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Aug 25 2017, 11:32 PM
Crowspirit had been feeling many things lately; something highly unusual for the young warrior. Her emotions typically consisted of just a few select varieties; passive, vague, and weird. The change frightened her, and frightened was not one of her three traits. Frightened, caring, loyal. None of those things had been introduced to her when she was a kit, and so as she grew she simply became immune to them. ThunderClan had done this to her. And so, she made the decision that made the least amount of sense; she was leaving.

It was hard to pinpoint why she was leaving. Perhaps to retain some form of the ambiguity she desired, or perhaps to explore the world as she had always wanted to. Moons ago, when she was still an apprentice, Crowspirit had confided in Duke about her dreams of leaving. He'd probably forgotten about that conversation, or had pushed it off as a young cat wanting to do stupid things, but it was a real dream. ThunderClan territory was not enough to satisfy her curiosity, and even the surrounding areas had never quite brought enough intensity to her lifestyle. She wanted to live.

She thought again to the new feelings. The loyalty. Bait had appeared so suddenly, and almost immediately upon discovering they were blood she had felt a certain kinship. A tie that she didn't want to break. But she hadn't wanted it to form in the first place. Loyalty was dangerous. She was not loyal to ThunderClan; they had taken her in, and so she worked for them, but her debts were paid off numerous times over.

And then there was caring. Just yesterday Crowspirit had been about to head out on patrol with Southskies, Hyenapaw, and Duke. The rabbit had struck a nerve within her-- a first. She was not one to get offended by anything, much less a simple joke. But that wasn't it. As she had walked away, Duke had called after her. He loved her. Those words were not new to her ears, but they had never been directed at her before. Love was a game too dangerous for her to play.

As Crowspirit stood on the border, she thought back to her friends. Duke. She would miss him terribly, even if he was an annoying piece of prey. He'd been the first to reach out and try to connect with her, and while their friendship had not been normal, she had valued it nonetheless. Spartan would be missed to, but it would take just an hour to forget him. They were not friends. And there was Nelson, who, despite being a stupid dog, she would cherish for at least a few weeks.

Lastly, there was Bait. He'd arrived so recently, and Crowspirit had been avoiding him. How was she supposed to act? She did not regret her decision to leave, but she did feel guilty. Was she abandoning her brother just as their mother had abandoned them in turn?

No. She was not Haylie. Bait had come to ThunderClan on his own. He was old enough to take care of himself, and Crowspirit had absolutely no obligation to feel responsible for him. He was just another clanmate.

In her mind, Crowspirit had imagined a moving scene where she would look back longingly over her shoulder as she departed, giving a tight smile to her closest friends who had gathered to bid her farewell. She would promised to bring them souvenirs from her ventures. No such fantasy would happen. Instead, she willed herself to move forward and did not look back. Onyx soared above her, flying in tight circles so as not to get too far away from his spirit-companion. Her life was ending and beginning. One day she would return, but not as Crowspirit. Traveling changed a person.

//this was originally closed, because Crow is gone from the territory and won't be found, but then I reopened it for reactions if anyone wants to post//
Aug 12 2017, 02:26 PM
The mission had both been a failure and a success. Crowspirit led the patrol back to ThunderClan's camp. Only one kit swung from her jaws, but it was one more than they'd had previously. They'd been found before they were able to get Arctickit unfortunately, and had only just managed to escape with Ember. Their sides were littered with wounds of varying degrees of severity. Crowspirit herself was not in dire need of medical care, but she would have new scars from the mission.

Upon entering camp, Crowspirit set Emberkit down, "Silverstar!" she yowled, then added on, "Coalstep!"

Aug 8 2017, 12:59 PM
Crowspirit had never been much of a leader. She hadn't been much of a follower, though, either. She was more an independent-- she did what she pleased, regardless of others. ThunderClan's recent patrols had shifted something within her, and the leader within had been brought up front. Perhaps she wasn't the best leader, but it was certainly a new perspective of her personality.

The patrol was stationed in a treeline. The moon was just a sliver in the partially-cloudy sky, providing them good cover. The plan had been discussed earlier in the day with Silverstar; scale the building, get in through vents (what was with vents and rescuing cats?), find the nursery, get the hell out of there. Crowspirit had no doubt that once they entered the building, they would be surrounded by sleeping BloodClan cats. She hoped they would be sleeping. Part of Crowspirit wanted to know what Silverstar was thinking sending them in here. If they were caught, every single one of them would be killed. ThunderClan couldn't afford to lose a single warrior, much less four. Was this something that ThunderClan needed done, or something that Silverstar as a mother needed done? There needed to be a line drawn between business and family. Emberkit was simply not worth the risk. As heartless as it was to think, was it worse to lose one kit or four warriors?

"Gather around," she mewed, turning away from the camp.

Aug 2 2017, 06:19 PM
It started out as any normal day; Crowspirit woke up before dawn and left camp to avoid being put on patrols. She didn't just leave camp, she left the territory to go to her secret log. Naturally, she would sleep more once she got there. She could return to camp later with some prey and claim to have been hunting like a good little warrior. But then, that wasn't very Crowspirit-esque. The dark gray she cat never particularly cared about what others thought of her-- not because she was just that edgy and rebellious, but rather because it just seemed unimportant. Her time at the farm had given her the ability to not care about what others said. It was the only good thing she'd gotten from that place.

As Crowspirit approached her log- with Onyx flying overhead- she caught a very faint but very familiar scent. "Nelson!" she breathed, eyes widening. He.... He had come this way!

"Onyx, we have to find Nelson!" she called up to her crow friend, who responded with some rather nasty words about dogs that Crowspirit didn't feel like repeating. "Well, if you're going to be like that, you can just sit in the trees and watch!"

The newly-named warrior began following the trail quickly zigzagging in various directions, and once coming up to a tree where she could only assume there had been another Squirrel. It wasn't long before she had passed through Tallpines and came upon a row of houses. Crowspirit thought about asking Onyx to fly ahead and see if she could see Nelson, but figured the crow was in too grouchy a mood to do anything helpful. He could mope all he wanted, the damn thing.

The scent of the dog became stronger, and as it did Crowspirit's pace sped up. She moved through the backyards of the houses, eyes set on a fenced enclosure just a few down. Sure enough, her doggo friend was hanging out there.

"NELSON!!!!!" Crowspirit yowled happily, darting over to the fence but not climbing it just yet.
Jul 15 2017, 05:12 PM
Crowpaw was in the middle of camp. That much wasn't unusual. What was unusual, however, was the fact that she was spinning in circles with her eyes closed as Onyx watched from the side. The bird let out a sharp caw and Crowpaw stopped as quickly as she could, jabbing her paw straight forward to see who she was pointed at. Cindersoul. Huh. She didn't speak to him much, especially now that he was a warrior. Crowpaw didn't like warriors much, but he was just barely a warrior, so he'd be okay. She remembered training with him before, but had never gotten the courage to actually have a normal conversation with him. Well, no better time than the present! Duke would be so proud of her for making friends.

"Cindersoul!" she called, trotting over to the tom (and almost falling over in the process thanks to being dizzy.) "I need help." Crowpaw sat down and wrapped her tail around her paws. "There's this purple berry I need to find, right? Like, it's on the territory somewhere, but our territory is kind of huge, and I can't really do it alone.... that's where you come in. Wanna help me?"

Of course, anyone who wished to help would be more than welcome. The more the merrier!

@Mal @Cindersoul
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