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Oct 11 2017, 09:30 AM
Her rather self-imposed training regimen was rough. By the time she was finished, she was always limping heavily, her twisted claws dragging in the dirt as she forced herself to keep going. If she stopped, her bad leg would only get stiff and more difficult to work with, so she needed to do something. Something, something, something... Herbs!

The light ginger tabby's whiskers pricked as she decided on a course of action. She'd collect Middy - the charcoal medicine cat had an uncanny eye for the best herbs, of course she did - and maybe they could go out gathering. That would work. That would work excellently.

She poked her head into the medicine cat den, her one good eye dilating in the darkness. "Ey, Middy, ya here? Wanna go get some herbs? Noticed we need some catmint. Ain't got much."
Oct 11 2017, 09:27 AM
"Oh fuck."

All things considered, it was a fairly calm statement.

Raventhorn was off... doing whatever it was he did these days. Lightpaw didn't really understand. She'd tried to talk to him a few times, and been rebuffed. He didn't train, and StarClan forbid she talk to Winterstar or Firemountain. Who knew what they'd do. So she was left to her own devices, trying to get ready for what felt like an ever impending deadline.

She had to become a warrior.

And her leg said no.

That was really the problem. The half-blindness she'd adjusted to. The twisted leg, the limp, the constant pain? Less so. It was hard to adjust, because it was different every day, but it never worked right. It gave out, it strained, it would cramp and cause intense pain - usually while she was about to pounce on something juicy. Her permanently extended claws got stuck on things, and nothing worked right.

So she'd decided to try to climb a tree. There'd been a day where Lightpaw had loved climbing.

Conveniently, she'd forgotten the real problem with climbing - getting down.

Once she'd made her way up the tree, leg screaming in protest, she'd been proud of herself. Until the fifteen or so tail-length drop became apparent. Her leg was shaking and she couldn't figure out how to get down.

So she crouched on a sturdy branch, bad leg dangling, and let her tail swish as she tried to work through the problem.

It was definitely a problem.

((Taking place about a month or so ago!))
Jul 31 2017, 12:43 AM
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<div class="lightcontainer"><div class="lightimage">
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Middy's suggestion had been not to leave camp alone. Not for a while. And so of course, now freed from her captivity in the medicine cat's den, Lightpaw had broken that suggestion. Really, that should have surprised no one. It had been around sun-high when she'd left, when cats were napping in their dens or hiding from the withering Greenleaf heat. And so, without a word to anyone, she'd slipped out of the medicine cat den, limped across camp, and left.
Surprise, surprise. As she'd limped her way through the territory, she found a sureness settling into her bones as she traced familiar pathways. It had been almost two moons since she'd been out of camp, even outside of the medicine den for more than a few minutes. And now, here, there was no overwhelming scent of herbs, no protective soul standing between her and what she needed to face.
On the left, just in her peripheral vision, trailed her spectral watcher. The StarClan spirit glimmered with stars even in the bright daylight, keeping her distance as the she-cat limped her way through the territory. Lightpaw paid her little mind - she had to focus. She was alone, and wounded, and if something came along to surprise her, she'd be in bad shape. In the back of her head, Lightpaw knew she should have brought someone with her.
But she didn't want anyone else to witness her fear.
For almost two moons, she'd been telling herself about this day. The day she faced what had happened and moved on from it. Some nights Thunderpaths were all she could see, monsters roaring past. She didn't even remember being hit, but she'd seen monsters growing up, and she knew. She knew what had happened, even if the memory wasn't there. And, ever more frustrating, she didn't understand why.
Why had she been out there?
By the time she reached the Thunderpath, her splinted bad leg was aching. It could bear her weight now, the bones well set, though Middy had ordered the splint to stay on for a little while longer. No training, yet. Not... Not yet. But soon.
The first thing to assault her senses was the smell. That scent had worked its way into her nose for so long it no longer held meaning, but here it was in strength. Fear worked its way along the warrior aged apprentice's spine, and her good eye dilated as she stared at the Thunderpath that divided ShadowClan and ThunderClan territories.
When the roar of a Monster came, Lightpaw let out a terrified gasp and flattened herself to the ground. Her leg protested, the scar on her flank twinging with phantom pain as she watched the two-leg piloted creature thunder past. Once it was gone, she forced herself to her feet, shaking. This had been a terrible idea.
Face it, thought Lightpaw to herself. Her ears pinned and she limped towards the Thunderpath, stopping several fox-lengths away. This time when a Monster roared past, it ruffled her fur and left her panting with fear. But she didn't budge. Even as the scent made her eyes water and fractured memories assaulted her, she didn't move.

Jul 17 2017, 08:49 PM
Lightpaw was, unsurprisingly, wide awake and doing her rounds of the medicine cat den. She'd always been an antsy cat, and her time in captivity had only served to give her a feline version of cabin fever. And so, with little else to do, she helped to sort herbs, and practiced walking. The young cat didn't think it'd be long until the cobweb and stick splint came off her leg. She could place a bit of weight on it now, even, for all that it was uncomfortable.

With a soft sigh, she looked over to one of the other occupants of the den. Winterstar. The warrior aged apprentice was worried, to say the least. The lump on her leader's back wasn't getting any smaller, and his apparent lethargy wasn't easing in the slightest. She decided to do something brave - and perhaps a little stupid - and limped on out into camp.

A few moments later, she returned with a shrew in her broken teeth, setting it down before the leader. In a careful crouch, splinted leg propped out at an awkward angle, she pressed her nose into the tom's shoulder. "Winterstar? I brought you something to eat," she said, Lightpaw's tone uncharacteristically soft.

@Pinyon @Winterstar
Jul 4 2017, 09:12 PM
@ashuriiakemi @Pine

((Will get a template for her soon!))

It was sometime in mid morning when Lightpaw awoke, nestled into one of the mossy nests in the medicine cat den. As usual, she found herself blinking several times, still having trouble adjusting to the lack of vision in her right eye. In her dreams, she could see just fine, with both eyes.

The young she-cat gritted her teeth as she rolled out of the nest, levering herself to her feet on three good legs. Her hind right leg had been broken as well, but it had been a simpler fix. A nice clean break that, while still fragile, could now bear weight thanks to Midnightheater's attentions. Her front right leg was another story entirely.

It was still splinted, but the bones had broken badly and, despite the best efforts of the medicine cat, it seemed to be healing crooked. Not to mention the paw on that leg. Lightpaw's best guess was that it had been trampled by one of the rolling feet of the Monster that had hit her.

Her toes were twisted awkwardly, and required plenty of attention to keep from curling inwards. The young she-cat tried to remain optimistic, though. If there was a way to see it healed, Midnightheater would find the way. And surely there was a way. She didn't think StarClan would leave her to be useless.

The scar on her hind leg stretched as she rocked into motion, causing her to let out a small hiss of pain. When they'd found her, the bone had actually suck out from the skin. Her memory of that was strangely vivid, even if she couldn't remember the accident itself. Lightpaw didn't even remember being found on the side of the Thunderpath.

Lightpaw's first memory of that day was a fuzzy recollection of being carried back to camp. And the two days before that, leading up to her accident? They were an ominous blank in her memory, a void of just... Nothing.

The warrior aged apprentice sighed, her good eye adjusting to the light. That blind eye remained permanently dilated. Okay, Lightpaw, she thought to herself as she looked around for the medicine cat, today will be a good day. It will! Maybe Burnbright will visit! Or maybe Midnightheater will say I can finally go out into camp?

With those thoughts in mind, the ginger tabby held her splinted leg up and took a few limping steps. Pain settled into her body like an old friend as she adjusted to the waking reality of her injuries and plastered a broken toothed smile onto her face.

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