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Aug 9 2017, 12:01 PM
Thunder rumbled in the distance, causing the kits head to snap up from her spot in the sun. She wasn't too far from camp, but far enough that she felt comfortable exposing her pure white stomach. Rosekit eyed that dark and threatening clouds in the distance as she got to her paws, not wanting to be caught out in a storm and have her lovely fur drenched. It took forever to clean and she had hairballed already today because of how well she groomed the thick pelt. Gray pads took her back to camp in no time at all, tiny droplets falling from the heavens.

Moon sized doe eyes traveled around the camp that was moving the prey into a more sheltered area and cats ducking inside their respective dens. Her eyes landed on a particularly rowdy bunch of kits that she knew would track mud into the nursery. The Maine coon wrinkled her nose at the thought of mud clinging to her fur by the end of the ordeal and decided to find somewhere else to take shelter in.

Settling on a small over hang no larger than three cats, Rosekit plopped down on the dry stone just as the rain came pouring down. Just in time. The kit thought, sparing a glance at the poor souls who hurried to get under cover and were caught out in the storm.

Aug 9 2017, 11:48 AM
The final moon was taking forever to complete to Rosekit. Three more days and she'd finally be an apprentice. It was a dream come true! The tabby kit was tucked neatly away in the corner of camp, her tail curling over her paws to seem as lady-like as possible. Sprawled out sun bathing would require her to be alone-- and the bustle of camp was most certainly not alone. Still, she enjoyed the beating sun and the breeze that came along with it. Leaf fall was nearly there, the child could smell it.

A low purr rumbled in her throat at the warmth seeping into her thick fur and the loud but hardly audible chatter of the clan. Bits and pieces of talk were picked up, but nothing of any interest. Some elder had gotten ticks again and another cat brought back a fat hare. It was as if these cats gods had given them a break, to which Rosekit was thankful for. No cat was appeared to be missing, bellies were full, and all was well. It was rather boring but she was thankful nonetheless.
Jul 7 2017, 09:37 PM
I'm open to almost anything =P
Jun 25 2017, 02:09 PM
The long legged kit padded out from a bramble bush, having waiting quite some time after spotting a large bird steal a mouse from nearby. Shaking out her stripped fur, Rose stopped at a scent line. Theres cats out this far? She knew the scent of dog and this wasn't it, and she had lived with a group back in the city to know well enough what marking was. The kit frowned, curling her tail, unsure of what to do next. Taking a step back, thoughts swirled through her mind. Had she really come this far? She knew she had taking a ride in the back of some sort of monster after leaving her group to get as far as she could, but was it truly this far?

"I can't even see the city...." She muttered, taking a seat after a few moments hesitation. Rose figured she might ask we'll find out what who they were, not to mention she was starving. She had caught a baby mouse at the beginning of the day, but it was late in the afternoon now. Her skin was taunt under her fur, clinging to each of her ribs and cheek bones. It was hard to tell however, unless someone really examined her. "Hello?" She called, her attention pulling to her itching ear. Scratching it with tufts of fur fell, as she had clearly been scratching quite a bit. What are those bite-y things ma used to talk about? The ones that made you itch?
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