the way, I hope you didn't take what they said seriously. I'm sure you understand I care about my clan, but I don't take it to the extremes by starving visitors or throwing clanmates out for silly reasons" Firestar would voice, the sound rather muffled thanks to the frog in his mouth that he was still holding on to. Hopefully though the Thunderclanner would still be capable of understanding him regardless that small issue however.
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