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Sep 8 2017, 03:38 PM
@Shally @Elmo @Citali

so we have one place to plot family stuff. <3 i don't have a whole ton of ideas for stuff to do right now, but hey, i figured make one while i'm thinking about it.
Jul 1 2017, 02:54 AM
okay, so - i will make this pretty when it's not twenty to four in the morning. :T despite the energy i have for coding most of the time, it quits working after a certain hour of the night. if you want to see bios for my characters, the link can be found by hovering over my signature.

the four characters i have as of this moment are briarpaw of bloodclan, burnbright of shadowclan, cygnetstep of riverclan, and dawnpaw of windclan.

briarpaw is the daughter of the infamous bonechill, and the closest thing to his pride and joy as a cat can get. she's got it in her mind that everything he says is good and true and has already decided that when he dies, she will be the next leader of bloodclan, because obviously she'll be the best choice because she's his daughter, right? while she's still a little bit unsure about things like killing, and might be hesitant to perform truly 'evil' acts, she's easily swayed by her father's opinions and will do basically anything he asks of her.
-- possibilities: actual friends; ladies she can have crushes on; she needs a good male friend, too, one that she might someday end up having kits with to carry on her father's legacy even though she's not romantically or otherwise interested in toms.

burnbright is my sweet sunshine child. she's twelve moons old and a watcher of shadowclan and though she's yet to discover it for herself she's hella gay. basically an optimist, though she's often unsure of herself and her decisions. she's very kind at heart and just wants to help people and sometimes that ends up with her walking her way into a bunch of trouble. she's naive and prone to making mistakes and tends to shift between having a decently high amount of confidence and bottoming out to have almost none at all depending on recent events.
-- possibilities: mostly just friends, i guess? could take an apprentice!

cygnetstep is a seasoned warrior of riverclan. she's your no-nonsense mostly gay mom, love her. she lost her litter of kits to the twolegs while a captive in the lab and has been suffering through postpartum depression. this is made worse by the fact that i bought her the ability to see a single spirit, which manifested as one of her dead children. she's really tough but also at the end of her emotional rope and she's pretty badly broken right now - the main focus is on rebuilding her confidence and trying to figure out how to accept everything that happened and move on from it.
-- possibilities: please love this poor sad thing. be her friend. help her get through this sadness. open for an apprentice.

dawnpaw is a lil tiny wildcat that sageleaf (played by shally) found in a hole on windclan territory and brought home and loved. she's a couple moons into her apprenticeship and she still doesn't totally get all this clan stuff and she's pretty quiet (not mute, but definitely selective with her words) because she's afraid to say something dumb and have other cats make fun of her. i really want someone to let her know that no, she is not just like every other cat in windclan. she is Different and Different is usually Bad. she's repressed a lot of her memories of being born/growing up in the lab - in her mind, her life started the day sageleaf found her on the border and brought her home. to have the notion that windclan is where she belongs challenged by the fact that she's not an ordinary cat, she's a wildcat (albeit a tiny one), and she wasn't born there, and she doesn't belong... would bring up a lot of those repressed memories and basically i can't have this tiny innocent naive ball of sunshine be that way forever and i'm horrible.
-- possibilities: like i mentioned above, i want someone to introduce her to the harsh reality that by strict clan rules, she doesn't belong because she wasn't born there. also friends? please give her some friends that understand that she is tiny and quiet but she loves everything too.
Jun 30 2017, 12:50 PM
[dohtml]<center><link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cabin+Sketch|Dawning+of+a+New+Day" rel="stylesheet"><style type="text/css">

.wcaadoptions {
border:double 5px #CFAFFF; }

.wcaadopttitle {
font-family:'Cabin Sketch';

.wcaadopttext {
text-align:justify; }

.wcaadopttitle2 {
font-family:'Dawning of a New Day';
border-bottom:dotted 1px #CFAFFF;


<div class="wcaadoptions"><div class="wcaadopttitle">burnbright's family - shadowclan</div>
<div class="wcaadopttext">this is an adoption for the parents and siblings of my shadowclan warrior/watcher, burnbright! both of her parents are alive and well, and they're pretty young; their colors have been decided, but not names/personalities. i haven't decided anything on her siblings except that, of course, she has two of them and they're 12.5 moons old, genders and everything else are up to you, the players that want to adopt them.
<div class="wcaadopttitle2">genetics</div>
<b>father</b> - red tabby<br>
<b>mother</b> - dilute tortoiseshell with white
for the siblings - <br>
<b>males</b> - black, red tabby, blue, cream tabby, any of these with white<br>
<b>females</b> - red tabby, cream tabby, tortoiseshell, dilute tortoiseshell, any of these with white
kits with white can't have white covering more than 50% of their bodies. kits with white can have blue eyes, and those without white cannot.
<div class="wcaadopttitle2">rules</div>
1. this isn't so much a rule, but something i'd like to see - burnbright is named after the my chemical romance song 'burn bright'; other mcr-themed names might give you bonus points.<br>
2. please keep them active - i'm adopting out her family because i want to see them played, not sitting there and gathering dust.<br>
3. if you decide you no longer want to play the character, let me know and i will take care of rehoming them for you. it's important to me that i know who is playing her family members.<br>
4. avoid the tragic backstory thing. burnbright is (mostly) well-adjusted, the parents aren't abusive, nothing overtly horrible has happened to them. that doesn't mean it can't in the <i>future</i>, but it hasn't happened in their past.<br>
5. i'm not going to give this any set close date. it's not first come first serve. if i only get one applicant for a certain slot, or if i really really like someone's app, then i might just go ahead and give them the spot, though.
<div class="wcaadopttitle2">slots</div>
1. father - open<br>
2. mother - silentdream played by citali<br>
3. sibling - lightpaw played by shally<br>
4. sibling - blackrise played by elmo<br>
<div class="wcaadopttitle2">form information</div>
i'm not going to put a set form because i feel like form choice is also something that impacts the creativity of an application and so you're free to present the necessary information in whatever manner you like, provided that all of it is there.
necessary information: name, gender, which slot you're applying for, appearance (if not applying for a parent), personality, plot ideas for the family, and future plans - what you would like to do with this character if you receive them.
Jun 26 2017, 10:29 PM
okay so it's been an eternity and a half since i've actually done genetics, so i wanted to post this in here and ask before i throw up an adoption for her siblings with incorrect genetics. i hope it's okay. xD

burnbright is a red mackeral tabby female; the parents i had in mind were a red mackeral tabby male and a dilute tortoiseshell with white mother, which i think would work because she'd inherit the x with red on from her mother and then the other red x from her father.

and that would mean, for her siblings, the possibilities would be something like:
males - black, red tabby, blue, cream tabby, any of these with white
females - red tabby, cream tabby, tortoiseshell, dilute tortoiseshell, any of these with white

and the females wouldn't be able to be black/blue because somewhere in there they're getting one x with red whether they like it or not, iirc?

thanks <3
Jun 25 2017, 06:05 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:400px;font-family:calibri;font-size:11px;line-height:12px;text-align:justify;">Coding is a skill I've been honing for a few years now, and I figured I would offer my services for custom templates/fancyposts for a small fee. I already have some templates here that are free to use on site, but despite the amount of them I know there's not one for everybody in there. That's where this shop comes in.
Now, coding is going to be a tricky thing to price, because depending on what you want it's going to increase the complexity/time it takes to complete, and thus affect how much I want to charge for it. I'm going to lay down a baseline price for different categories, but <i>all prices are subject to change on a case-by-case basis per request</i>. If you want something super complex, it is not going to cost you the guesstimate price listed here.
<b>Signature Code</b> - Examples - 30fk<br>
<b>Fancy Signature</b> - Example - 80-120fk<br>
<b>Simple Template</b> - Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4 - 50-80fk<br>
<b>Template with Hover</b> - Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4, Example 5 - 100-150fk<br>
<b>Template with Tabs</b> - Example 1, Example 2, Example 3 - 200-400fk
For those of you that like the templates in my coding gallery, but want changes made to suit your characters, I can totally do that too.<p>
<b>Existing Template Edits</b> - 10fk
By ordering from this shop, you are agreeing to a few rules:<br>
1. Unless you ask and are given express permission, you may <i>only use the template on WCARPG</i>.<br>
2. All of my templates will always and forever be free for use once they are created. <i>You do not have any exclusive rights to use the template.</i> You're paying for the customization and my time, not exclusivity.<br>
3. Don't put your name on it and claim you made it. That's just not cool.<br>
4. I can deny a request if it isn't something I want to do. I don't see this coming up very often, but I figured I'd put this here just in case.<br>
5. Once you've received your template and paid for it, you can make any further edits you'd like to. Still can't put your own name on it as creator.<br>
6. Don't nag me to get it done. I'll code it when I get to it/have the drive. That's why you pay when I'm finished, not before I start.
I'll be taking up to five slots at a time, and templates will (probably) be worked on in the order they are submitted unless I get a really good idea for one ordered after.<br>
  • open
  • open
  • open
  • open
  • open
Here's the information that I need from you when you order a template:<br>
- Type: signature, simple template, template with hover, template with tabs, existing template edit<br>
- Using For: Is it a post template? A plot page? A bio form? Something else? Letting me know what you want to use it for will help me design it to work best for that thing.<br>
- Images: Do you want me to include space for an image in your template? If you do, tell me what kind of image. Do you want space for a 100x100 square icon, or something else, etc.?<br>
- Lyrics: Do you want lyrics in your template? If you do, leave them here so I know which ones to use! I will <i>not</i> go seek out lyrics for you, you have to know what you want. Try to keep this to a reasonable 1-2 lines.<br>
- Fonts: Do you want a specific font? I can include anything on Google Fonts in one of my templates, so check there if you have something in mind and leave the font names here for me. If it's not a basic font (arial/times new roman/georgia/calibri/etc) and not on Google Fonts, you're out of luck. Try to stick to 1-2 unique fonts.<br>
- Scrolling: Do you want your template to scroll, or do you want it to expand the more you type into it?
- Hover: If you want a hover, what kind of hover do you want? Examples can be seen above of what I can do, but you can ask about a certain kind of hover even if it's not there and I'll see if I can do it.
- Tabs: If you want tabs, how many do you want? Do you want them vertical (stacked on top of each other) or horizontal (side by side)? What should they be labeled? Tabs are not recommended for post templates, because you have to change the div class names in every post.<br>
- Color Scheme: What colors do you have in mind? I don't need specific hex codes, just something like 'sky blue' or 'maroon' or 'lavender' will suffice, but if you have specific hex codes I'll definitely use them.<br>
- Other Details: Anything you want in terms of design that isn't covered in the above categories. As much detail as you can give me, please! The more I know of what you want, the easier it is for me to do it.
[b]Using For:[/b]
[b]Color Scheme:[/b]
[b]Other Details:[/b]

When you order a template, I'll post a response to this thread giving you an approximate price and perhaps the time I'm going to start working on it. When I finish your template, I will PM you the link to the scratchpad I've coded it in for you to look over, and the final FK price. After you receive it, you will send me the FK price quoted to you in the PM. I will then make any necessary edits for free. I do not give refunds; I can't get back the time I spent on your template, and sometimes templates do take me hours to perfect.
If you have any questions, feel free to post in this thread or PM me, I'll be happy to answer them. I will not, however, teach you to code on an individual basis. I'm working on a guide for that, which I'll link here when I finish it!

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