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Aug 6 2017, 10:17 PM
They hadn't travelled this far into the abandoned city on their own just yet. The business tended to operate in the populated places, where humans dropped pieces of half-eaten food and the monsters were but an everyday occurrence. They had no reason to go further -- they certainly couldn't hunt and had never had the need to when everything was just a dumpster or beg away. But word had reached the child of another group, and when their own was so... desolate, it was no surprise that they wandered to try and find someone who belonged to this new group.

However, surprise of all surprises, this group had a particular territory. Rather than members roaming freely, they congregated in one rather, marked by scent lines and a definite area. How foreign, odd. The misproportioned apprentice wandered to the edge of the scent lines and over, curious beyond the desire to veer away. The mutated child, rail-thin and moving sickly, crouched just beyond the scent line -- waiting.
Aug 5 2017, 05:14 PM
They had gone missing for some time, disappearing out of the streets in a swift wind, the scurried child gone in moments. But now, the ratty brat was back, creeping along an alley with shuffling steps and a fuming discontent that seemed to permeate the very cells of their being. Ah yes, they'd been taken away from the street, picked up by nofurs -- and surprisingly no lab had come as a result. Just an animal shelter, vaccinations, poking and prodding and --

Ugh. Their fur was smoother, they had more meat on their bones, and overall they walked as though they were entirely uncomfortable with the whole of their being. And why not? Examinations and discomfort wrought havoc on the poor kid, and more than anything, they just wanted to find some other business members and... be home. Or a sibling, maybe.

Ugh. 44 was tired.
Jun 22 2017, 07:05 PM
44 was on an adventure.

They'd found this one place that threw out their stuff once a day -- scraps of fruit, of all things. And the tiny, runted apprentice was happy to steal some apples here, or when they were very lucky, strawberries. And since the child realized that they loved the slightly rotten fruit (which was always a little too soft when the twolegs threw it out, but not yet moldy), they'd snuck by the backdoor of the farmer's market ever since. Granted, sometimes there was risk involved, but the Doctor didn't mind. They just stayed out of sight, tail flicking behind them and waiting at the closed door.



The door opened and bags of garbage were placed outside, as well as some baskets with -- oh darn. It seemed to be a few bananas and some leafy things, too bad. Still, food was food, and the only better than fruit... was cheese. The half-blind kitten pounced on the food, tearing into the bananas with glee.
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