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Aug 10 2017, 06:47 PM
Bella could hear leaves crunch behind her as her pursuer gave a burst of speed. She tried to quicken too, but her legs were so tired!
" Leave me alone, you big brute!" She yowled as they broke into a pine forest, needles flying as she raced on them.

It was catching up! Bella could practically feel the thing's hot breath on her heels now! If I could just get up one of these... She didn't have much time to think, so she launched herself at the nearest tree right as the creature's jaws snapped empty air.

She sunk her claws in immiedately and scambled up the tree by instinct. She had never climbed a tree before - how exciting! She pulled herself onto a branch and balanced her weight. Why, this is an awful lot like climbing up my cat stand back home, splendid! She thought, purring internally.

She focused her blue gaze at the dog that was jumping at the base of the pine tree. It was actually quite small, not all that much bigger than a cat. Now it was yipping nonstop.

"Now, Now. Shoo! Go home to your housefolk!" She ordered sternly.

She felt a prick of frustration as the dog just continued to bark and hop at the base of the tree.

" I said leave!" Bella hissed. Sure, climbing had been fun, but she didn't want to be in this tree all day!

The little dog just gave her a growl and kept on with his foolish behavior.

Bella frowned. What if she missed dinner just because she we stuck up here?
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