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Aug 13 2017, 08:09 AM
strange abberration of nature he might be but they'd made a solid choice in putting him on guard duty - after all, with an extra set of eyes, he could see and watch for far more not too mention hear in a wider range with a second pair of ears - and an extra mouth meant his alert would be twice as loud to rouse the others.

these things were an asset yes but they didn't ease his new clanmates any - considering his general appearance and countenance that was hardly their fault but BlackTide remembered every reaction he garnered.

some might say that was a terrifying prospect to think of - for what would they be remembered for? and would that spare them if this strange tom proved untoward.

the twin cold green gaze of BlackTide had never revealed those answers - and never would.

not until it was far too late.

as it was the strange creature was sat stock still watching, unblinking into the night air as he served out his term as guard duty - a thought of who was sitting guard duty tonight might make the others feel less safe in their beds but few voiced that concern, too exhausted after recent battles.

and still the chimaera watched on.

@Morpheus @Eldritch
Aug 10 2017, 07:48 AM
He's generally up for pretty much anything, post a suggestion below and I'll see if he can c;
Aug 10 2017, 07:46 AM
Twin tongue's lolled out of two open mouths as the dark cat yawned in the dim light, twin pairs of green eyes flicked around the area as the strange creature padded along the border of the clan cats - Riverclan if his information proved true and intel was something he specialised in.

the mottled black cat shifted on his paws, stepping closer to the border, the action dragging begetting a slight swish sound as one of his extraneous limbs dragged along the ground - the tom debated whether to just deliberately trespass, he could always feign innocence, but no, patience was something he had in abundance - and while deliberately aggravating his potential future clan mates might reveal more insights in whoever showed up than simple politeness, it would ultimately be futile in the long run.

Blacktide hummed quietly to himself, the strange effect of a duo tone hum as both maws worked in tandem slightly eerie. The dark tom's twin tails twined around his forelimbs - extra and otherwise - as he sat to wait out whomever might approach.

//OOC: sup riverclan, I bring my body horror boy to your borders :D (his full list of mutations is in his bio for those curious, i'll eventually have art to represent him but a placeholder avatar is here for now)
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