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Tom | BloodClan | 10 moons
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His two-legs named him Draculus. His owners were fans of horror and when they saw him with his extra long fangs they couldn't resist.
It wasn't long before Draculus knew that he didn't want to spend the rest of his life cooped up in some two-leg nest. One day his two-legs accidentally left the window open and the young tom jumped at the opportunity to leave this wretched place.
And that was that.

Draculus never looked back, if he died out here then so be it. He just wanted to see what was out in the world.
He slowly trudged through the abandoned part of the city. The sun was beginning to set and soon it would be night. The Albino Sphynx decided it was probably best for him to find some cover and rest for the night. Scanning his surroundings he noted a cardboard box on its side and decided to sleep in there. He was unaware that he was trespassing or that there were even other cats in the city.
Draculus sighed and curled up inside the box slowly letting sleep overcome him.
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