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Weather: All the leaves have fallen by now, and while there may be the occasional mild day, the weather can now only be described with one word: cold! Brr! Leaf-bare will be here before we know it!

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Dec 2 2017, 06:16 PM
Wearing her newly-acquired scars proudly, Venompaw strutted through the abandoned pet store, tail swaying from side to side. She held her head high, nose tilted up in the air as if she thought herself superior to all others around her. Well, that certainly wasn't false, although Venompaw only felt superior to certain cats-- not all of them. Her mother, for example, would certainly always reign above. The black apprentice held great affection for her mother above nearly all others, and Ivyfang was just who she was looking for.

"Mother?" Venompaw called, rounding the corner toward the nursery where she presumed her mother would be with her younger siblings. "Can I talk to you?"

Nov 30 2017, 09:57 PM
Technically, Venompaw could say that she was half-RiverClan, considering her father had lived there prior to starting BloodClan. Still, she liked to think of herself as pure BloodClan, given that her father was the founder. Her curiosity of RiverClan had been growing lately; she'd seen it once already, when the RiverClan warrior Blacktides had kidnapped her, but that hadn't been a very enjoyable time. Now she was back on her own terms, just to snoop around a little. She had big plans for herself, and she needed to be familiar with the territory.

She'd already crossed the border and was moving quietly, yellow eyes alert for any other cats nearby. Venompaw suspected RiverClan cats were all laying in their camp, fat and happy off of their fish. The black apprentice couldn't decide if RiverClan was the smartest or the stupidest of all clans. One on paw, they had no competition for fish. On the other, leafbare froze their main supply of food, and there was always the chance of drought or water contamination. Natural selection would be the decider, she supposed.

Venompaw stopped in her tracks and parted her jaws. Someone was close, but only one. Her claws unsheathed and she crouched down in the reeds, waiting for her soon-to-be victim to reveal him or herself.
Oct 15 2017, 08:07 PM
"Arcticpaw!" Where was she? Venompaw had been looking forever for her.... friend? Were they friends? Her previous denmate? Ah, labels didn't matter! The black apprentice had wandered throughout the abandoned pet store, looking for any sign of the former ThunderClan cat. What had felt like forever was merely a few minutes, and she was sure to find Arcticpaw soon enough. She had a plan for her personal training, and bringing along another would be the safe thing to do.

Venompaw had already seen RiverClan territory when she'd been kitnapped. Now was time to become familiar with ThunderClan territory seeing as they were the next closest clan. There would be much to gain from this adventure; testing her stalking ability, getting a feel for enemy territory, and, perhaps a little more secretly, testing Arcticpaw's loyalty. Truthfully, Venompaw was skeptical of her 'friend.' She didn't want to be; they'd gotten along well enough as kits, but both were maturing. How long until Arcticpaw began to feel resentment for being taken from her home? This would be a good opportunity to see how far her loyalty to BloodClan went. And if she happened to stay behind in ThunderClan... well, one less disloyal member in their ranks.


Sep 2 2017, 03:18 PM
Just days ago Venomkit had been saved from her RiverClan captors. Much had changed within the black kit during that short amount of time. Her normally energetic disposition had been much calmer lately. She hadn't spoken much- not unless she was spoken to- and hadn't even ventured outside of BloodClan's camp. Some would assume that she'd been frightened or scarred, but neither of these things were true. She had been contemplating what had happened. Her stupidity had gotten herself captured, and then she'd needed rescuing. Her clanmates had put themselves in danger because of her. Perhaps the incident was forgivable. She was only four moons old. Soon enough, though, she would be Venompaw. Her rambunctious behavior could not continue on as it had.

During the past few days, she had wandered around alone in the abandoned pet store. She hadn't so much as spotted a glimpse of Eldritch; she hadn't been looking. No doubt the albinistic tom had noticed the absence of his shadow, but Venomkit did not miss him. He was a horrid friend, truthfully. She had better things to do than follow him around. Training. She needed to start training. Bonechill was her father, and she would be damned if she didn't live up to her blood. For his sake, she needed to be a strong warrior. A worthy heir.

Venomkit sat outside the pet store on the dusty ground, claws repeatedly turning up the dirt until she had a rapidly growing pile before her. It was a subconscious action; her eyes were fixed in the distance on nothing, but her mind worked furiously.
Aug 12 2017, 10:22 PM

Emberkit had disappeared. Ivyfang said he had gone back to his family in ThunderClan, but Venomkit wasn't completely gullible. It would have been hard to sleep through the ruckus of the strange cats breaking into the nursery. She had seen a gray cat snatch Emberkit and call out for Arctickit, but BloodClan cats had kept the nursery safe before they could get to her. Venomkit was beginning to understand that the ThunderClan kittens had been brought here against their will, but she didn't see it as a bad thing. They would have had great lives in BloodClan.

"Hiya, Arctickit!" she padded into the nursery, looking around for the remaining kit. Naturally, Venomkit wanted to befriend her. She had befriended Emberkit, but now he was gone. Arctickit would do plenty well. "Do you want to play a game?"
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