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Aug 16 2017, 05:32 PM
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okay. so he was a little panicked. scratch that, he was a lot panicked. raventhorn raced from den to den, poking his head into each one. "burnbright?" he shouted into the dimly lit dens, much to the chagrin of its current inhabitants. the queens hissed at him and told him to knock it off, though the damage was already been done - several of the kits, their naps disturbed, took up a cry so high-pitched and terrible it left raventhorn with an echoing ring in his ears.

seeing those tiny little faces gazing up at him brought his predicament right back to the forefront of his thoughts. somehow, some way, raventhorn had managed to land himself with a kit. the watcher wasn't entirely sure how this happened - he found sugar on the border, had brought the kit home, and now... they were attached. raventhorn didn't know how to parent, he didn't have much experience in that department! father? murdered! mother? dead from grief! the one and only parental figure he had was his former mentor, but even his relationship with her was tumultuous at best.

he left the medicine den to the very end; which, now that he thought about it, was a stupid idea. of all the places burnbright might be, if she wasn't in the warriors den or in camp, was the medicine den visiting lightpaw or middy. "burnbright?! damn it, woman, i need to talk to you. it's important."
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clearly i don't see myself up on that list
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Aug 7 2017, 12:01 PM
[dohtml]<div style="width: 450px; text-align:justify; font-size: 11px; font-family: verdana;">the gentle warbling of early morning birdsong greeted raventhorn when he left that morning. the predawn light lit the forest just enough for him to see where he was going, which wasn't entirely clear - even to him. raventhorn's steps were aimless that morning, meandering this way one moment before suddenly changing course to send him in a different direction altogether. sleep had evaded him that night once again, as it had the night before and the night before that. he was short tempered and irritable, but not just because of the lack of sleep. the inability to sleep meant he couldn't walk in dreams, and every moment spent not practicing his new gift led him farther from the path laid out by his father. raventhorn almost felt like he was disappointing crowtalon, even though the reasonable part of his mind knew he hadn't done anything to warrant it.
raventhorn's path eventually led to the eastern edge of shadowclan's territory. it was the very place where he'd gone in search of waspheart, nearly two moons ago now. for a long moment he stood staring at the invisible scent line, memories cast backwards in time to the night he'd gone in search of his friend. the resulting encounter with rogues had eventually led to his first meeting with burnbright, and then... everything else had bloomed from there. funny how one moment could change everything.
@sugar, @skypher</div>[/dohtml]
Aug 3 2017, 07:12 PM
[dohtml]<div style="width: 450px; text-align:justify; font-size: 11px; font-family: verdana;">sleep evaded him that night, a frenzied quarry that ran round and round in circles just beyond his reach. right when he thought he had the elusive slumber in his grasp it would tear itself free and go running off again, disturbed by the sound of voices in the den or something outside, a byproduct of the weather or a predator ambling through. sleep had long been a problem for raventhorn, his troubles beginning shortly after the death of both parents. nightmares plagued his dreams, visions of the creatures his face had once dreamed up for entertainment. the grotesque figures, once no more frightening than a mouse, suddenly turned violent. they chased him through his fragile unconsciousness, until one night they sent him stumbling right out of sleep. that was the beginning of his sleepless nights.
for a long time raventhorn had dealt with it, spending his nights prowling the territory or laying awake staring at the roof of the den. he caught the barest wisps of sleep where he could, curled in the hollow of an old fallen log or in the collapsed scoop of an ancient rabbit burrow. after waspheart so boldly stepped into his life and refused to leave, his nights were easier to face. sleepless evenings once spent alone, near-drowning in the tumult of his own dark thoughts, suddenly became crowded with waspheart's presence. but it was a good sort of crowded; the comfortable kind. it was the first time raventhorn had allowed someone, a stranger no less, close to him.
but since waspheart's leaving and subsequent return, raventhorn's nights were once again a lonely affair. they reminded him a lot of his younger days, when he spent night after night on his own. even now, when he had more cats in his life than he'd ever had when his family was alive, raventhorn's nights were lonesome. he couldn't involve burnbright in them, she had enough of his troubles as it was. owlpaw frequently joined him in his insomnia; in fact, it seemed like she enjoyed training at night more than the day. raventhorn didn't question it, her company was welcome on the especially bad nights when all he needed was someone to tussle with. however pricky she might be.
he buried his face further into the curve of his own belly, curling into a tighter and tighter coil until his back could bow no further. the den around him was silent, save for the soft hush of breathing and the occasional murmur as some cat talked in their sleep. a sense of unease crawled up his spine, raked chilling claws along the deep scars in his back. raventhorn endured the anxiety only for so long before he seemed to spring apart in a silent flurry of limbs, bounding out of the warriors den and into the warm greenleaf air outside. he gulped mouthfuls of the humid air, feeling just as suffocated outside as he did in the den. then he was off like a rocket, sprinting toward the exit. he tore through with little regard for the sleeping denizens of the camp, half-snarling under his breath when the branches tore at his thin pelt.
Aug 3 2017, 11:34 AM
[dohtml]<div style="width: 450px; text-align:justify; font-size: 11px; font-family: verdana;">he'd had some time since that night to ponder what starclan was asking of him, what sort of things they meant when they said he represented the instinct of defense. twas easy to imagine what they were hinting at: fighting. raventhorn wasn't good at many things, but he was a good fighter. tenacious and oftentimes reckless; he fought with a desperation like he had everything to lose. he took starclan's message to mean he had to teach shadowclan how to fight, to remind them of the skills and duty that came with having teeth and claws.
he eyed winterstar's perch for a moment before deciding against it, inside leaping atop a nearby stump. "hey, gather 'round." the words were a little awkward. raventhorn had never had to make such a call, to summon a gathering of his clanmates - however informal it was. "i'm organizing some battle training. apprentices and warriors. if you're not doing anything, get over here." </div>[/dohtml]
Aug 3 2017, 11:19 AM
[dohtml]<div style="width: 450px; text-align:justify; font-size: 11px; font-family: verdana;">dawn was only a memory when raventhorn slipped from the stuffy heat of the warriors den. the cool morning air was a blessing, the breeze a welcome caress as it swept through the camp. stars still blinked overhead, bright silver specs that stood out against the deep midnight blue of the early morning sky. dawn was still hours off. as a result the camp was near dead-silent, only the faintest murmurings from the dens and brief flickers of movement from the shadows indicated anyone else was awake. the night guard sat at their post near the entrance, slogging through tiedness if their heavy-lidded eyes and hunched shoulders were anything to go by.
raventhorn padded over to the apprentice's den and stuck his head inside. it was too dark to see anything beyond mounds of sleeping bodies, only the faintest rise and fall of their flanks visible. "owlpaw! get up." it was impossible to see whether his apprentice was inside, and there was a good chance she wasn't. she slept wherever she could, all over the place. it was kind of difficult to keep track of her.
he quickly backed out of the den and settled down outside to wait, his eyes now adjusted enough to the dark to search for her in camp.
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