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Jun 7 2018, 05:04 PM
There was a wet, confused cat on the border, while hel ooked much like the previous leader and founder of the clan - he was not. He had the same third eye, the same pelt, tho he was much younger, around the age of an older apprentice to a warrior, and he had only one scar over his eye, unlike Bonechill the first's multiple heavily scarred body. The apprentice aged tom ended up passing out due to hunger, using all the last bit of strength he could to make it this far.

The rains poured down on him heavily, and this tom one of the two only surviving clones of Bonechill just laid there, limp. HIs brother Frostbite was somewhere else, they were taking them all he knew he had to escape, and managed to do so. But at a cost, and now here he was, one of the last of his kind passed out and soaked.
Apr 9 2018, 03:49 AM
Betrayal, that was what had been going on for the past moons. The old gods had led him astray, but he was still determined to find the truth, did he feel bad that he abandoned his clan? Well, yeah, his mate, his kids, he regretted it, tho he kept eyes and ears out, dreamwalking when needed and keeping a tether to the clan, if anything truly dangerous were to happen he would aid.

But one thing all parents must do is to teach their children self-reliance and as the father of the clan, that is what he did. He placed the stepping stones but for them to truly flourish they must do so without him.

Plus to be leader and tied to a single location made his studies harder, there were so many threats out there that he needed to learn the weaknesses of, to learn how to adapt and conquer so that he could help when needed - he was a father, he had a purpose and if he could not protect his loved ones then who was he?

It had been moons since he spoke, in all honesty, the idea of speaking was foreign to him.Where he went and what he seen..well staying quiet was a way to survive.

Mutated beasts running about - not like his friends and others he had met but those who were mutated mentally as thoughts just bloodlust. He enjoyed a nice murder here and there but..this was a hunger. Each had weaknesses however, everyone did.

The tom began to walk into the camp, a torn trashbag was draped over him messily, it was good camouflage in the city, but its other purpose was to keep his wounds from getting infected. Thankfully he knew how to treat himself but, traveling through the dumping grounds of the 'failed experiments' of humans..he didn't want to catch anything gross.

He was chewing on a greenish orange mush, that honestly looked disgusting - a few herbs, catmint, and ginger to keep him alert and it just kept the smell of rotting bodies from completely wiping out his sense of smell, tho the downside was not being able to smell out an oncoming enemy.

He finally stopped while entering the petstore, pushing the trashbag off his head and shaking his head to fluff out his fur again. "Well that's better." He grunted, his collar was adorned with multiple teeth, some from bests that....were quite unique. Not to say he fought them one on one, he typically tried to avoid that, especially against opponents he was obviously weaker than, but he found out a few methods of outrunning his opponents and getting them stuck...which was especially easy with dogs.

"Good afternoon, folks."

He figured all too well that he wouldn't be welcomed, not that he cared too much about that. The silvery tom vanished for moons, plus he wasn't all too likeable to begin with - not that he planned on staying, tho he did have some interesting news, and did want to see how everything was fairing.
Sep 17 2017, 09:52 AM
Bonechill was both avoiding and excited for this meeting, somethings would suck as..most things do but there was also quite a few advancements to look forward to. "BLOODCLAN, gather around." The mainecoon ordered, tapping his paw on a trashcan lid that echoed through the empty streets.
Sep 1 2017, 09:20 AM
"I'm looking for a small patrol to go to the park while I visit the sacred tree." Bonechill mewed, he was going to finally get those pesky lives, now that the barrier was weakened for the Darkforest, among all the darkforest soldiers that were among the ranks in Bloodclan, and the waning belief in all was just too perfect of a time.
Aug 23 2017, 06:15 AM
Bonechill could feel it, the same sense that flowed through him that had caused his sight had been expanded it seemed? It all just felt odd, at first he thought he was just being paranoid but...then the Eclipse had happened, "I see." He mewed, sensing the Dark Forest spirits.

"Lady's and gentlepaws, I think out luck has just changed."
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