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She-Cat | Rogue | 25 moons
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It seemed lately her fathers band of rogues were coming to a bit of a bump on their journey, they prey and food seemed to be getting scarce, while The Survivors were no stranger to eating out of dumpsters and garbage cans it got a bit tiresome after a while. Claudette figured she might as well leave and try to find a decent meal for herself. Her fathers greed kept him and her brothers well fed while she wasted away.
Claudette knew her ribs were visible and she wondered if she would be able to hunt with how shaky she felt. She didn't even notice the smell of a border as she crossed it, into BloodClan territory. She heard a distant sound, a rat maybe? She crept forward slowly seeing its frail body as it rummaged through the trash for something to eat. Claudette flexed her claws before pouncing on the rat and delivering a killing bite, this rat hardly had any meat on its bones but it would have to do. Claudette began hungrily chewing on the flesh of the rat. [dohtml]</div>
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