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Weather: All the leaves have fallen by now, and while there may be the occasional mild day, the weather can now only be described with one word: cold! Brr! Leaf-bare will be here before we know it!

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Yesterday at 08:11 pm
the night of the gathering was cold, the kind that cut underneath fur and seemed to go bone deep. the warmth of his feather-lined nest called to hollowstar, beckoning him to curl up among the softness and close his eyes for some well-needed rest. but there was one final thing he needed to do before he went to sleep that night. it could have waited until morning, but hollowstar was far too excited by the prospect of peace to let it go that long.

"riverclan!" hollowstar called from atop the shell pile. it was easy to summon the clan together after a gathering. most cats were still awake despite the late hour, waiting for the gathering party to come back so they could hear what news the other clans had announced. he didn't bother with the usual summons because of this; instead he set right into the important part: peace. "ashstar and i spoke at the gathering, and we have come up with a way to bring peace between our two clans!"

every cat, from the youngest apprentice to the oldest warrior, knew of the awkward tension between riverclan and skyclan, born of the death of equinoxstar during their joint attempt to rescue pyrestar.
but it was unnecessary conflict, pointless after so many moons had passed - and pointless because it had been an accident. skyclan's leader knew, perhaps more than anyone else, the dangers of going to the lab. yet he'd still gone with kindness and bravery in his heart.

"we have decided that each clan will send several cats to live with the other for a moon, as a show of good faith between our two clans. only volunteers will go - i won't send anyone unwilling. i have ashstar's word that anyone who goes will be treated with the utmost respect, as though you are her own clanmates. and i have given her my word that any of her clan that comes here will be treated the same."

hollowstar fell quiet then, waiting to see how his clanmates felt about such a thing. it was a dangerous thing indeed to bring a stranger into the heart of the clan, to show them all of their secrets. but it was necessary to forge peace between the clans, and that was what hollowstar wanted above all else. he remembered his vow to stonestar and all of starclan, that he would protect and defend riverclan with his life. no more cats will die under my watch.
Dec 6 2017, 03:32 PM
straight-backed and sure, there was no sign of the hesitant reluctance that had dragged at hollowstar's legs the last few meetings. in its meek place a burning anger reigned supreme, lighting hollowstar's green eyes ablaze. he leaped atop the shell pile with the easy grace of the confident, but this sureness was not due to a sudden newfound sense of faith in himself. it was the opposite - worry rolled uncomfortably in hollowstar's gut while a panicked sensation tightened in his chest with every breath. any tighter and it would choke the air right out of his lungs.

hardly a moon had passed as leader of riverclan and one of his deputies was already missing. hollowstar had jokingly used the word curse to describe the string of bad luck riverclan couldn't seem to shake, but it was chillingly accurate.

"all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the shell pile for a clan meeting!" hollowstar paced as much as the narrow top of the pile would allow, tail lashing back and forth uneasily. as if the frantic urgency in his call hadn't been enough, hollowstar swiftly added, "burnout is missing! i believe he's been taken by twolegs!"
Dec 4 2017, 11:39 PM
there was no denying it now: hollowstar was dying.

the same strain of illness that had seeped into stonestar, sucking the life out of his very lungs until he was nothing more than a shell of the cat they'd all loved, fastened claws into hollowstar and refused to let go.

like with stonestar, the sickness crept up on him slowly - and then, without warning, all at once. it had taken nearly a moon for their previous leader to die, but it seemed that would not be the case with hollowstar. maybe it was because he neglected his own treatment, avoiding the medicine den until it became too hard to breathe and he had to. stonestar's death had left hollowstar weakened - mentally, emotionally - and in the aftermath he worked himself to the bone until he was physically drained.

naturally long-legged and lean, it seemed impossible that hollowstar could get any skinnier. but he had lost weight over the past few days, enough for his ribs to show through his chest, for the knobs of his spine to poke awkwardly from his back. his body had always been narrow but well-muscled, and now that was gone as his body ate away at itself.

even breathing was a chore, rattling in and out of his lungs with long, ghostly gasps. he slept more than he was awake, finding it harder to stay conscious as the days trickled by. hollowstar was asleep now, body shivering as he fought whatever nightmarish beast hounded him in his sleep.

Dec 4 2017, 11:29 PM
this was so stupid.

hollowstar stared at the small pile of flowers at his feet with a growing sense of trepidation. he waited just outside riverclan camp: close enough that he would see brightcloud when she appeared, but far enough away to hide the evidence of his... whatever this was.

the tom-cat flinched every time he heard the soft patter of feet. every twig snapped sent shivers up his spine, and when the wind blew through the cattails to make them sing together in their whispering way he twisted to glower at them for a full minute before he was convinced nobody was hidden there.

again his gaze fell on the flowers nestled in a neat little pile between his paws: a myriad of late-blooming flowers he couldn't name, bright yellows and pinks and oranges with full, sweet-smelling petals. he'd come across a patch of them on his way back from a hunt and, without really thinking about it, plucked the whole lot.

Nov 21 2017, 11:03 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">
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<div class="mikkipost">he was bone-tired, exhausted enough to sleep for days, but there was still work to be done before he could curl up in his nest. or his new nest, in his new den - stonestar's den. hollowstar wasn't certain it could never be his.
hollowstar cut across camp without pause, hauling himself atop the solid collection of shells and stones that made the shell pile. it was steady under his feet, despite the shift and slide of smooth shells that adjusted under his weight. he wondered absently how long it had existed - how many leaders had once stood where he now did, looking out onto riverclan's camp with a mixed feeling of dread and pride.
"all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the shell pile for a clan meeting!"
starclan, even the words felt foreign on hollowstar's tongue. </div>[/dohtml]
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