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Jun 14 2018, 09:04 AM
Cedarheart had never felt so tired. Not even when Willowflight had died had the exhaustion of grief sunk so deep in his body. His chest might have hurt. His heart had certainly pained. But he'd been able to grieve for a time and busy himself in duty.

He didn't think he could do that anymore. It felt like his paws were full of lead, dragging so heavily at his shoulders that it felt hard to breathe. It wasn't age- not yet, at least. His heart constricted in fear for the reminder that when he died he'd die without her. They were supposed to grow old together.

He'd come straight from his nest, struggling to sleep in what remained of her distant scent. His Clanmates had offered him space, at least for the most part, but in the absence of both it felt like he was starved for touch.

Burnout hadn't gone far, evidently. He didn't register the time of day or what the white serval might else be engaged with; he just put one paw before the other. Cedarheart's head and tail hung low as the cinnamon tom closed in on his brother. He bumped his head roughly to the serval's ribs, and down he slumped against Burnout's side. Eyes half-closed, he tucked his paws beneath him.
Jun 12 2018, 05:49 PM
Cedarheart had woken early, the cool air of the night somehow colder than normal. He'd expected to find perhaps his mate gone for a walk or a hunt, the space beside him cold and empty. He hadn't expected to still find her there. She didn't exude the warmth he was used to. She didn't lift her head as he startled awake, or continue to breathe peacefully where they coiled together.

He hadn't expected to find her body and spirit in separate places.

Her eyes watched him in the stark silence of their den- both of them, luminous and healthy and beautiful in the dark of night. She'd always been breathtaking, but tonight she lay beside him with the stars in her fur, and the waiting form of Willowflight beside them. His mate and sister were curled about him, but no warmth seemed to flow from their pelts against his.

He felt as if his heart were wrenched in two. One half belonged to his family; to the mate and sister he'd loved since the start. To the siblings he'd earned through trial of hardship and fire, and lost again to the same. The other belonged where he laid. He couldn't follow them.

Wildeye's face pressed tenderly against his throat. Like a cool breeze against his fur, she no longer felt like the cat he had loved. He couldn't feel her touch or rejoice in the warmth of his mate beside him. Her whispered comforts felt hollow. She didn't want to go anymore than he wanted to say goodbye. She hadn't been offered the choice. Somehow, through some impossibility of fate, Wildeye had simply died in her sleep. His bright, vibrant-eyed mate was gone.

The deputy keened in grief, taking no care for the hour of night or the cats around him. His broken wail called for his loved ones to return, and the fading cats of StarClan could no longer answer.
May 14 2018, 07:39 PM
Cedarheart stalked the last distance to the Thunderpath, hesitantly creeping up onto the gravel beside it with his ears pricked and tail low. He was attentive, heart beating loudly as he waited for the inevitable sound of monsters passing through. None came. He waited still, and when the silence continued to ring he would wave his tail high in a gesture to follow.

@Daisyfall and @falconstrike were still on his heels, but their pace had slowed greatly since the initial run to ThunderClan's nearer border. The journey through the woods had tired Daisyfall, and the deputy stayed close to both toms as he would lead his patrol across the Thunderpath to wait in the grass beyond it. ShadowClan's border with ThunderClan was here, and they would have to respect it. ShadowClan's leader and warriors were proud as RiverClan's themselves, perhaps more so, and Cedarheart couldn't risk an offense for the sake of a message.

He parted his jaws, searching for the scent of a nearby cat. "We have news from RiverClan!" he called into the underbrush, hoping to hear an answer back. "Are there warriors near to accept it?"
May 10 2018, 09:10 AM
Cedarheart patrolled in the quiet of evening, the sun still high enough above the horizon to cast long shadows over sand and soil. The somali tom padded between the reeds, knowing that his Clanmates would not be far. It felt silly to walk on the borders of a hunting patrol, but following along behind their hunters seemed to give some security.

He moved from the grass, his paws carrying him down the banks to stand at the river's edge. Sunningrocks was upstream of here, breaking the flow of the river and turning the torrent to gentle shallows where sand had settled on the bottom.

Cedarheart waded into the water, feeling the cool against his legs and paws as he bent to drink from deeper water then the edge. A sound from downstream gave him pause, and slowly he straightened again. Water dripped from his muzzle as pale green eyes sought out the source of the noise.

May 8 2018, 12:12 PM
Cedarheart moved easily into the shallows on ThunderClan's side of the river, the brief swim doing little to slow him down in his determination to carry the message across borders. Hollowstar had given the order to send word to Silverstar and Ravenstar about Whisperingwind's murder and the influence of Six on their Clan. With any luck, they could be there and back before the tom in question slipped back behind them to act again.

The cinnamon somali glanced back at both the warriors on his heels. He'd chosen Falconstrike and Daisyfall to follow him. Daisyfall for his negotiation skills; the kind-hearted tom was rarely if ever confrontational, even with cats outside their Clan. Falconstrike was too headstrong for that role, but he was fast and strong. If they ran into trouble on the way, he wanted a warrior beside him that would hold his own enough to ensure Daisyfall at least got a head start.

Wildeye would have been his first choice, had she not been the obvious choice to keep with Burnout back at camp. His mate was the perfect balance between the two warriors behind him.

The RiverClan deputy perched on the edge of ThunderClan territory, standing at the top of the riverbank with perked ears and tail high as he tried to catch the scent of a nearby patrol. He wasn't so bold as to go running across their territory unannounced, at least not if he could help it. "I bring news from RiverClan!" he called into the trees, her lurching as his voice went briefly unanswered.

@falconstrike and @Daisyfall
@Silverstar or @Dusty
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