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Jan 24 2018, 11:24 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">
.mikkipost {
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<div class="mikkipost">it was impossible to tell it was nearly midday. a thick cloud cover had rolled in that morning, fierce winds and blowing snow following swiftly behind. the hours that followed were miserable and cold as the snow that felt, wet and heavy, quickly accumulated. patrols were slowed, hunts stalled, and inside shadowclan's camp cats hustled to and from dens trying to escape from the horrid weather.
no ordinary raven, chainsaw didn't feel the effects of the weather like the rest of shadowclan. she could only sense faint impressions of it through the bond she shared with raventhorn. he lay curled in his nest, nose tucked underneath his tail, sleeping away the afternoon in hopes the storm would pass and life could resume its usual routine. chainsaw did not sleep. she either was, or wasn't - either awake, and taken form, or asleep, somewhere inside raventhorn's mind. it wasn't entirely clear to either of them where she went when she disappeared, the part of his soul that she represented returning for the occasional rest she needed.
she did not need rest now, so she was awake and out. sweeping down from one of the trees to alight on the rock that jutted up near the center of camp. it was a large stone, tall and somewhat flat near the top. chainsaw didn't know why the clan avoided it so much - firestar used to stand on it a lot, but he was gone now and so the stone was never used. perhaps it was a thing only their leaders were allowed to use... she would have to ask raventhorn, he would know.
whatever rules bound the stone did not apply to her, though! she was no cat, no true member of shadowclan depending on who you asked, and not technically alive in her own right. and it was currently the best place to land and watch the clan.
so chainsaw landed, folded her wings against her body, and resumed her study of shadowclan camp. </div>[/dohtml]
Jan 20 2018, 04:20 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">
.mikkipost {
width: 450px;
font-size: 11px;
font-family: verdana; }

<div class="mikkipost">they were a familiar sight as they cut a path through the belly-deep snow through the woods. raventhorn, tall and broad-shouldered, with chainsaw perched steadily on his back despite the fight it took to plow through the snow.
it was almost laughable how changed raventhorn was in comparison to the warrior he'd been even six moons ago. then, he hadn't cared much for duties or responsibility. now, with shadowclan in shambles, it felt like he was the only one left to tend to the clan's needs. raventhorn patrolled the borders like his life depended on it, like he alone was solely responsible for the welfare of the clan.
he stalked the borders with a dogged single-mindedness. after walnutpaw's attack, a low blow that had left the young molly on the cusp of death, raventhorn tended to the bounds of shadowclan territory like it was his sole purpose in life. no shadowclan cat would suffer at the hands of any other cat again. not if he could help it.
@phantom </div>[/dohtml]
Dec 13 2017, 09:07 PM
sleeplessness had chased him round and round over the past three nights, great nightmarish beasts snapping at his heels while he wrestled with his own mind. he dreamed of the spirit inside his body, whispering dark things while it spoke in his voice; the threats it had uttered,
the things it would do to his remaining family and friends when it was finished with raventhorn. he remembered the gasp of its breath when he fastened his teeth in its throat, the dying confession that struck him like a blow.

his uncle. raventhorn knew nothing of his father's brother save his name. crowtalon had never wanted to talk about him, the brother that had left the clan from spite and jealousy.

the night was dark, without even the moon to light the way. but maybe that was for the best, because it meant raventhorn could move about camp unseen. he slid easily from the warrior's den and made for the entrance, a shadow among shadows. a flap of wings against the still air, as loud as thunderclaps in the silence, announced chainsaw's approach. the spirit raven settled on his shoulders when he left the thorn tunnel behind, perching comfortably on his shoulders.

he could sense the discontent coming from her like waves, shooting down the bond between them.
you should have told lightpaw you were leaving. she said remorsefully, but raventhorn knew she wouldn't argue any further beyond that point. she wanted to protect lightpaw just as much as he did,
and they both knew she would insist on coming along on this foolhardy quest to hunt his uncle if given the chance.

which was why raventhorn had crept out of camp in the dead of night, with no more than a regretful goodbye sent down the soulbond they shared.
Oct 2 2017, 03:03 PM
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.mikkipost {
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font-size: 11px; }

<div class="mikkipost">raventhorn came back to awareness slowly, as though slogging through belly-deep mud. it took effort to open his eyes, felt like he'd been asleep for moons. but even though it was his eyes he looked through, no longer imprisoned at the back of his mind to watch from a helpless distance, the rest of his body was beyond his grasp. raventhorn was no more a puppet on strings,
forced to watch from the front row as the parasite in his mind made him dance.
shadowclan's camp lay entrenched in shadow before him, familiar and yet impossibly foreign. like he'd been away for a long time and came back to find things nearly the same, except for a few minor details. maybe the freshkill pile had moved, maybe a new den cropped up in the corner.
it took raventhorn a long while to realize this wasn't shadowclan's camp, but a dream version of it.
the silence settled over the forest was near maddening in its absoluteness. not a whisper of sound cut through the quiet, no muffled voice or blowing wind or the rustle of branches rattling overhead.
not quite so empty, said the voice in his head. it forced raventhorn's attention to a far corner in camp, where a single cat lay curled in a ball, sleeping soundly. it was all too easy to recognize the light ginger hue of her fur, the scars that criss-crossed her thin body like the words across a page.
raventhorn's heart raced to a thunderous beat, apprehension buzzing in his ears like an ever-growing swarm of bees. the voice laughed darkly, deeply. i should have taken care of you months ago, but my master has never allowed me to have any fun. and when i read your thoughts, saw your memories, i knew just how much fun i could have tearing apart your friends and family while you watched helplessly.
the bolt of anger that shot through raventhorn was intense than anything he'd felt before. more than the raw agony that followed in the passing of his mother and father, more than the bitter sting his taunting clanmates had ever managed to inflict. it swept over raventhorn in a white-hot wave of rage,
enough that for a moment, just a single heartbeat, the control the spirit had on him wavered. "stay the fuck away from her!" the words tore from his mouth of his own volition, ripped free before the spirit could wrestle back control. the violent words split the air, shockingly loud in the thick silence.
Aug 21 2017, 02:47 PM
[dohtml]<div style="width: 450px; text-align:justify; font-size: 11px; font-family: verdana;">there was so much blood.
the burning in his chest grew stronger and more intense, until raventhorn remembered to breathe and sucked in a lungful of air. the breath bathed his tongue in the rank tang of coppery blood, and it was all he could do not to violently retch. raventhorn didn't know where to look first - he didn't want to look at all - but he knew he had to look and memorize every little detail because this was no coincidence.
there was no way goldenpaw lay sprawled, a mirror image to their father's brutal murder, and it still be a weird coincidence. the body looked nothing at all like his brother, but there was no mistaking the familiar scent or pale orange fur. goldenpaw was the only one who had been born looking like their mother, all soft curves and longer fur and round cheeks. it seemed impossible that this goldenpaw,
with his eyes plucked and ears shredded and teeth scattered around his body, was his little brother.
a low moan slipped past raventhorn's tight-lipped grimace. he was unable to stop himself from collapsing to the ground, weak in the knees from the nausea. this couldn't be happening. he'd put crowtalon's death behind him. he''d finally put his father's ghost to rest, had started to move on.
raventhorn had made friends. he had a family again. even if they weren't related by blood, burnbright and waspheart and lightpaw - and yes, even owlpaw - were his family. "this can't be happening..."
a breathy, ragged voice whispered in his ears, oh, it's happening.
despite the overwhelming humidity of the day, an icy chill crept up raventhorn's spine. he whirled on the voice, claws out and teeth bared, only to find empty space greeting him.
i'm over here, pipsqueak.
raventhorn spun again, and this time there was someone waiting for him. the cat stood over his brother's body, looking down at the lifeless corpse with an unreadable expression on their face.
when they lifted their head to look at raventhorn, a malicious grim spread across its face.. well hello, it's about time we finally met.
he gave no warning. anger and instinct sent raventhorn barreling toward the cat, but he simply dove straight through them with outstretched claws. too surprised to make a proper landing, raventhorn hit the ground with a faint oof. he had very little time to react when the cat lumbered over and stood above him. just enough to bare his teeth in a heavy snarl that ripped out of his throat with such fierce aggression that, for a single moment, the spirit looked almost afraid. but then the spirit descended on him, and raventhorn's face went curiously blank.
for a long moment the forest lapsed into silence. the only sound was raventhorn's ragged breathing,
the soft rustle of branches brushing together overhead. then, with a soft grunt, he rose to his paws and scrambled over to goldenpaw's body. he crouched down to touch his nose to goldenpaw's bloodied, patched flank - oh, it had done such good work on this one, much better than it had with the father.
the dark gleam in his yellow eyes flickered briefly before fading, and then the thing wearing raventhorn's face tilted its head back and loosed a mournful wail. </div>[/dohtml]
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