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Oct 2 2017, 12:46 AM
RiverClan sucked. In the week or so that Bearpaw had been with the clan, she had been entirely let down. She had arrived only to find her father had disappeared (and was pretty much hated by the clan, apparently) and the clan was full of some of the stupidest cats she'd ever met. Bearpaw concluded that the fish is what made them so dumb and had already decided to abstain from eating the slimy creatures to keep her own mind from slipping.

Burnout was the only reason she hadn't gone back to SkyClan. Well, him and the fact that she refused to retreat back to the clan who couldn't even be bothered to come looking for her. Had they even noticed she was missing? They'd never noticed her before. Bearpaw, though she was a mere six moons old, held the bitterness of an elder. It wasn't entirely without justice, but she wasn't doing much to make her life what she wanted, either.

It was almost sundown. She'd spent most of her day training. Her legs ached and she was physically exhausted, but that meant she was improving. Bearpaw had a blackbird in her mouth, which she deposited on the freshkill pile before flopping over in a spot of shade and set to grooming herself. She regarded her clanmates coldly, flashing brief glances that seemed to say, 'Stay the fuck away from me or I will bite your jugular three and a half times.' No, she wasn't the most inviting cat in the clan, but at least she wasn't quite as bad as Superpaw. At least she talked.
Sep 4 2017, 01:09 PM
The journey had not taken as long as the serval kit had expected; just a few hours, and that included the break she took. The thunderpath had been easy to cross, too. Bearkit had not seen anything that she would call a monster, and had decided that they either didn't exist or they were not as common as everyone said them to be.

Once she had reached Fivetrees she had taken her break, just for a few moments, then continued on. Toward the rising sun. It was still early morning when she reached the damp ground that told her she was nearing the place of her father. Excitement prickled at her paws. Finally, after six moons, she would meet the white serval who had been spoken of so highly and with such great admiration. Would she be like him? Bearkit hoped so.

She was well into RiverClan territory now; she was smart enough to know how to find scent markers, and she had passed them quite a while back. Bearkit wasn't entirely sure what to do then. Wander until she found someone- or someone found her- or just sit and wait. Who knew where the camp was? Unknown to her, the camp was just a mere fifty yards off.
Sep 4 2017, 01:03 PM
Much of her kithood had been kept on the downlow. Save for an instance where Bearkit wandered over to the leader and played with a few feathers, the serval kitten had been very quiet within SkyClan. She had a lonely kithood, but it was mostly by choice. She had never been very interested in playing with other kits.

Bearkit had heard stories about her father; a mighty white serval off in RiverClan. She had always wanted to see him, and had grown bitter at not being able to meet him. What right did the clan have keeping her away from her sire? If he was as mighty as she thought, she wanted to meet him. She wanted to be just as mighty as him.

And so, when her sixth moon finally arrived, Bearkit slipped out of camp in the early morning. She knew she had to set off toward the rising sun. Eventually she would come to a clearing with FiveTrees in it, and then she would have to continue moving toward the rising sun. When the ground became damp, she would be in RiverClan. The serval wasn't sure how long her visit would be; maybe a few days, maybe a lifetime. She could see her kin at gatherings.

Without any regret in her heart, Bearkit set off without so much as a goodbye to her family.
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