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Dec 22 2017, 05:13 PM
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if there was ever someone that was actually a wreck it was telegraphavenue. the brown tabby and white tom was literally a hot mess and it was obvious by the unkempt state of his fur as he jerked awake. in his dreams, he was better-- more stable, but awake, he might as have been an empty head attached to a flailing body most of the time.

<p>he babbled to himself as he sat up, remembering the dream. it was recurring, as most signs tended to be, and it always involved the same thing. him counting out seeds. they were of a nondescript type, but looking at them made him pause, something niggling at the back of his mind like there was something on the tip of his tongue that he was forgetting.

<p>maybe they needed more herbs? that wouldn't have made sense considering it was was nearly the dead of winter and most of the things he usually collected were dead. seeds... mm, this right here was why he needed an apprentice. i mean, honestly? he was terrible at this whole sign reading thing. well, really he was terrible at a lot unless it involved sleeping or trying to offer advice. maybe if he just--wait.

<p>seeds? seedkit.

<p>holy heck why hadn't he seen it before? starclan forgive him, he was an idiot. and he needed to call the clan together. why couldn't he just,,, tell seedkit and be done with it, honestly? but no, clan custom involved announcing it to everyone within earshot. telly gave a nervous flick of his tail and huffed, before he breathed in, "th-thunderclan! i, uh, have an announcement to make! starclan has answered my prayers for an apprentice and so they, and i, have chosen seedkit--er, seedpaw if she accepts."

<p>green eyes roved the slowly gathering crowd in hopes of greeting his new apprentice. he hoped that she was alright with being his apprentice. his chest caught, what would starclan do if she didn't accept? what if she hated him? what if they hated him?

<p>he imagined the starry ancestors frowning down at him, their eyes unforgiving, we gave you one task, telegraphavenue? and you can't even do that. literally kicking you out like right now. although maybe they'd sound a bit more dignified cuz you know they were ancestors...still, he waited anxiously, tail swishing.
Nov 28 2017, 04:17 PM
telegraphavenue... what a strange name. the tom was still getting used to responding to it. too used to oak or oakland. he was getting used to a lot lately, like not having to avoid no-furs and the monarchs and the business. he was still getting used to sleeping through the night. still getting used to all of it, but at least he had his first patient and she was recovering, it seemed. he was sitting in his den as always, keeping half an eye on her and half on eye on his work at sorting herbs, ears open and ready to listen if she wanted to talk.
Nov 23 2017, 10:04 PM
telegraphavenue had never been the most social cat around, but as thunderclan's current medicine cat, he was doing his best to be present and social. it was harder than he expected to turn his love of caring into caring for others, but he was rather good at. he'd thoroughly fleshed out thunderclan's herb store and was ready now to hold a bit of a herb training session, so that if something did happen to him before he had a chance to pick an apprentice, then they'd at least have the basic knowledge to heal whoever it was until they found another medicine cat.

speaking of picking an apprentice, of which telly wasn't sure he was more than himself, he figured that this little session could be used to help him determine which cats were at least the prospects. it'd still be a while yet, before he picked but yes. he gathered up his store and padded towards the center of camp, raising his head to call out. "hey everyone! i've been thinking that as a clan, we could probably use some herb training and a basic understanding of how to treat wounds and what not. so if any of you are interested, please come over right now."

the brown tabby sank back then, hoping that somebody'd show up. starclan knew it'd be awkward if no one did.
Nov 23 2017, 06:56 PM
they had finally made it to somewhere safe.

they had finally made it home. home. it had only been a few days but thunderclan was quickly starting become the place he associated with that word. his sleep was no better, full of ominous warnings and whispered words that he was still somewhat unable to make sense of, and he felt uneasy and uncomfortable still around so many other cats, but he'd taken the two-part name and he was doing all he could to prove himself a good medicine cat. he'd been replenishing his stores and hoping that his starry mentor might appear again, but nope.

diesel had taken on a new name too, deadeye. telly couldn't say he adored it and to him, his friend was diesel, but that was what they called him. at least they technically had a den to themselves. it was for his patients as well, but until he had enough that they ran the other tabby out of the den, oak was keeping him in there. both to keep an eye on him as a doctor to patient and for the complicated mess of feelings, he'd yet to confess.

the brown tabby tom raised his head with a sleepy yawn. it was early morning, the sun not yet out, but the tom was wide awake and with no intent of going back to sleep. "diesel?" he whispered around the den, "er do you have a moment?" he hoped he wasn't waking the other tom up, but he wanted to talk-- about their journey, about how the other was holding up, about them.
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