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Warrior Cats: A RPG

NEWS: WindClan is reopening the tunnels! and The Tribe has a board now.

Weather: It's newleaf! and each clan is having some weird weather

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We have an art contest up to design a new shopkeeper.
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Yesterday at 06:47 pm
His name is Cobra and he's a chocolate classic tabby oriental longhair. He's a knight of The Monarchs who happens to be gay af, although he is forced to conceal such a thing. He used to have a relationship with Huojin, but Huojin broke it off out of fear of being caught. There is a lot of tension between the two, maybe still some unspoken love and anger.

Anyways, just state interest and he's yours! I just ask that you stay active with him.
Yesterday at 03:43 pm
Bayweaver » Female » SkyClan » Warrior
→ 24 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ Domestic cat
→ Shaded silver mackerel torbie w/ low white
→ 12 lbs & 11 inches tall
→ Parents: A secret
→ Siblings: Watchdog

Smokepaw » Male » ThunderClan » Apprentice
→ 49 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ African Wild Dog
→ Mosaic w/ high white
→ 49 lbs & 28 inches tall
→ Joined ThunderClan after severely injured by being tossed out of a moving monster

Lavenderkit » Female » ThunderClan » Kit
→ 2 moons old [ aged double time until apprentice ]
→ Domestic cat
→ Classic silver tabby
→ Parents: Blackberrypaw and Burnpath
→ Siblings: Ebonykit, Blackberrykit
→ Atypical autism

Wonderkit » Male » ShadowClan » Kit
→ Unborn
→ Domestic cat
→ Blue spotted tabby w/ low white appaloosa
→ Parents: Nevermoor and Spottedlegs
→ Siblings: Spottedkit and Softkit
→ Multitude of facial and physical deformities

Whitney » Female » RiverClan » ?
→ 31 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ Bobcat
→ Brown spotted tabby
→ 32 lbs & 19 inches tall
→ Former mate of Lavenderfly

Harrierkit » MTF » WindClan » Kit
→ Unborn
→ F1 Savannah Cat
→ Red spotted tabby
→ Parents: Magneticmountain, Brindleflower, and Cloudeye (adopted)
→ Siblings: Bouncekit, Heatherkit, Galekit, Petalkit
→ Reincarnation of Eveningpaw

Pinepaw » Male » SkyClan » Apprentice
→ 26 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ Domestic cat
→ Brown ticked tabby w/ high rufus
→ 12 lbs & 14 inches tall
→ Joined SkyClan in order to help his deceased sibling's kits

Rubeola » Female » BloodClan » Kit
→ Nicknames: Ruby
→ 5 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ F1 caracat
→ Silver ticked tabby
→ Parents: Bonechill and Typhoid
→ Siblings: Atrophy
→ Abandoned by Typhoid in BloodClan's territory

Cougar that Climbs Mountain » Male » Tribe of Rushing Water » Advisor
→ 45 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ Jungle cat
→ Roan brown ticked tabby
→ 25 lbs & 16 inches tall
→ Former kittypet used for breeding chausies

Foxscar » Male » LionClan » Monarch
→ 31 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ Caracal
→ Melanistic (black)
→ 40 lbs & 21 inches tall
→ Dating Blackjay
Family tree
→ Exiled from both ThunderClan and BloodClan before starting LionClan

Eldrich » Male » NightClan » Warrior
→ 48 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ Husky/Australian Shepherd mix
→ Red merle
→ 45 lbs & 21 inches tall
→ Adopted from Neruka

Frozensky » Male » ElderClan » Guardian
→ 21 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ Red fox
→ Silver marble
→ 25 lbs & 19 inches tall
→ Abandoned as a pup and raised by ElderClan

Lynxshade » Female » GraveClan » Virago
→ 18 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ Domestic cat
→ Classic blue lynx point
→ 19 lbs & 12 inches tall
→ Exiled from ShadowClan for being rude

Ospreysight » Male » SilverClan » Warrior
→ 37 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ Domestic cat
→ Chocolate-silver spotted tabby
→ 14 lbs & 11 inches tall

Huojin » Male » The Monarchs » Knight
→ 26 moons old [ aged in real time ]
→ Asian Golden Cat
→ 35 lbs & 33 inches tall
→ Used to date Cobra

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Yesterday at 11:13 am
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Black = BB & Bb & Bb1
Chocolate = bb & bb1
Cinnamon = b1b1

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DD = Normal
Dd = Normal carrying dilute
dd = Dilute

Black → Blue
Chocolate → Lilac
Cinnamon → Fawn
Red tabby → Cream tabby

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DmDm = Dilute modifier (caramelized)
Dmdm = Dilute modifier (caramelized) carrying normal
dmdm = Normal

Blue → Caramel
Lilac → Taupe
Fawn → Caramelized fawn
There is no significant difference between fawn and a caramelized fawn.
Cream tabby → Apricot tabby

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Red factor is directly linked to a cat's sex.

XrY = Male red factor
XrXr = Female red factor
XbY = Male black factor
XbXb = Female black factor
XbXr = Female tortie
XbXrY = Male tortie (Klinefelter's Syndrome, can only pass down one X)

Black → Red tabby
Red tabbies are normally genetically solid unless a tabby pattern (mackerel, classic, spotted, etc.) is specifically stated. They also normally mask black unless stated otherwise.

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AA = Agouti (tabby)
Aa = Agouti (tabby) carrying normal
aa = Normal (solid)

Ticked tabby = TaTa & TaT & Tat
Mackerel tabby = TT & Tt
Classic tabby = tt

Mackerel is the most common tabby type.

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SpSp = Spotted
Spsp = Spotted carrying normal
spsp = Normal

OuOu = Outlined
Ouou = Outlined carrying normal
ouou = Normal

Mackerel tabby + spotted → Spotted tabby
Spotting does not affect ticked or classic tabbies.

Mackerel tabby + outlined → Braided tabby
Classic tabby + outlined → Marbled tabby
Outlining does not affect ticked tabbies.

Mackerel tabby + outlined + spotted → Braided spotted tabby
Classic tabby + outlined + spotted → Rosetted tabby

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rr = Roan
Rr & RR = Normal
Roan is most commonly seen in chausies, likely due to the jungle cat lineage.

KK & Kk = Karpati
kk = Normal
Karpatis are born mostly white and develop pigmented hair as they age. Karpatis are co-dominant with points/sepias/minks. They are temperature sensitive like others on the c locus. Karpatis can be like points/sepias/minks, having color only on the coldest parts of their body (nose, tail, paws, etc.). Example. Or Karpatis can be reverse points, having no color on the coldest parts of their body. Example.

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RR = Normal
Rr = Normal carrying russet
rr = Russet
Russet replaces melanin with pheomelanin as the cat ages, making them appear red when they are adults. They will also appear to have a tabby pattern, regardless of their genotype.

EE = Normal
Ee = Normal carrying amber
ee = Amber
Similar to russets, they appear to have a tabby pattern regardless of their genotype, and part of an amber's coat color turns yellow with age. Unlike russet, other genotypes can be displayed in their phenotype (silvers, dilutes, etc.).

AcAc = Normal agouti
AcA = Normal agouti
Aca = Charcoal
Charcoal is very rare, in the sense it has to have one copy of Ac (charcoal gene) and one copy of a (solid). Essentially, charcoal makes their overall coat much darker, but especially their tabby markings.

Rufus is weird, in the sense that it is a series of pluses and minuses. There is 10 overall.
Highest possible rufus: ++++++++++
Balanced rufus: +++++-----
No rufus: ----------
Rufus influences the amount of pheomelanin (red pigment) in a cat. For example, most Abyssinian cats have a rather high degree of rufus, since they are genetically brown ticked tabbies (but have quite a bit of red pigment to them).

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May 22 2018, 09:05 AM
Please let me know which one you like best! <3

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200x250 - No border

200x200 - Semi-transparent border

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200x200 - 1px black border

200x200 - No border

150x200 - Semi-transparent border

150x200 - 1px white border

150x200 - 1px black border

150x200 - No border

150x150 - Semi-transparent border

150x150 - 1px white border

150x150 - 1px black border

150x150 - No border

100x150 - Semi-transparent border

100x150 - 1px white border

100x150 - 1px black border

100x150 - No border

100x100 - Semi-transparent border

100x100 - 1px white border

100x100 - 1px black border

100x100 - No border
May 20 2018, 04:24 PM
I thought this might be cute to put in clan censuses and stuff? Totally free because the lineart isn't mine and I'm,, just coloring it in
Because adult coloring pages aren't good enough

The Form
[b]Fur Length:[/b] Long/medium/short
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Fur Color:[/b]
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