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Yesterday at 06:09 pm
Walnutpaw was alone again.

She'd moved her stuff into the apprentice den, and only stopped to visit with Middy from time to time, chatting with Lightpaw when she could but otherwise focusing on her training. Firestar didn't need to push her too hard for her to double down on her efforts, determined and desperate to prove herself not only to him but partially to herself. Besides, despite her kindness and her love of introspection, without someone else as a reference point, she sometimes forgot her limitations and focused heavily on her goals and desires.

Right now, that meant that she was moving slowly but purposefully, trying to find prey. She'd move quietly as she could, but her uneven gait and the way her hearing was beginning to go left her disadvantaged. Still, she paused on the edge of the territory, sniffing the air... and scenting something vaguely familiar but alarming. Strange in a way that set her on edge. Her fur stood on end, and she scanned the surrounding territory, heart pounding.

"Hello? Who's there? Hey!"
Nov 27 2017, 09:58 PM
Sometimes, Wally wished to be normal. Wished her legs moved without repeating circles in her hips and the dull ache of joints that were supposed to not ache for years to come. But she did her best with what she had, and she wanted it to be enough. But that meant she worked for things -- she wanted to be strong, so she worked at it. Stretched out injuries, did light exercise whenever she could, even if she wasn't feeling phenomenal. That's partly why she was out and about today -- not far enough from camp that she couldn't hear the normal background noise of clanmates, but at the distance where she wasn't going to be immediately found out by people. Some quiet time would be good, some personal development.

And if she was picking up some useful cobwebs while she was out on her walk, that could only help, right?

Nov 22 2017, 10:31 PM
The day was starting off well. The sun rose, and Wally was awake to watch it, sitting in camp and stretching to try and work out what soreness lived in her bones. She was actually breathing much easier, and she was ready to get back out and... well, she wasn't sure. She was really quite worried about her assessment, seeing as she was nearly old enough to have one and she had never actually... learned to hunt. Or fight. After Winter gave her a collection of deputies (to learn lore, herbs, clan politics, and so on), he'd assigned her to himself, and now that he was gone she was a little... stuck. She didn't want to dwell on the bad stuff -- her brother's disappearance, her adopted father's journey that had taken him farther away... so she certainly had to find something to do. But... what?

And that's how Wally found herself patching up the side of the nursery to be a little thicker for the winter, not working very quickly, but doing her best not to wear herself out before noon while still getting something done! She hummed here and there, smiling as she poured herself into the task she'd chosen for herself.
Oct 17 2017, 09:07 PM
Well, she'd been more or less unconscious for the last few days, slipping in and out. She'd cry mostly when any amount of consciousness returned, then would be out again. Finally, Wally was waking up entirely, coming to with a groan that was muffled both by the nest and her reluctance to make enough noise to disturb her - ow - ribs. She vaguely remembered walking outside to get something then...

Oh boy. She fainted again, didn't she?

The apprentice groaned again and moved to try and get up, wincing at her sides. Yikes. Even with wrappings around her chest, and the smell of herbs on her breath, she felt a little like someone had barrelled her over with a large tree.

"Ouch ouch ouch."

She whispered, trying to find a way to get more comfortable and she moved around.
Oct 6 2017, 02:12 AM
Wally was doing well! Despite emotional stress and a lack of consistent sleep, she was still chipper and position, and she was enjoying getting to know her clanmates better and hopefully... well, she supposed she didn't have a mentor anymore. Or... a dad? Well, that was depressing when you looked at it that way, but she liked to put a positive spin rather than dwell on things! So she liked to say that soon, she would be learning from another's experience! She had had multiple mentors before, and maybe it was unstable, but it was a perspective nonetheless! And her dad was doing something worthwhile!

Without her!

... darn it, she was sad again.

So she left the medicine cat den, despite having woken up a little 'fuzzy' that day. She sometimes had days where the world seemed a little tilted and she felt winded, but today she really needed to cheer up, so she went to go find Daykit. Or Owlpaw! Or Honeypaw, though he'd dropped off the map so far, just like Elmpaw. She managed to wear her wide smile as she moved, despite appearing clumsier than usual, and she didn't think that the clouds at the edge of her vision were a big deal.

Of course, there was a missing few seconds then. About 3 seconds, which was how long it took for the three-eyed apprentice to waver, try to regain her balance, and faint as though her bones had ceased functioning entirely.

Wally was unconscious, and based on the tiny snapping sound that was almost too quiet to hear, she may have broken something. Again.
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