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Sep 7 2017, 02:31 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">
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<div class="mikkipost">predawn light flickered through the leaves overhead, just barely illuminating the camp. southskies crouched beside the freshkill pile, slowly devouring a mouse. her green eyes,
bright and alert despite the early hour, roamed the camp while she ate. the newborn morning was still too early for most of the clan to be awake, but southskies had always risen before the birds. habit instilled in her by foxscar, but it wasn't just due to her father's influence. there was something about being awake before everyone else that appealed to the young warrior. by the time her denmates stumbled out of the den, eyes bleary and steps clumsy with drowsiness, southskies had already begun her day.
"it's getting colder.." southskies suppressed a shiver of dread as a chilling wind swept down from the trees, ruffling her short fur. high overhead, even through the milky predawn light, southskies could see the tinge of yellow that signaled the changing of the season. her memories of leafbare were vague at best; she could faintly remember tumbling about in snow as high as her head, but more than that she remembered the biting cold.
the thought was quickly pushed from the warrior's mind. her meal finished and fur given a cursory cleaning, southskies' attention was drawn toward the warriors den. she cocked her head, ears straining forward, to listen for the telltale sound of voices or movement. would she have to get jack up, or would he be awake? it probably wasn't fair to force the tom-cat into an early morning patrol the day after coming to the clan, but coalstep had tasked her with showing him the ropes - that meant doing things her way.
shoving herself to her paws, southskies trotted to the entrance of the den and squinted into the darkness. "jack?" she whisper-called. "get up."</div>[/dohtml]
Sep 2 2017, 08:59 PM
[dohtml]<div style="width: 450px; text-align:justify; font-size: 12px;">southskies felt the restlessness like a persistent itch, just close enough to almost scratch but ultimately beyond her reach. the young tabby had just returned from a patrol, managed to settle down and scarf a few bites of freshkill into her mouth, before the unsettling energy sent her scrambling back onto her paws. southskies didn't know what was making her so tense. it was quiet in camp today; relaxed and peaceful, feeling for all the world like nothing could ever be wrong. but maybe that was it. even the trees were still, the branches quiet in a held-breath kind of way that made southskies pause, cock her head to listen.
she knew it was because thunderclan had gone through so much tragedy lately. to have a good
day was like inciting the bad to slither back, as though they beckoned for its return with a hither to gesture. come back to us the forest seemed to scream, everything is going so well for them,
lets fuck it up all over again!

the warrior knew she probably looked half-mad by the way she hared across camp to stick her head into the warriors den, but southskies needed to do something - anything - before she actually went crazy with the disquiet. "hey, i need some volunteers for a patrol." </div>[/dohtml]
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