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Nov 26 2017, 05:04 PM
It had been over a moon.

A moon of missed encounters at the border. A moon, and his scent was stale. She never stopped on her patrols, limping along the border faithfully each day. Sometimes, if no one was present, she'd stop for a time at the edge of the bridge that crossed the gorge.

Now there were more visible signs. Subtle ones, for she was a small she-cat, but she was beginning to show. It would be too suspicious to keep coming to the border once she couldn't patrol. She was running out of time. She just needed to see him, to make sure he was okay. They could never have been together - they had both known that.

Today was no different. Every few steps she skipped one with her wounded foreleg, hopping awkwardly to take the weight off of it. The WindClan deputy was steady nonetheless, sniffing at the border, trying to catch any scrap of scent that would be blown across the impassable gorge. The waterfall roared in the distance, dull now.

Finally she made it to the bridge. Most days, she'd continue on home. Today was no different - she knew she should. But she needed to rest. Her leg barked with pain even when resting just a bit of weight on it. Palepaw would have her hide if she was limping this badly by the time she got back to camp.

And so, at the edge of the bridge, she stopped. The wood felt rough beneath her paw pads, and the mingled border scents of WindClan and RiverClan filled her nose. She could see the water beneath her, and leaned over the edge of the bridge to watch it. Sageleaf had always been afraid of the water - a healthy fear, one of respect. Now it just seemed like another thing to remind her. Damn, she was so stupid.
Nov 26 2017, 04:06 PM
Sageleaf was tired.

It wasn't an easy thing to admit, even to herself. It had been more than a week now since Polkastrike's rather disastrous vigil. The new warrior had done well, though - as had Swiftpaw. Really, Sageleaf's main worry had been Palepaw, diving into the fray. That was, until she understood why. It hadn't cleared away the deputy's anxiety at the medicine cat apprentice's recklessness, but it had explained many things.

Many things she was still trying to come to terms with. She hadn't seen Stonestar since that day, and now - now she didn't know. Didn't know how to feel, what to thing, where to go. Nobody to tell, no one to talk to. So she just kept doing - waking up every morning, assigning patrols, going along with the noon patrol to walk the borders. She still couldn't run, the nasty wounds on her leg from Adderstrike tender and hard at times to even walk on. When no one was looking, the deputy often walked with a limp.

But worse was the fact that her belly was swelling. She didn't regret it - not exactly. She'd always loved kits, she would love them with every shred of her being - but damn the timing, damn everything.

So that morning, after she'd assigned patrols, Sageleaf sighed. Her shoulders sagged as she watched warriors and apprentices file out on their dawn patrols and assignments, her tail curled around her paws. The deputy knew she should get up - eat, go about checking in on apprentices and kits, see how Rowanstar was this morning - but she felt drained of energy. It was hard, putting on a strong front.

Nov 14 2017, 12:23 AM
Sageleaf was, in some ways, still reeling a few days after Polkastrike's rather disastrous vigil. The discovery of her pregnancy was new, even to her. But for her clan, she bore it with grace, brushing off questions and continuing to arrange patrols and try to make the best of things.

Still, there were things that needed doing, questions that needed answers. And those were her job, reeling or not, regardless of what any might think of her.

So that morning, after patrols were dispatched, she went to seek Swiftpaw. Once she found the younger she-cat, her whiskers would tilt forward in a feline sort of smile. "Hello, dear. Do you have time to talk?"
Oct 18 2017, 04:06 PM
It was well after moonhigh when Sageleaf's day ended. This wasn't particularly unusual - her duties as deputy wore on her, for all that she was beginning to get a grasp on them. Some days, it was one step after the other. Prey was still running well, but she could feel the chill on the wind that announced leaf-bare in the near future. There was never enough time in the day.

She considered going to the warrior's den, but something in her heart tugged for the freedom of the open air. It wasn't unusual for a WindClanner to sleep outside, and so she found a nice corner of the camp to curl up. Almost as soon as her head hit her paws, she was asleep, with her tail curled over her nose.

Slowly the small she-cat drifted into the world of dreams, stars swirling above an open plain. For now, it was as any other dream. For now.
Sep 1 2017, 04:39 AM
Hops at the first meeting with Dusty had been, to put it nicely, a disaster. And now, with a just a couple of days to settle into her new role, Sageleaf knew she had to tackle the issue of the young barn cat and how to proceed with her in the clan. She wasn't sure if anyone had bothered to explain to Hops what was happening. In the chaos, it was, perhaps, excusable. Now, as things began to settle into their usual rhythm, they became far less excusable.

And so the deputy slipped into the nursery. "Hops? I need to talk to you. You're not in trouble."
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