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Aug 28 2017, 06:25 PM
It was still quite early in the morning, and the moor was quiet. Only a light breeze stirred the gorse surrounding the WindClan camp protectively. The air was chillier than it had been the last few weeks, and an overcast sky gave the impression that greenleaf would soon be coming to a close. They would have, perhaps, a few more weeks of warm days. But the nights were steadily growing longer, and colder.

The cool air didn't bother Skycrack as he sat just outside the camp's entrance, gazing across the moor. His long fur was already starting to thicken up, and could warm himself up with a good run if he needed to. But the chilly breeze only promised more change for his struggling Clan. With the sudden change in leadership, the tom couldn't help but wonder how much harder leaf-bare would be this time around.

Not to mention, the change in medicine cats. Skycrack's stomach twisted uncomfortably whenever he thought about it. Palepaw's face swam into his mind, as she had sat stoically while Rowanfall announced that she would be the new medicine cat apprentice. But without Silverseed, they would have to beg one of the other Clans for help with her training... The thought of letting a cat from another Clan train his daughter was not one Skycrack was fond of.

He took a deep breath of the brisk morning air, quieting his thoughts before standing up. As difficult as it was for him to admit, he was worried about Palepaw. The only way he would be able to put his mind at ease would be by talking to her himself. Setting his face to appear neutral, he slipped back into camp and across the clearing to the medicine cat's den.

"Palepaw, are you in there? Are you awake?" he called into the branches of the den. Then he hesitated, unsure of how to get across what he wanted. "I'd like to go for a walk with you." He said finally.

OOC// Can be set before or after she visits the Moonstone, up to you! @mikki @PALEPAW ✿
Aug 15 2017, 12:36 AM
Skycrack's mind was surprisingly calm as he led his patrol out of WindClan's camp. Although the Clan was in turmoil, it helped him to have a job to do. This was what he always tried to do in times of crisis; find something productive that he could do, and do it well. Standing around camp crying and panicking would accomplish nothing, after all.

He stopped just outside of the camp and parted his jaws slightly, drinking in the warm night air. The moors were still, with hardly a breeze stirring the grass. Only the occasional cricket chirp interrupted the silent summer night. A more sentimental cat might have said that the world itself seemed to be mourning Shinystar. But Skycrack was only focused on the job he had to do.

Turning back to the cats who had followed him Skycrack said, "We should start by seeing if we can pick up Silverseed's scent around the camp. Even if it's stale, it could give us a lead." His tone was sharp and businesslike as he addressed the patrol. "If we can't find any clues around camp, we'll have to start searching the territory."

After giving those orders the ginger warrior started to work his way around the camp's edges, searching for a scent or tracks leading away from camp. If Silverseed is out there, I will find her, he promised himself. WindClan will not lose its medicine cat as well.

Anyone else is welcome to join the search! The two I tagged were the ones that were ordered to come along during the meeting.
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