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Jun 14 2018, 10:18 AM
The sentry had dragged an ocelot into moonstone where the other sentries were summoned, this was Bonefrost a darkforester. "Remember we're not here to hurt him...too bad, but to cleanse his soul and to teach him the error of his ways." He mewed in the feline language, even tho the former ShadowClan leader was now in the body of a canine.

The poor ocelot had a bump on the head and was unconscious, but would soon wake up, this...would be something for sure.
May 19 2018, 05:30 PM
ooc: plz dont post until I do with Battlecry for maximum angst

Winterstar had forgotten his own children's death, he was about to ask where Wally was until he realized she was dead and not in a grief-stricken way but in a your-memory-is-going-to-shit sorta way. Well, he had a plan and perhaps it wasn't the most honorable, perhaps some would call it downright disrespectful but he had lived a long enough life and he could not live it without the memories that made it so wonderful.

Here he was, a pawful of deathberries in one paw and a nice plump pigeon in the other. His favorite meal, not the death berries, the bird that was. He had eaten almost half of his meal before he gazed into the red berries, remembering back at all the battles he'd been in, all the death he'd seen.

Voidstar, his death had haunted him to this day, he should have done more, he could have. "I hope I made you proud.." The old tom whispered, thinking back to his former mentors training, he would see him soon enough to find out if he did or not.

Then his mind drifted to Wally and Flicka, his two daughters, one lost to a hunting accidents and the other to childbirth, and Plum, the only surviving kid he had left, he hated to leave him but what use was a father who couldn't remember you? No use.

In the end he would be stopping the pain from going on for far too long, causing them to start to heal sooner than he needed...

Oh so many wonderful friends he was leaving behind, Middy, Ravenstar, Snail - Oh his dear cousin..they had just returned but she was in good paws.

A single tear rolled down his face as he leaned down and ate the suicide berries, accepting his fate.

He laid there, breathing labored, his body shaking and twitching, as he dug his claws into the ground trying not to vomit up the berries.

ShadowClan was in good hands, he knew they wouldn't needh im, he just had to remind himself of that. "Ravenstar you better make me proud.." He growled through gritted teeth, the nausea only getting worse until the poppyseeds he took kicked in and he fell asleep.
May 11 2018, 12:11 PM
Winterlights needed to talk to someone about his memory issues, and perhaps the cat who could understand how it ws making him feel the most would be Ravenstar, he used to be a leader, the pressure that was put on him and now..this was going on, maybe the new leader could understand? It wasn't like he wanted to bother his children with such things.

Standing at the leader's den, his own former den, "Hey there, Ravenstar?" He mewed.
May 9 2018, 07:23 PM
Winterlights had led the group to the spot where he was told to go if he needed help, or herbs. "Sunchaser? Moonwarden?" He called, following the line of blueberry bushes, he walked into the grove and was stunned by how beautiful it was. "There's an elder here...she needs help but..she's not your typical cat.."

Oh lord hopefully this worked out.
May 9 2018, 03:46 PM
The elder was wandering around camp, if you had watched him it would seem like odd behavior, stopping and turning around, obviously forgetting what he was doing. This was one of the tom's bad days, his dementia was flaring up more than usual today.

Suddenly the tom leaped up onto the high branch and called for the clan, "All cats old enough to catch their prey! - wait.." suddenly he remembered he was no longer leader, that Starclan sent him away on a mission to warn the others about the Cougars, he felt confused, he didn't understand. The tom slunk down from the branch and shook his head, "Nevermind, I'm- I'm sorry."

What had happened to him? He used to be a strong warrior, a brave leader? Now he was a worthless elder with no memory, a true disappointment to the clan and that's exactly how Winterlights felt right now.
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