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Aug 12 2017, 08:15 PM
[ OOC: *takes SWTOR Sith lore/plots, modifies to Cat RP* YOLO! - aha, Imperius is literally my Sith inquisitor |D feel free to have had your characters follow him their and back if you wish! But man is this long, please tell me if you found the read any good! I spent so long on this |D ]

Imperius stood at the border, a glance over his shoulder showed he had not been followed - he had sought out the high positions to tell them he needed to briefly leave but it seemed he could not find them currently, likely they were busy dealing with the fallout of the recent attack - and the kit kidnapped.

Imperius resigned himself to the fact that no matter how brief his leave he would undoubtedly he questioned when he came back - sensible really, but it could have been avoided. The lithe cat rolled his shoulders, the newly adorned black collar shifting at the movement, before the Tom placed a paw over the border - and then began his long trek.

When he had acquired his new collar, he'd already known what would be the first things to adorn it - and he knew it would have to be soon, lest the past bother him for longer than was needed in his new life.

He could still remember it clearly now, the smoke and fire that engulfed his old home - the choking smog and the burning torches carried in the jaws of their leader's most faithful servants, the dread masters they were called - masters of causing fear, they had been legendary in their corner of the world.

Had been anyway - until himself, a newly titled Darth of the council of their 'empire' and Darth Marr had gathered those that would fight to them and took down the dread masters.

They had lost many that night.

And only to learn that a far greater threat lay behind the dread masters. For the unthinkable it seemed, their own leader had turned against them, their beloved 'emperor' in his madness believed that in sacrificing them all, he would gain immortality - possibly in some twisted mockery of the supposed nine lives a clan of stars bestowed upon a leader.

Imperius stopped, his paws ached from the long journey - but he was here, he'd found the abandoned ruins of this old city - their old city.

Head lowered, Imperius pressed onwards, heading towards the central point in this dead land - unbidden, the ghosts of the past closed in and Imperius drowned in the memories.

the smoke was choking and thick, the fire consumed everything around him, grimacing the lithe Tom glanced around, many of his fellow Sith had fallen already - their broken bodies littered the area, most had died alongside their opponents and as the fire closed in - the stink of burning flesh became overpowering.

from somewhere ahead there came a bellowing roar "IMPERIUS!" the lithe cat's head turned towards the direction as another bellow rang out "IMPERIUS! TO THE TOWER!" Imperius coughed as he raised his voice to answer "I WILL MEET YOU THERE MARR!" that said the ginger-black cat began running ahead toward the aforementioned tower - weaving through the debris and the fire, dodging when a beam from above came crashing down and nearly ended him there.

Coughing, the cat reached the steps of the tower's structure, looking up his gaze narrowed but his ears twitched backwards and he turned as a large familiar form approached.

Marr - Darth Marr - wasn't a cat like most of them, but rather a huge black dog that towered over him and his body was littered with scars both old and new, his claws stained red-black from dried blood - a statement to his enemies, as he would say - and shining in the fire light.

The cat inclined his head in greeting as the canine drew up next to him, both were facing the dark doors of the tower - behind them the fire crackled and spat, the echoes of fighting cats a dull din in the distance.

"are you ready Imperius?" the raspy snarling voice of his comrade rumbled and the cat nodded his ascent, his tone clipped as he spoke "if we are to die today, I will die fighting and not on my knees" and lord willing they would take the 'emperor' with them.

"indeed" and together they advanced into the darkness of the tower.

He was before that tower now, the ruins around him were burnt black, ash settled on the ground and the air was still - no birds sang here in this dead city and nothing living dared venture.

He was the sole figure here.

Imperius closed his eyes and inhaled, tasting the dead on the air - briefly he thought he could smell the smoke again, feel the crackling of flames licking at his whiskers and hear the echoes of screaming.

But his eyes opened again and the illusion vanished from his mind, but here the memories were choking - here standing before the open doors of the tower and the deep darkness beyond the entryway.

Imperius vanished into the dark depths within.

the tower was a long climb, it's halls and stairs dark and foreboding - it was here the dark council gathered whilst levels above them in sat the emperor overseeing them all, the cat that had proven his strength time and again - who had risen to lead them all.

The mad man that had killed them all.

Or had tried at least.

His most loyal were dead and those Knights still loyal to him were occupied fighting his and marr's followers - those that had volunteered to serve and die fighting the mad ruler's loyalists to give them a chance to end the threat at the source.

And now they were here, right at the beast's door.

The climb was slow and tedious without the adrenaline of a live or die situation - the stairs were dusty and covered lightly in ash.

The tower had been the last thing to go up in flames after all.

The door stood before him again, with all its intricate detailing of beasts of myth and fantasy - the door stood open, one hanging from its frame as time and gravity must have weathered away at one of the hinges.

Stepping inside, memories assaulted him yet again for the final time.

"MARR! Imperius cried - The fight was going badly, both of them were exhausted and their illustrious leader didn't seem to be tiring if the constant mocking commentary throughout the battle was anything to go by.

And now the huge enemy canine had grabbed Marr and flung him against the nearest stone pillar - with a crack that Imperius fervently hoped had been the pillar.

But if Marr's still form was anything to go by...

His golden eyes shut briefly and he looked away - there was a possibility that he was just unconscious, but Imperius couldn't spare any thoughts on that now, not while his enemy was still alive and breathing.

But Marr's last attack had broken their opponent's cool countenance - and Imperius saw opportunity.

This could still be a victory.

A mocking laugh as he neared and Imperius tensed as he neared - his golden gaze moved to something he'd noticed earlier, a broken steel pipe near a pillar, he couldn't grasp it obviously but if he managed to angle it right....

Dodging the lunge, Imperius rolled away from the large canine - running for the pillar now with the mad leader on his heels, Imperius closed the gap.

Diving down the cat grabbed the thin broken pipe in his jaws, he turned and feel back against the pillar using it as support - just as the canine lunged!

Imperius, the pipe gripped between his teeth, raised it.

The momentum of the mad canines lunge did the rest.

The impact jarred his teeth around the pipe and the jaws of this ferocious canine snapped in his face as the pipe sunk into the body of the thrashing canine but he held fast.

And eventually the thrashing weakened until the mad leader slumped over the pipe breathing shallowly, Imperius could taste the blood running down the pipe mingling with the cold metallic taste of the pipe, but he refused to relinquish his grip while the beast still breathed.

The mad canine laughed, the sound wet and pained as he spoke "this will not be my end - I will return" Imperius snarled at him, finally relinquishing his grip and as the body fell he spat "you are done, Vitiate" and may the rats feast on your eyes, he didn't say.

His gaze turned back to where his fallen comrade lay still - and Imperius approached the fallen canine.

Despite his hopes, Marr was dead.

Imperius did not have the time to lay to rest the dead - the fire was approaching the tower and if there was one thing he could do to honor all they had fought for it would be to live.

Live and carry their memory with them.

Their clan was violent, they touted a code of violence, they were Sith and let any who hear them tremble - and now they were gone.

His paws carried him out of the tower, out of the burning city and away from the dead carried forms of those he had called comrades.

The room was dusty and lit only by two thin Windows - from which cast thin Ray's of light.

The fire had not reached here, but the bodies had long since rotted away or were picked clean by whatever scavengers had bravely entered the dead city.

They still lay where they had died.

His claws clicked along the cracked ageing tiles as he approached the skeletal form of the monster that had destroyed them - it was a hollow victory to know they had killed him in the end, but a victory nonetheless.

The scar the ran the from the bottom of his chin down along his neck and chest to fade away along his rib cage throbbed in reminder - that scar had nearly been his end, but here he stood, alive.

He spat at the skeletal remains, nose wrinkled in disgust before he bent and tore away a tooth - shifting to angle the still sharp bone as it pierced the black leather of his new collar.

When it was placed firmly, the cat turned away, he would carry this trophy with him - proof that no one was all powerful, even those seen as gods could be brought low.

He'd die someday, that was a fact he'd long accepted - whether age did him in or an enemy, death would lurk in his shadow as it did every living thing.

Golden eyes found the second reason he had come here - silently Imperius padded to the remains of his fallen brother in arms, he and Marr had often been of the same like mind among the council of the now dead empire.

Unlike most of the bloodthirsty violent Sith, they were both pragmatists and both knew when violence would be needed and when mercy meted out a better solution - but both were still strict believers in the code and in the empire.

In a way Imperius was glad Marr did not live past its destruction - the Lithe cat knew how the old Canine had lived and breathed for the empire, how much work he'd put into it .

All of it ash now.

Only dust and echoes remained.

Imperius' gaze moved toward the claws - still tinged that rustic blood red - he bent to take one and inserted it into his collar, as he rose to leave this accursed place he held a moments vigil, murmured a faint promise.

"you will not be forgotten"

So long as he lived and existed, they would never truly be dead - he was BloodClan now and his loyalty was theirs now,

But always would he be Sith.

With a nod to silent ghosts, Imperius walked out of that room, out of that tower and out of the dead city where ash still choked the ground and the screams still echoed in the air.

It was sundown when a silent Imperius stepped back across the BloodClan border, carrying with him a trophy of a hollow victory and the memory of a dead people.
Aug 12 2017, 06:16 PM
He'd been stalking this one for awhile now, from how he'd brazenly strode into their territory to how he'd played at being a hunter - amazing that he actually caught something, a fact that angered Imperius to even greater lengths - food was hard to come by here and this pampered kittypet playing at being a true cat was about to eat food that wasn't his.

Imperius pounced, bowling the larger cat over before he'd even realised what was happening - and just as abruptly it was over, a swipe to the neck and the kittypet gained a new red smile below his chin.

cold Golden eyes watched the gasping dying [i]thing[/b] before him, the eyes of the kittypet dilated and staring at him as he died, accusing - the ginger-black Tom simply smirked before moving to unfasten the collar and affix the black leather around his throat.

Hm, idly he wondered what to do with the body - maybe string it up on the border as a warning? Well whatever happened to it, his goal was completed - his collar obtained.

And yet,

There was something he needed to do now that he had the collar - but that could wait until tomorrow, no need to alarm his new clanmates by leaving abruptly when his patrol would likely be coming up.

[ OOC: collar is black fo sure, also this thread kinda leads into the second thread I'll be posting up in a bit c; ]
Aug 10 2017, 07:53 AM
generally down for anything, except Death - romances and litters I'm gonna be strict on.

but post suggestions for plots below and we'll see! c:
Aug 8 2017, 05:45 PM
a solitary figure slipped through the shadows of the city, what little sunlight filtered down into the area caught on fibres of ginger fur as the lithe feline continued to make his way silently onward. A narrow framed face rose as he stopped to scent the air, strange marked scars trailing across the cheeks of the feline were briefly highlighted in the light.

hm, seemed he was getting close to the border, if the scents of many cats were any indication, all carrying a familiar scent amongst them, seems he'd found BloodClan at last.

Golden eyes narrowed and twin pairs of scarred ears flicked as the tom settled back on his haunches, claws clicking as he sat, tails curling around his forepaws - wouldn't do to irritate his future clanmates if he were to deliberately trespass after all.

hm, a clan was a novel thought - he'd been a part of a roving gang of strays before but they'd never called themselves a clan, the label seemed a foreign concept - seemed more suited to the wild cats in their forests than any street gang - but pot, kettle and all that, in the end the concept was the same no matter what label you slapped on it.

it was times like this he missed having his old cohorts around, for all that they had been polarising opposites among each other, they had been an efficient force in their old group - and boredom was few and far between with that lot around - even if they had driven him to his wits end more than once, the scarred muzzle briefly twitched into a small smile before the ever present frown returned.

dwelling on the past would do him no good here, he couldn't change the past after all.

//OOC: no need to match this, I just kinda rambled ^^ forgive me if it's not great, I haven't RPed anything in years.
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