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Nov 22 2017, 11:10 PM
He didn't know why he was here, skulking through the shadows of RiverClan. He wanted to call it love, protective instinct, but it felt more like a job left undone. He had intended to tell Hollowfrost (now Hollowstar, he remembered with pride) about Sageleaf, about their fling and the potential for children that he saw looming on the horizon; he wanted to tell his friend for the sake of honesty and to protect the Wind-River alliance when they were fracturing with both Sky and Shadow. Before he could, though, his best friend confessed to love.

Stonestar had seen love even if he wasn't sure he had experienced it himself, and he knew after one heart-stopping second that this was nothing platonic or familial. No, Hollowstar was romantically involved, and it left the grey tom floundering, totally out of his comfort zone for the first time since he had been promoted to leadership. He didn't know what to do - he had never been able to recognize when someone was flirting with him and it had driven him to agonizingly review every important moment with his former deputy that he could recall. The time I came back from my trip to the warren, he had realized, when Cygnetstep shook water over us and he laughed like songbirds. Was he in love with her, too? He would never know, since the blue she-cat was gone just as much as he was, if in a less final manner.

Perhaps this was why he was back. Stonestar had to see more, had to inspect his camp and try to find clues, evidence that he should have seen before. Evidence that might have saved his life. He died because he didn't fight hard enough, he imagined; perhaps capital-L Love would have given him a cause to fight for. Lost in thought, the ex-leader drooped by the fresh-kill pile.
Oct 12 2017, 12:18 AM
"All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the shell pile for a Clan meeting!"

If one were new to Stonestar, one might miss the hesitation in his voice, the way his green eyes were slightly too unfocused as he stared at camp, waiting for the meeting to coalesce. He was still lost, mourning his apprentice's death. That would be one of many things to address here. He would start positive, though; if he began with her vigil's planning, it was entirely possible he wouldn't be able to get through with the ceremonies.

As soon as enough of the Clan gathered, he would roll out his shoulders and speak, voice falling into a pattern of promotion and praise because it was easy to rely on routine when his emotions were so strong. "Let's begin with...Acornkit! You have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, you will be known as Acornpaw. Your mentor will be...me." He'd thought long and hard about this, worrying that some might interpret this as him trying to 'replace' Lakewhisper so quickly, but he desperately needed the distraction. He needed something to focus on more than anything, now.

"Next, Whisperingwind! Though you have plenty of Clan history, your amnesia hinders you somewhat. You will receive a temporary mentor to run you through basic assessments, tour the territories, and so on. Your mentor will be Ramsay." If anyone could keep up with the overly-flirty tomcat, it would be the equally-flirty calico.

"Now, Bearpaw, step forwards! You only recently joined us from SkyClan and you have already commenced some training, but I wish to formally welcome you to RiverClan and to confirm your mentor. You will be taught by Burnout." He doubted the strong-willed female would allow herself to be taught by anyone other than the serval, so this would have to be acceptable.

The leader paused, allowing the congratulations of the crowd to sweep him away and distract him from his next job: Lakewhisper's funeral.
Sep 14 2017, 12:59 PM
[ this is mostly to bring him back; I don't have the muse rn to describe the things he saw out there when he was exploring but I want to detail it later ;^O ]

Stonestar, weary and unkempt but with his shoulders firm, strode up to RiverClan's border. He wondered how the Clan had prospered in his absence, how Hollowfrost and Cedarheart had done at leading; he trusted both completely and didn't doubt that he'd find everything much the same. Hopefully neither held it against him too much that he had had to leave, but this was necessary to fully commit to his life in the Clan.

It wasn't that he wasn't already dedicated to the group, but he had still held some lingering worries over his loner friends, their warren, their wellbeing, their survival...this trip had allowed him to put those worries more or less to rest and he could now come back and be a more present leader. He hoped that, in time, the opponents of his excursion would come to understand.

For now, though, he was simply happy to be home. His paw-pads were cracked with use and he desperately ached to taste fresh fish, but his primary goal was to find someone and to be welcomed once more into this precious community. "RiverClan," Stonestar murmured as he crossed the border and swept his green gaze over the territory, "I'm home."
Sep 2 2017, 10:05 PM
The crew had left RiverClan in the early afternoon, preparing to be at Highstones by sunset. Stonestar actually didn't know the route, as he hadn't been before, but Patchpaw was experienced and could bring them along without difficulty. He was grateful; the blue tom had a lot on his mind outside of directions and he would rather follow along. He would be expected to do much more leading than following over the coming seasons, no pun intended.

They were soon at Mothermouth, watching the sun drop below the horizon. "How, exactly, does this work for everyone?" Stonestar finally asked, turning to Patchpaw and gesturing to Ripplepaw, Lionpaw, and Oceantides. Would they come to the Moonstone with him? Would only some go? He had hoped to bring Lionpaw to StarClan to see if the tom would learn something of his past, but would that even be possible?

[ @Lionpaw! @Ripplepaw @Oceantides! @Patchpaw @Losty - I leave for college tomorrow and so won't be able to post here for a bit, but you guys can absolutely keep it going and assume Stone follows them to the Moonstone! I'll write up his official lives post when I return :^) ]
Sep 1 2017, 03:13 PM
It seemed like RiverClan was the first to arrive, but Stonestar didn't doubt that others would come. He appreciated their tardiness (or his own earliness), however, because it gave the blue tom relative privacy as he clambered up to the leader's spot at Fivetrees. He flexed his claws in the branches, inhaling slowly; the last time he was here, it was as deputy. He missed Pyrestar painfully in that moment.

It passed, as moments always do, and it left the new leader of RiverClan sitting alone in the trees, wondering who would show up next.

[ Welcome to September's gathering! This thread is open to all; we aren't going to do a HP-only opening. Feel free to bring in your characters and welcome to the full moon! :^) ]
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