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Mar 13 2018, 11:13 AM
Cedarheart hadn't been the first to cross back into RiverClan territory. Hollowstar had gone long before him, as had Supernatural. The medicine cat had followed her father at least partway, he was sure. Hollowstar had gone much further, racing to find the mate and newborn kits he'd been forced to leave behind. The black tom had still been solemn and stressed on his return, but he'd brought good news of Brightcloud's kitting and of the safety of the warriors to remain by her side.

Now it was his turn. He couldn't help but feel grateful that Wildeye wasn't expecting or delivering in a circumstance like this. He would have lost his mind in Hollowstar's place, forced apart from his labouring mate in a time of crisis.

He was soaked up to the shoulder by the time that he was making his way across dry land again, mud caked to his fur and water dripping from his long whiskers. He'd have stopped to dry off if he wasn't certain he'd have to retrace his steps an hour later. He was still needed beyond their borders, helping Burnout and Hollowstar to hold the Clan together. This trip was the most selfishness that the deputy could allow himself, at least for now.

Wildeye's scent was thin here, but it was fresh enough to know that he was in the right place. They'd been cautious so far to keep predators away from the vulnerable new litter they were hiding. He stopped some distance before the tree line, waiting in the open clearing between their old camp and the ageing stand they used for shelter.

"Wild?" his voice called expectantly, Cedarheart standing tall as he kept well away from their makeshift nursery. It would be safer for all involved to limit traffic into the den. "Wildeye, are you here?" The silhouette of a sleek tabby was caught in his line of sight, and a relieved smile crossed his face. His mate.

[[ @Wildeye ]]
Dec 30 2017, 04:38 PM
Cedarheart padded from the warriors' den, waking after a late night guarding their camp. It still felt strange to be doing it, but with Hollowstar's recent concern over Twoleg activity it had seemed more appropriate to leave someone on-guard than not. It still felt very much like a way of reassuring themselves that they were doing something productive about it. No one could stop Twolegs. Not really.

The cinnamon-furred deputy had a more interesting plan for the afternoon, provided that his intended partner was willing. He had avoided fishing so far into this leafbare, but he knew that by now it was time he faced the reality of it. There were a few cats who could make the experience tolerable, but only one who could make it truly enjoyable. The one-eyed tabby she-cat was probably about camp somewhere; the morning patrols should have been back by now.

"Wildeye?" he called out across camp, hoping that the warrior rested nearby. Pale eyes searched eagerly for the familiar sight of her form. His voice held no urgency. He was simply hopeful to join her, as a friend (and hopefully more) and not as a deputy. "Want to go fishing?"

Dec 30 2017, 02:41 PM
Cedarheart padded with a fresh piece of kill from the pile, stalking out toward the tall, broad-trunked oak that Acornpaw had made her permanent home. The wildcat no longer slept in camp with the other apprentices as she'd done under Stonestar's mentorship. Unfortunately for Cedarheart, her mentor since the blue tom's death a little over a moon prior, she had consistently and staunchly refused to share words or space with any of her former Clanmates. Instead, she hid herself away in the crown of one of their territory's proudest trees.

He just wished that he could get through to her somehow. He'd never made the same kind of impression on Acornpaw that Stonestar did. Though he'd been considered an uncle just as much as Stone, the bond between them had not been as strong. It didn't mean that he didn't love her. StarClan he did; she was his niece, apprentice and Clanmate. He just didn't know how to help her anymore and he was beginning to run out of ideas.

"I brought you breakfast," the cinnamon tom meowed from the base of the tree, catching sight of her lounging on her usual branch. She'd grown so big since her early days as a kit. He remembered when she was small enough to be carried. "It's trout. I figured that you'd need something more substantial than a mouse."

He grasped the fish tightly in his jaws as he began to climb, not bothering to ask if she wanted his company. He'd been rebuffed before; now he knew better than to ask. He couldn't give her opportunity to wedge the space between them any further.
Nov 22 2017, 10:39 PM
Cedarheart's stomach churned with worry and anxiety in equal parts. What he was doing was both a necessity and a courtesy, but he wasn't sure what reception he'd find in actually doing it. He hesitated with a fish in his jaws and his pale eyes locked on the leader's den ahead of him.

Hollowstar had been weakening. The same greencough that had killed Stonestar was now settling in the lungs of his successor and it frightened Cedarheart more than he was willing to admit. Hollowstar was not an old cat: far from it, the black tom was about the same age as Cedarheart himself. But stress weakened the heart and with it the body could follow. As angry as Hollowstar was with him now, Cedarheart couldn't bring himself to let go.

Daisyfall's advice rang in his ears. Whether Hollowstar would forgive him was something Cedarheart couldn't assume, but he knew by the twist of his heart that he still loved Hollowstar. Though he'd lost the intimacy of that relationship, he knew that his oath of loyalty remained. Cedar was still deputy, and Hollow his leader.

Treasure what you have.

It was late, the sun beginning to slip behind the distant trees and the air beginning to cool. Cedarheart finally seemed to move, as though the ice in his limbs had melted away. Approaching the den, he set the fish on the ground and called hesitantly to his leader. "Hollowstar?" he meowed, surprising even himself with the steadiness of his voice and the composure on his face. "Have you had a chance to eat today?"

Nov 5 2017, 09:46 PM
Cedarheart stepped past the other cats as they returned from the border patrol. Even setting aside the stolen moments with Wildeye and the returning blanket of grief for his sister, there were other burdens on Cedarheart's mind that were beginning to catch at his heels. He couldn't allow the matter to rest for much longer, knowing what he did about Spottedlegs and Hollowfrost's broken relationship. Knowing that the moment he'd shared with Hollowfrost's sister was something that the other deputy was, as of yet, unaware of.

The cinnamon tom spotted a glimmer of sleek black pelt and called gently to gather his attention. "Hollowfrost?" meowed Cedarheart. "Do you have a second to talk?" The deputy of civil affairs gestured with a tilt of his head, hoping to draw the other deputy back out of camp so they could talk. It was obvious in the tension of Cedar's shoulders that something was bothering him, but he did his best to be calm and friendly as always.

Whatever Hollowfrost's reply would be, Cedarheart padded back out to wait for the other deputy outside of camp. And, when the black tom would join him, he would lead him a little further for more privacy among the tall sedge and grasses.

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