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Sep 2 2017, 10:12 PM
Father Fur Colour: black
Father Species/Mutations: domestic shorthair
Mother Fur Colour: red tabby
Mother Species/Mutations: domestic shorthair
Other Information: raven's father was a domestic shorthair, black; mother was a domestic longhair, cream tabby. light's mother is a domestic longhair, dilute tortoiseshell with white; father is a domestic shorthair, red tabby.
Sep 2 2017, 08:33 PM
hollowfrost is currently the deputy of warfare in riverclan, but he was born and raised in thunderclan. he left right after becoming a warrior and lived as a loner until very recently, when he joined riverclan in order to raise his daughter. none of his family know he's there, and probably presumed him dead a long time ago. southskies is hollowfrost's half sister through her father.
  • they're yours. i won't ever take them back, i just really want to RP out a reunion between them, because they're still such a big part of who he is.
  • names/appearances/personalities can be whatever. hollowfrost's father is the one exception, i do have some stipulations for him.
  • first come, first serve
family available
  • FOXSCAR - TAKEN BY CITALI. hollowfrost's father. name CAN be changed. appearance/history is open. most of his information can be found in hollowfrost's history. a mean, vindictive cat who treated hollowfrost poorly. he only meant to push him to become a better warrior, but took it too far way too many times. hollow ultimately left the clan because of how his father treated him. he's also southskies' father, and can have sired other litters. he'd probably have a good relationship with southskies, because she's the warrior hollowfrost never was, but they aren't super close.
  • HOLLOW'S MOTHER - she's pretty much a blank slate. she also pushed hollowfrost around a lot, but she wasn't nearly as bad as his father and probably regretted it a lot after hollow left. she probably left his dad sometime after hollowfrost's disappeared, blaming him for their only son abandoning the clan.
  • SPOTTEDLEGS - TAKEN BY ELMOa blank slate. 37 moons. bullied hollow when they were little because their father told her to. relationship with southskies in undetermined.
  • SISTER TWO - a blank slate. 37 moons. bullied hollow when they were little because their father told her to. relationship with southskies is undetermined.


[b]character you're applying for:[/b]


Sep 1 2017, 04:27 PM
okay, so at the moment my shadowclan watcher raventhorn is in the middle of a big plot where he's being possessed by a spirit. the spirit is in the employment of raventhorn's uncle, who used it to kill his father and brother and is now trying to kill raventhorn. once raven ditches the spirit and finds out his uncle is behind the murders, he's going to go hunting for him in the city. this is where his future mate comes in. for the most part he's a blank slate and i'm not going to require anything too specific, but bonus points if he's sarcastic and can dish all of raventhorn's attitude right back at him. after they meet. he's going to help raven and co. navigate the city, find raven's uncle, and then decide to come back with them and join shadowclan.
  • this is not first come, first serve (depending on how much interest there is, i'll leave this open for a couple weeks.)
  • he must stay in shadowclan
  • must remain mates with raven. they're endgame.
  • i reserve the right to take him back if you go inactive/leave.
Aug 26 2017, 08:41 PM
this is first come, first serve and there are four kits ufa. they're yours to do whatever if after they're born (i would prefer if they stayed in bloodclan, but i'm always open to plots!) they're yours to keep, if you go inactive i won't take them back or anything. appearances are open.

- bloodkit, taken by kitty
- catori, taken by citali
- mothkit, taken by ego
- taken by elmo
- taken by mikki

[b]kit name:[/b]
Aug 24 2017, 07:33 PM
southskies - thunderclan warrior - 15 moons
hollowfrost - riverclan deputy - 38 moons
raventhorn - shadowclan watcher - 21 moons
marigoldkit - shadowclan kit - unborn*
palepaw - windclan mca - 10 moons
wayfarer - skyclan apprentice - 8 moons*
arcticpaw - bloodclan kit - 6 moons*
spellweaver - bloodclan warrior - 15 moons
darekit - bloodclan kit - unborn*
valeriankit riverclan kit - 2 moon*

name ideas

finchfeather, echofeather, pumpkintoes
earthbound, cloudedsun, marigoldwing
laurelmist, astralaria, solas, eveningtides

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