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Aug 23 2017, 09:01 PM
Fox had wept and wept, horrified of what she'd done. Her eyes were still puffy and red when dawn broke. The flame colored Somali was sprawled out not too far from Thunderclan, sleeping just as she always had, sprawled out in every which direction. Her stomach grumbled in her sleep, sending her squirming and tongue lolling out of her mouth.

"Squrriel... So good...." She murmured, drooling out of the corner of her mouth.

Aug 11 2017, 04:19 PM
Foxpaw stopped. How long had she been walking? Not long, but she was a long ways from her home. Or, what was her home. The Somali found tears brimming her eyes. What had she just done? She just left her home because of her pride! The Somali let out an ear piercing scream, filled with every single emotion she had been holding in because she had to be the backbone. Because she had to comfort Grovepaw and Nightpaw. Because she had to rescue Silverstar. Because she had to rescue the kits. Because she had to ensure Dukes safety at the gathering. Because she had stand guard at the camps entrance and always be ready for an attack. Because she couldn't let others understand how useless she felt when she couldn't hunt, or climb, or balance without her tail.

It had been so long since she cried. So very long. The she-cat crumpled into a ball. What had she done? What lead her to do something so foolish? Why did she abandon her clan? Her home? Her family?

The flame-coated feline stood after a long moment of sobbing and continued her journey to wherever her paws led her. Where she go? To the city? To the mountains? To the unyielding horizon that somehow promised tomorrow would be better? All she had to do was keep walking.
Aug 11 2017, 01:46 PM
Stay in the nursery? No frickin' way. The stubborn she-cat had stalked out of the camp and up a random tree far away from the others, deciding she didn't want to be found for the remainder of the day. Or maybe two? Her stubbornness and feist knew no bounds. Least not set by some deputy. Foxpaw was busy glowering in a tree with a dead finch between her paws, narrowed eyes glaring at the invisible borders set not too far out.
Aug 10 2017, 04:27 PM
Thunder and lightening rolled overhead as Foxpaw stayed planted in her guard position, soaked down to the bone. The feisty and stubborn she-cat refused to leave her post. Not until somecat came to relieve her at dusk. Sunhigh had been quickly drowned out by threatening clouds, and even faster by rain that pelted to the ground.

The apprentice could feel Leaffall coming, the days were slowly becoming gloomier and brisker. Not very noticeable, but enough that she took the hint. Her stomach curtled at the thought of what was to come. Leafbare would not be easy. Despite the warm rain, a shiver rolled down Foxpaw's spine. Would this Leafbare be the end of Thunderclan with their streak of luck?
Aug 7 2017, 06:13 PM
Foxpaw peeked into Grovepaw's-- no, Grovekeeper's-- den, her nub of a tail twitching. She couldn't imagine his loss, and wouldn't pertend to. Rockjoint and Grovepaw patched her tail up when she had lost it, and made sure she had been well. They kept her company and silenced her worries. The Somali would miss Rockjoint greatly. "Grovekeeper?" The feline called out, hoping to find her friend inside.

He was most likely grieving and full of anxiety about the future, and hoped to ground him. Just as he and Rockjoint once did.

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