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Nov 20 2017, 12:41 AM
Superpaw's attempts at rousing Ramsay from her depression had failed. Stern words and anger weren't the way to go with the calico, but at least someone had tried. Of course, Ramsay wouldn't truly heal until she tried; no one else could really heal her grief for her. It was a lonely process, but she'd come to realize it didn't have to be lonely if she didn't want it to be.

There were multiple cats Ramsay knew she could go to. Cedarheart seemed to be one of the most obvious options; he was a wise tom, someone who Ramsay admired deeply. But he was so busy being deputy, and there was someone else Ramsay preferred. Sylvester, of all the cats in RiverClan, knew Ramsay the most. Sure, she'd been spacey during their time growing up, but she'd visited every now and then when he was real young, and they'd been through a lot as the moons went by. If anyone could get through to her, it was he.

"Sylv?" Ramsay poked her head into the warrior's den, hoping to find her younger brother inside. Her voice was raspy, both from not speaking much and from the ache that occurred in her throat as a result of crying a little too much.

Nov 18 2017, 08:56 PM
It'd been about twelve days since Ramsay last smiled. Coincidentally, it'd been twelve days since one of her closest companions had died. Grief clung to Ramsay more than burrs did to her fur. Her days were spent walking aimlessly in circles around RiverClan. Sometimes she would find a nice spot to sit in and think for a while, and then she'd start crying until she settled into an uncomfortable sleep. Her stomach seemed to ache constantly, preventing much food from staying down. To put it was kindly as possible, she was a complete mess. Her fur, though it never looked very orderly, was messier than normal. Her eyes were dull, and she appeared to be getting skinnier.

Some of her clanmates had attempted to approach her. They would urge her to move about, visit with her daughter, hell, do something other than mope. But she remained mostly unresponsive. Sometimes she would utter a short sentence, other times she would turn away and rest her head on her paws until her visitor left.

Today was no different. The calico had found herself at the edge of one of the many streams in RiverClan's territory. She sat at the edge, staring at a large rock that protruded from the middle. That rock alone was enough to send tears flowing freely down her face. Ramsay snapped her eyes shut and bowed her head. Nothing had prepared her for grief like this.
Sep 24 2017, 11:27 AM
"Rise and shine, munchkin!" Ramsay called into the nursery, dipping her head and peering inside. "Acorn, we're going adventuring today! Time for some mama-daughter bonding time, eh?" The past few moons had passed so quickly. Was it motherhood that made it go by so fast, or was it all of the excitement that had happened in camp? Both, probably. Acornkit had grown so much, and it made Ramsay feel so old. She wasn't old, mind you-- a mere twenty-something moons, but she was older than she had been when she found the bobcat kitten! Soon enough, a bobcat apprentice. Ramsay would miss the nursery; despite the kits who woke her up during the night, she loved being a mother. Perhaps the other queens didn't like her watching their kits (who had certainly picked up more than a few swears from the calico queen,) but that was okay. Acornkit had been plenty for her.

Aug 12 2017, 09:14 PM
(if I ping you don't feel obligated to post seriously you do not have to)

"Family bonding time!" Ramsay announced, standing beside the nursery. She'd been feeling bored lately; everyday was the same routine. Play with Acornkit, patrol, eat, play, hunt, play, eat, play, sleep. That was great and all, but Ramsay was a cat who craved change. Change was exciting and different, and her life had been very unexciting and not different.

"Stonestep, Cedarheart, are you two busy?"

Aug 2 2017, 11:03 PM
It wasn't easy for Ramsay to pull herself away from her newly adopted kit, but even she could not escape the daily tasks of being a warrior. She was no true queen, but that was okay. Kits were awesome and all, but being confined to the camp all day sounded absolutely horrible. The calico had bid her daughter farewell and padded into the center of camp, eyes scanning the clearing for her target. She had a habit of choosing whoever was lucky enough to be close to her to go with her- providing they agreed- rather than thinking it out.

"Cedarheart! It's your lucky day! We're going hunting." She padded closer to the tom with pricked ears. Was two enough? Ramsay was still pretty awful at fishing, so it wouldn't hurt to bring another along. And there was none better than the very cat who had taught her how to swim; Stonestep could teach her to fish, too!

"Stonestep, come join us!"

@Stonestep @Cedarheart
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