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Aug 28 2017, 08:31 PM
What Sugar lacked from a young age, they made up with in observation. While not the brightest bulb on the bush, Sugar was good at watching. They watched everything. They loved to simply observe the world around them and put all the pieces together on how things around them worked. And... something wasn't falling together in their dad. Something was... wrong to say the least.

The kit padded up to the male cat, tilting their head. He was a strange mix of calm and loving yet... He was strangely dark and threatening when Buck came to their borders. It was... concerning. They raised a brow, almost asking if the older was okay.
Aug 28 2017, 07:57 PM
Sugar was a forgiving creature. They did not like to dwell on the past and instead preferred to move forwards with the best possible mindset. Despite this... they still felt nervous approaching Owlpaw. The female had a bit of a ... violent streak. It scared them to be honest. Though, they would not go back on their philosophy. There was good in everyone and everything. No matter how big or small. Nothing was truly evil, right?

The small munchkin cat took a deep breath, lifting a small bouquet of flowers into their mouth as they padded over to Owlpaw. Hopefully this will be a good appology gift. Despite... the fact Owlpaw was the only that attacked that poor loner but... hey it was all in perspective, right? Owlpaw probably felt attacked or threatened from a stranger being in her home. When you said it like that, it could be quite scary.

Sugar padded up to the apprentice, offering a small smile as they dropped the flowers in front of the older. They hoped she would not be too mad. Sugar didn't want to make any enemies, especially this young.
Aug 9 2017, 09:32 PM
♥ --sugar - kit - shadowclan - honey covered jelly beans -- !

Sugar had to admit, it was odd being this far from home. A little scary even. Where were they? Why were they taken away from their mama? Away from the big giant houses and warm dens. Sugar was not one to complain, though. In fact, the little white munchkin kit was reacting pretty well to being taken to Shadowclan camp. Their bright blue eyes were observing anything they could view. Their paws were touching anything they could reach. This place had dirt! And bugs! And dust and twigs! It was so... muddy and gross! What a neat change of scenery.

Sugar was not exactly sure what they were supposed to be doing here. The big black cat that brought them here didn't seem to be around, so, per usual, Sugar stayed quiet. There was no need to talk in a time like this. Or... any other time, to be fair. Words were a treasure, they should be saved for when needed. The kitten sat down, confused on what to do in the clan's camp. They didn't know anyone here. Or what anyone was doing. They had to admit, they were a little afra- Oh! Were those flowers? Sugar scrambled back up to their feet, running over to the bush that they rammed themselves into face first. They told hold of a pawful of flowers, tugging and pulling until they gave loose. Sugar ran out of the bush, catching sight of [the next player to post]. They rushed over and offered the flower up to [pronouns]. If they were staying here, they might as well make a good name for themselves.

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