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Aug 29 2017, 09:45 PM
Hi, everyone! I'm going to be starting college soon (AAAAAA) and will be gone for a while. I have a preorientation hiking trip with no Wi-Fi, then orientation week, then classes get the idea. I'll be leaving for the hiking trip September 3rd, coming to college/moving in on the 11th, and then classes start the 18th.

I *should* be able to check in and post a few times after the 11th, though, so here's the deal: all characters will follow the inactivity plots mentioned below. I'll come back before the 15th and post some update in this thread, whether it's "activity resuming as normal" or "sorry y'all leaving the site" or anything in between. If I don't make this post by the 20th, my HPs can be demoted and my characters will follow the deaths/disappearances also outlined here.

Inactivity plots:
Daykit: Scuttling around, getting underfoot, and praying to StarClan. If I don't return, she will fall into a religious dream that turns into a coma that she just never wakes up from.
Duke: Patrolling, stealing twoleg garden-food for himself, teasing Crowspirit (cries b/c she's gone) and Foxpaw. If I don't return, he's a rabbit; he gets eaten accidentally.
Eldritch: Captured by twolegs in my absence, to return with more mutations than before. If I don't return, he'll never return from twoleg captivity and can be assumed dead.
Smudgenose: Patrolling, hunting, prying into Dusty's past, gossiping. If I don't return, she'll be killed by a loner group passing through - the group that she befriended during her first disappearance.
Stonestar: Out exploring with plans to visit the rabbit warren where he lived for a long time, trying to find his other friends and reach some closure. If I don't return, he'll simply...never come back from his journey.

A bit sad, to write my character's deaths like that. Hopefully I don't have to use any of 'em, but I would rather have some plans and a timeline in place for you guys - I don't want to hold up anyone's RPing.

See y'all on the other side!
Jul 25 2017, 09:39 PM
Come and make friends with Daykit!! She needs any sort of threads, really - older cats, younger cats, fellow kittens...she's about 5 moons old but I'm not worrying about apprenticeship yet.

For specific plots, my girl is super religious, so any theological debates could get interesting :^O also they get you 20 fk in the July monthly tasks so
Jul 10 2017, 10:24 AM
(the cookies look like choc chip but they're really oatmeal raisin. truly, this is a terrible clan)

All joking aside - hi! I'd love to have some threads with Eldritch, private, open, anything. He's open to injuries and he'd love to interact with Clan cats (by "interact" i mean injure, kill, steal, harass, intimidate, etc). He's also open to enemies/friends or even some sort of mentoring, if that...happens in BC. If you have any ideas, just ask!
Jun 24 2017, 11:15 PM
I've got my new character here, Stonestep, and he's looking for some friends/enemies/possible mates/apprentices/what-have-you! He's a loner-turned-RiverClanner based on Dandelion from Watership Down, so he loves to tell stories and he runs like the wind.

Let me know if you want a thread!!
Jun 24 2017, 10:32 PM
Hey guys! I'm about to create a new character - a BloodClanner - and I really want some art of him. He's difficult to make graphics for, which you'll see in a minute,,,

He's a red-eyed albino tom and I'm going for max mutations. He is going to have: two pairs of ears (image link), two tails (low-quality image link), mega-polydactyl paws (image link), a fifth foreleg (in my mind, it grows out of and drapes over his left shoulder. It'd be unable to move aside from some minor twitching and the claws would Always be extended), and a third eye (red like the other two and placed vertically in his forehead; it opens on a 90 degree angle to the other two). I'd like if every body part is white EXCEPT for the fifth leg, which will be more of a dark grey/black smoke pelt (absorbed a twin in the womb? idk man). you can see why I can't make graphics for him xD However! I can offer up freshkill (I have 900 right now and could bring this up to four digits), fancyposts (template thread is HERE but I need to do more practice), avatar/signature graphics (click for examples), writing bits/plots...ask and ye shall receive!

In terms of what I'm looking for, I'd *love* a fullbody picture of some sort? I want to showcase all of his mutations in one image. Pose, words, etc can be worked out!! Please comment if you're interested and post a few art samples <3
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