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Nov 29 2017, 11:18 PM
It'd been two days since Coalstep lost almost all of his memory. Two days full of confusion and frustration and hasty explanations and headaches. He had a mate- or used to. Were they still mates? Coalstep couldn't say he felt any love for the ThunderClan leader. Hell, it was hard enough to comprehend that he'd joined ThunderClan, much less that he was the leader's mate, had three kits, and was the deputy. The deputy for StarClan's sake!

Coalstep tried not to think on it too much. Thinking only brought on more severe headaches, which is what he was supposed to be avoiding. He was supposed to think about things he remembered. His name. His brother. His life in RiverClan.

But his thoughts often wandered back to his kits. They way they looked at him now. He knew he should love them, but it was just.... how could he not remember having kits? Coalstep tried to be kind to them- to everyone- but they all looked at him oddly. What kind of father forgets his kits?

Tired of being in the medicine den, Coalstep rose slowly to his paws, hesitating a moment to let the dizziness subside before padding out into camp. He made it just a few pawsteps before his head started spinning and he laid down, squeezing his eyes shut in an effort to ignore the pain.
Nov 27 2017, 05:08 PM
Coalstep was as loyal to his mate, kits, and clan as he could be; almost too much so, really. Had he known he would lose all memories of the clan and cats he had grown to love and hold very closely to his heart, he wouldn't have stepped outside of camp. But fate never revealed itself until it happened, and so the ThunderClan deputy went about his day as he always did. When one of the border patrols reported a stale rogue scent near sunningrocks, he headed down that way himself to check it out and inform a RiverClan patrol of a stray rogue. The two clans were on friendly terms as of late, perhaps not quite to the point of allies, but certainly better off then ShadowClan and RiverClan were.

He remained hidden in the trees, opening his mouth to taste the air. There was a rogue scent, but it was days-old at this point and probably not worthy worrying over Tomorrow's patrol could check for anything fresher, but it was probably a stray passing through.

Nov 27 2017, 02:42 PM
Limp and still, one would think the ThunderClan deputy was dead upon finding him. His heart-rate, though, was strong, and his sides moved with his breathing, albeit a little unsteadily.

Coalstep would not remember how he had managed to hit his head, just as he wouldn't remember the past year of his life. All the tom would wake with was his name, and perhaps a few foggy memories of his time in RiverClan. A very small pool of blood surrounded his head where it lay on a great boulder. He was at Sunningrocks; fortunately, he had not fallen into the river, else he would have drowned. All that he could do now was lay there (only because he was unconscious and had no other option) and let StarClan lead someone to find him.
Nov 9 2017, 12:25 AM
Two days had passed since the badger attack. Two long days, filled with silence and grief and regret and guilt. Southskies was presumed to be dead. She'd sacrificed herself in the most noble of ways, and stories would be told of her heroism for generations to come. Coalstep would make sure of it. Never had he known a more loyal warrior, and, despite her young age, she had been one of the best warriors ThunderClan had.

Duke was dead, too. Against all odds, he had stuck with ThunderClan for so long. He had proven himself to be just as much a warrior as any cat, and he'd made lasting impacts on so many in ThunderClan.

So how was Coalstep supposed to return to ThunderClan and tell them that two members of their family had died? Hell, he wasn't even sure if he'd make it back. It'd been a tough decision- figuring out if he and Spiderfur should head back or keep on going- but Southskies and Duke's deaths would not be in vain. The mission would be carried out to the best of their ability.

And so they had walked. Through thick undergrowth and mazes of trees. Over mucky riverbeds and rough gravel roads. The forest had eventually stopped, changing quickly to thousands of rows of corn and beans and wheat crops. And then, finally, the town was in sight. The night would be spent on the edge of the town. Three days maximum would be spent in search of StarClan's chosen medicine cat, and only then would Spiderfur and Coalstep return to ThunderClan.


Sleep was hard to come by, especially when the deaths of two clanmates weighed him down. Coalstep took complete blame for what had happened; it was he who had run into the badger in the first place. It was he who decided to stop to hunt. Had he made different decisions, Southskies and Duke would still be with them. It took great will to keep tears from clouding his vision. His throat felt constantly tight and pained, much like it did when he was ill. Over and over, he played out different conversations in his head. How would he break the news to his kits that their godfather was dead? Duke had played such a huge role in their lives. How would he tell Spottedlegs that her sister was dead? How could he face Silverstar and tell her that he had failed her and the rest of ThunderClan?

At some point during the night, exhaustion had taken over and Coalstep had fallen into a light and fidgety sleep. A particularly vivid dream ensued, where he watched helplessly as the badger ravaged ThunderClan's camp. One by one, it killed each of his clanmates, from Bait and Dusty to his mate and kits. No matter how much he tried to move, his paws remained stuck firmly to the ground. Dark clouds of dirt quickly moved in, clouding his vision. Slowly, it turned from brown to gray, until it was smoke that filled his lungs and made his chest feel compressed. Once it finally cleared, all that remained in front of him was a grassy field. No trees were in sight, no hills altered the ground. It was empty, except for himself and the grass.


The voice came from behind. The deputy found himself able to move again and turned around, but there was no one.


It was a soft and melodious voice, sweet and warm like a queen cooing to her newborn kits. A feeling of comfort rose within the tom, but did not ebb his curiosity. Then, in the distance, was a single silhouette of a cat.

"Who are you?" he called, moving in that direction. The figure watched him, then turned and began running. "Wait! Wait, come back!" he pleaded, pursuing. For many minutes he ran, but his energy never depleted. Coalstep didn't notice the change in surrounding until he caught up to the figure. The cat was oddly familiar, with a deep gray pelt and shaggy, unkempt fur.

Crowtail? He couldn't be certain, but the cat bore a striking resemblance to his brother. At least, to what Coalstep could remember his brother to look like. Many moons had passed since his death, and in this dream he was blurry and distorted. The figure gestured ahead. Coalstep turned and found himself in a twolegplace, next to a bright orange house with clusters of red flowers.

Yellow eyes snapped open, and Coalstep was awake. He raised his head to search for Spiderfur, whom he prodded lightly to rouse from his sleep. "I know where we need to go."
Sep 26 2017, 12:47 PM
The quest was quite vague. They would be heading to twolegplace and hoping that StarClan would lead them toward what they intended. And if nothing happened, they could wander around for a day and then return to camp. At the very least, this would be good experience for everyone involved.

It was dawn. Coalstep stood waiting in the center of camp for the patrol to meet. His gaze flickered toward Silverstar's den every few moments. Already he had said goodbye to his mate, but he wouldn't be surprised if she came out to send the entire patrol off. It would be hard to leave her behind-- Arctickit and Emberkit, too. But he'd told them all how much he loved them and that he would be back in just a matter of days. This was temporary, right?

Piled before him was burnet. Despite having no medicine cat, some herbs were still common with the warriors, and one had mentioned that this particular herb was used for traveling. It would keep their strength up and allow them to go a little longer without food. There were other traveling herbs, but no one had been able to identify them. Truthfully, Coalstep had been doubtful that this was the right herb at all. If it wasn't, very bad things could have happened. He'd taken a risk, though, and had tried a leaf yesterday. No bad effects had happened, and he supposed he did feel a little more energetic than normal. It wouldn't harm them, at the very least. Now all he had to do was wait for the rest of the patrol.
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