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Feb 3 2018, 11:40 PM
Though they'd set out early, the journey was taking far longer than Sageleaf had hoped. By the time half of their patrol was across the Thunderpath, herself included, the moon was rising in the sky. They had some time before Moonhigh, yet, but with Rowan's pace, it was going to be close.

With Ivymask and the others settled on the opposite side of the Thunderpath to serve as lookouts, Sageleaf stepped up to the side of the Thunderpath, looking across to those remaining. Rowanstar - blind, limping, though steadfast - between Smudgenose and Palepaw, who both looked so small in the dim light. It was a twisting vise around her heart, to see them all so somber.

Her short fur was ruffled by the passing wind of a monster on the path, its headlights a blinding glare in the evening light. One ear flicked back was the only sign of the thin torbie's discomfort with the Two-leg machine, though Ivymask would surely be looking for the terror that lurked deep inside. It was there, still. It always would be.

She waited, counting. One, she thought, looking to the left. Clear. Two, she thought, looking to the right. Clear. And go. Three!

Sageleaf burst from the ditch alongside the Thunderpath, cresting the hard surface and darting towards the other side. Just as she crossed the yellow lines that marked the center, she could hear the rumble of another two-leg monster - but there was time.

And then she was across, tail high, chest heaving slightly with restrained panic. Then, just like that, it was gone, the calm returning.

"Rowan," she said in that clear, soft voice, looking to their... Nearly now former leader. "Lean on Smudgenose. Palepaw, you be Smudgenose's eyes and ears. I'll cross first, then you'll meet me in the center."

Sageleaf didn't wait for answers, simply expecting obedience. This wasn't the time, and they all knew it - this was the most dangerous part.

The torbie turned, her paws scattering gravel as she climbed back up to the side of the road. Once more she rattled that count off in her head, checking, checking, and -


She heard the quiet roar of the engine too late.

Sageleaf was half way across the first half of the Thunderpath when the Monster roared, tires hissing on the pavement. For just a moment, screams rang in her ears, and she froze. It wasn't but a moment - not even a second - before she bolted, trying to run, trying to make it -

The tires, those great black paws of the Monster, screeched against the hard pavement, and beneath that was the sickening thump and crunch of an impact, the thud of a body hitting the underside of that great Monster, and then nothing but the screech of tires and crunch of gravel.

In the middle of the road - just a tail length from safety - Sageleaf lay sprawled, unmoving. And then her chest heaved, her head raising as unfocused eyes blinked, and blinked again.

The Monster who had hit her came to a halt just tail-lengths away, and then the doors opened, a pair of Two-legs spilling forth from its belly. Immediately one began yelling at the other, gesturing wildly with his hands. The other stomped around the car, her footsteps loud on the pavement.

Click, click, click, click, went the Monster, whose lights flashed on, and off, and on, and off.

"John! Give me your coat!" said the two-leg, reaching for the taller one.

"I - why? Denise, we need to -"

"That cat! You hit her!"

"It's just a cat, Denise!"

"And we are taking her to the vet. What's that - where did we take Frankie?"

"It was that emergency vet, over on 70th - Denise, no, it's just a stray, this is ridiculous." He shucked off the pelt he wore over yet another pelt, reluctantly handing it over to the two-leg female. She took it, stepping over towards where the broken she-cat lay.

The male sighed, stepping into the road and waving his arms so that no passerby would run over the female.

The two-leg took the pelt, ducking down to drape it over the broken feline. And then she curled her paws around the cat, scooping her up.

Sageleaf tried to bare her teeth at the two-leg, but there were at least six of them, and she couldn't breathe, breathe, breathe -

And then she was picked up, letting out a broken yowl of pain as the two-leg female bundled her in the pelt and took her to the Monster.

And then both two-legs climbed into the monster, taking Sageleaf with them.

Moments later, they were gone.

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Jan 24 2018, 11:53 PM
Sageleaf left the medicine cat den, Rowanstar trailing behind. The slim she-cat closed her eyes briefly - and then dashed across to the tall-rock, letting out a yowl to summon her clan.

This wasn't the announcement she wished to make.

She gave them a bit of time to gather, and then the normally-quiet Sageleaf began to speak in a clear voice.

"WindClan! StarClan has... Spoken. Tonight, Rowanstar will return to the Moonstone to forfeit his lives. His injuries cannot be healed by their power, and he does not consider himself fit to lead our clan any longer." She paused to draw a deep breath.

"He has served us well, WindClan! We will honor him in the moons to come, as he tells stories to our kits and provides us with needed advice. I... Will become leader. Which means it is time to appoint a deputy. Or..."

Another pause for breath - and then she spoke more loudly. "Ivymask! Smudgenose! You will both step forward. Ivymask, you have served your clan with loyalty and strength - you are as true as any cat I have ever known. You will lead WindClan in war and strife, when action calls for claws and blood. I know you will see us through whatever the future holds."

Her gaze snapped to Smudgenose, softening slightly. "And Smudgenose. You - hold your protest. You are loyal - have you ever failed to return to us? You will become our Deputy of Civil Affairs, just as Ivymask now becomes our Deputy of Warfare. While you both are suited to different tasks, I think - I know - that this is the right decision, and will see us move forward despite difficult times."

It was then that Sageleaf leaped down from the rock, moving (hopefully) towards the new deputies. "We will go tonight," she said to them, nodding to each in turn. "I will need two apprentices, or warriors, to volunteer to accompany us!"
Jan 7 2018, 12:01 AM
By the time morning patrols had returned, Sageleaf was making her way out of the medicine cat's den. As she did several times a day, she had been checking in with Palepaw to see how Rowanstar was faring. Her steps sped up as she made her way across camp, moving into a smooth run. Then the she-cat launched herself to the Tall Rock, making her way atop it with an easy grace.

"WindClan! All who are old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath Tall Rock for a meeting!"

Those words still felt strange to her - but as she'd said just days before, WindClan had to continue on. Leaf-bare was here, and there was no time to sit and grieve for a leader who might yet recover.

@Honeypaw 🐝@berrypaw. will have their ceremonies in this thread - if any others need their ceremonies, please let me know!
Jan 2 2018, 12:51 PM
There was a heavy weight on the deputy's shoulders as she exited the medicine cat den, her tail held low. Briefly she made her way to the nursery, looking in to check that her kits were still slumbering, warm in their nest. She was sure it wouldn't last long - with them, it never did - but for the moment, they were safe. That was, at least, something.

The thin torbie made her way around camp, a chill wind ruffling her fur. And then, steeling herself, she took a running start to leap to the top of Tall Rock.

It felt wrong up here - strange. This was not her place. But she had a job to do.

"WindClan! All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the Tall Rock for a meeting!"
Dec 28 2017, 10:30 PM
After a week, Sageleaf had begun slipping out of the nursery to assign patrols. One week had been enough to make the queen feel a little stir crazy, cabin fever setting in despite the cold. So as the weeks wore on, and a particularly sunny and almost warm day came about, she seized the opportunity as quickly as she had once seized rabbits to feed her clan.

With gentle prodding and a soft, sweet voice, Sageleaf called for her kits to follow her out of the nursery. Now at around three weeks, their wibbly-wobbly walks were starting to get a bit more adventurous, their eyes and ears open wide to the world. They'd begun speaking - though it didn't always make sense, much to her amusement.

There was no snow on the ground, and the sun was shining. A brisk day - she wouldn't keep them out long - but warm enough. The thin torbie lay down on her side, watching the kits with a shining gaze. "Come on, Cranekit! You can do it! Oh, Heronkit - Granitekit, come on, it's okay. It's just the sun."
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