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Oct 5 2017, 02:32 PM
There would be time to grieve before the vigil. Not much, but enough. Hollowfrost was likely with Stonestar, and Cinderpaw had gone off on her own. As much as he'd loathed the idea of leaving the young she-cat alone in her grief, she seemed to shun their attempts to comfort her. She wanted space and however reluctant he might be to give it, she certainly deserved to make that choice.

The guilt felt heavy on his shoulders. Perhaps if he'd been the one to go with Lakepaw that sunhigh,
none of this would have happened. Or maybe he'd have been the one to watch her fall. That thought didn't sit easy with him, though he knew it wouldn't have been the other tom's fault. It was difficult to lose a Clanmate, and to have them slip away in front of you was worse. This would have been far easier to bear if she was the first death in some time and not another casualty to add to their growing list.

Cedarheart swallowed, closing his eyes against the wave of exhaustion that dragged at his shoulders, and kept walking. The river wasn't responsible for Lakepaw's death and more than it was responsible for Pondpaw's. It ebbed and flowed with changing seasons and weather, winding itself through the dykes and grasslands like a glorious silver serpent. But it wasn't alive; it didn't know that the lives it had taken were precious to them. Water gave life. Water took life. He'd come to terms with that a long time ago.

He approached a stream, smooth and gentle compared to the torrents in which Lakepaw had died. It shimmered in the light, diluted as it was behind the clouds. Cedarheart tucked in his tail and sat on the bank to gaze at his reflection.

He didn't look any different than he usually did, though he could tell from the dullness to his eyes and the tension in his jaw that he was stressed. He'd once thought himself handsome. He wasn't as sure,
now. Looking down at the tom in the water, he couldn't see anything to set him apart from his Clanmates, varied as they were and so often marked in spectacular colours or patterns. He didn't even look fierce or noble, as Hollowfrost and Stonestar did. He was supposed to be the deputy of civil affairs for his Clan; a binding force that held his Clanmates together and unite them in their loyalty to each other. He was supposed to protect them. The cat he saw in the water barely looked capable of defending himself.

So many of their cats had died or abandoned their Clan in recent moons. How much of that was his doing? How much of that could have been prevented, if they'd simply had better support? Better protection? How alone did you have to feel before losing your Clan meant nothing to you? How hard would it hurt to feel like no one stood at your back? Doubt lingered in his mind like a poison. He'd been born here. He belonged here. But how long would it be before he, too, lost what little he had left?

He flattened his ears and brushed his paw roughly into the water as if to wipe away his own reflection. He stared at it, bristling with frustration and loss. As the water rippled, the colours shifted.
The rusty cinnamon of his own coat brightened and flecks of green turned to gold. His breathing quickened, head lifting to look around him. He was alone. His coat hadn't changed; and as far as he knew, neither had his eye colour. He tried to calm his racing heart, breathing deeply as he closed his eyes and pushed the hallucination from his mind. When the calm had found him again, he opened his eyes.

He froze, staring down into the lovely golden eyes of a cat lost to the river so many moons ago. And the reflection of that cat smiled back. "Cedarheart," she called him. Her eyes were rich with sympathy and her pelt glimmered like liquid sunlight against the water.

Cedarheart couldn't breathe, his answering reply strangled into a wail of grief and longing.

"I'm here, brother." Her voice was sweet as newleaf blossoms. Willowflight had always been gentle, always supportive. With so many cats new to RiverClan and so many cats gone,
would anyone even know her name? "You're not alone." And Cedarheart dropped shakily to his stomach, paws tucked away from the water's edge for fear that any contact would wash away the shining StarClan warrior who watched from the stream.

"Willowflight," he choked. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry."

"I know, Cedar. I know." Her paw stretched to touch the water's edge, and he he reached back. There was no warmth or pressure to answer his touch. Just the ripple of cool water as it wet his fur. Her reflection moved with the wave, but did not fade. Cedarheart didn't care to know if he was hallucinating anymore. He just lay there, taking solace in his sister's presence the way he hadn't done for moons.
Sep 30 2017, 01:16 PM
Cedarheart stretched his legs and hips, stepping out of the warriors' den and into the misty morning air. The sun was early to rise this morning, but so was he. Pale green eyes gazed out across camp and settled on the apprentice's den nearby. He knew some of his fellow warriors would be up shortly to join him, but perhaps they'd take an apprentice with them as well.

The cinnamon-furred deputy turned to look at the still-drowsy cats behind him and purred a gentle reassurance. "If any of you are feeling energetic this morning, I'm headed out to mark our outer border," he meowed calmly. "We'll take an apprentice or two, and maybe send the rest out to hunt while we have the advantage of morning mist." padding off toward the den of sleeping apprentices. Some of them were sure to be awake by now.

Any cats that stayed back from the morning patrol could be sent on a hunting patrol afterwards. StarClan bless their luck with that; the kill pile was getting a little lower than he'd like for a Clan of hungry felines. Cedarheart ducked a little, poking his face into the apprentice den and calling out a gentle "Good morning," to the apprentices still huddled in their beds of moss. "We'll need a few of you for patrols this morning."

As a few of the cats from each den slunk out to join him, they'd find him sitting neatly next to the kill pile with his tail curled around his paws. Despite the early hour, Cedarheart was alert. He'd slept early to wake for the morning's tasks.

[[ OoC: You don't have to RP the patrols if you don't want to, but I thought it would be a fun way to get characters together who wouldn't normally talk. ]]
Sep 8 2017, 11:18 AM
Cedarheart looked on as the last of the cats from the morning's patrols slipped back into camp. A number of them had returned earlier, and were now finishing breakfast around the edges of camp. Some were sharing tongues with each other, others quietly dozing off in the morning sun. For the cinnamon-furred deputy; however, there was still work to be done.

"Matchapaw," the tom called. His new apprentice was a bright young cat, and hopefully enthusiastic to start work with her new mentor. He'd had to put his duties as deputy before the start of their training together, but with Hollowfrost minding the next patrols he'd have plenty of spare time for the little calico. "I'd like to start our training this morning, if you're finished eating."

He wasn't about to drag her out of camp without some food in her belly. Catching sight of his apprentice, he offered a friendly twitch of his whiskers and tilted his head toward the tunnel out of camp.

[[ OoC: @Matchapaw ]]
Sep 5 2017, 10:12 PM
Information about Cedarheart:

Deputy of Civil Affairs of RiverClan
37 Moons old
Cinnamon-coloured fur, short-mid-length (particularly around the neck and tail).

- - - - -


Cedarheart is happy to be friends with the majority of RiverClan, if I'm honest.

He'll get along with most cats on the good-neutral end of the morality spectrum, including cats that tend to be a little salty or sour (coughOceantidescough). He won't get on so well with nastier cats, but if they're decent actors he might get along at a surface level. He's a very supportive friend and tends to be pretty easy-going. His Clan is his family.

He has no issues with cats that aren't domestic species, treating them as fellow Clanmates, but might have some initial reservations about dogs/foxes/other animals. He's not the sort to be rude, though, so I imagine he'd eventually make friends with even a dog if they proved pleasant company.

- - - - -


Also looking for a mate for Cedarheart! He's interested in female cats and I'd prefer it if they eventually had kittens together. He'd be a gentle, affectionate mate and devoted to his little family. He's not much of a drama queen so he'd be a very stable, responsible sort of mate and father.
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