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Aug 12 2017, 07:52 AM
[ OOC: at this rate every title is gonna be HALO reference |D but hey the soundtrack has some creative names. ]

the dappled early morning sunlight through the leaves above let little light touch the forest, leaving the forest floor in a strange half light as the sun began it's morning trek across the sky.

what little light there was caught and shifted across the deep brown-black of the cat moving through the underbrush below, the large muscular figure moving silent and stealthy through the leaves - piercing blue eyes watching for anything amiss.

Spartan was completing a routine circuit of the territory - both inside and along the borders, one couldn't be too careful after all what with the recent attacks by other wild animals - his own with the dog - and Spartan took his new duties seriously, if this was to be his home, he would see it well protected.

the routine circuit also had the benefit of familiarising him with his new home and all it's hidden nooks and crannies - it was best to know the layout of the land, it gave you the home advantage when an attack inevitably came.

though he had yet to fully know all the names and faces around him, this he could at least do.
Aug 10 2017, 07:51 AM
generally up for anything except death, post suggestions and we'll see! c:
Aug 9 2017, 04:31 PM
The area was quiet and still, early morning light caught the green leaves as the sun began to rise on the quiet scene - but a raucous cacophony of noise interrupted the idyllic scene, a black-grey blur burst through the underbrush, followed swiftly by a much larger and much more furious beast.

claws tore through the soft grass as the large cat ran onward, golden eyes determined and ears craned forward, faintly he could hear the running water ahead, chancing a glance over his bleeding shoulder, the cat narrowed his eyes - the dog was still chasing him even now.

breaking through the underbrush and skidding to a halt, the maine coon found himself overlooking a sharp drop into water - mouth twitching downward into a frown, the muscled feline turned to face the beast, grim determination in the set of his jaw as the dog crashed through the brush.

Spartan growled, fur rising as the dog closed the gap, but still he remained standing in place - Spartan tensed and...NOW! the maine coon pivoted to the side as the dog came a whisker away from bowling into him, the larger beast's momentum carrying it over the edge but not before it grabbed the cat's leg and near pulled him over the side!

Spartan swiped and caught it's eye, the dog releasing his leg when it howled in pain and fell - wincing, the maine coon's claws were gripped tight to the edges of the cliff and with one mighty heave, the dark cat lifted himself up, near falling over from exhaustion.

he limped away from the cliff edge, his leg bleeding sluggishly in tandem with his shoulder and torn ear - thankfully it didn't seem broken, but it ached something fierce from the brief pull gravity had had on it.

the large tom lay down on the grass - with luck the rocks below that fall would have killed the mutt if it didn't drown. Golden eyes closed as the cat panted lightly, barrel chest heaving with the effort - a quick glance around and Spartan realised he was horribly lost, choosing to run into the woods hadn't lost the mutt like he'd hoped when he'd first chosen to run in here - but now it seems he had no idea where he was himself.

//OOC: hello! hope you don't mind the rambly-road this went, i just fancied writing an action scene as a start to him joining you lovely folks? cx an excuse to brush up on writing them too i guess aha. also Spartan here is a huge strong fluffy guy, so i guess perfect warrior material? |D
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