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 [o]ne is better than none, Emberkit's return
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 08:41 PM


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southskies watched crowspirit's display with an amused expression. she couldn't have been any more obvious than if she'd shouted her declaration of love for spartan out loud, but it was nice to laugh again. it was nice to want to laugh again, given everything thunderclan had been through lately.

watching emberkit's reunion with his family was a sobering experience. it only served to remind southskies of their patrol's failure to rescue both kits. silverstar seemed happy to have at least one kit returned, but coalstep was another matter entirely. "i overheard one of them say they moved her, coalstep." this was, at least, some small comfort she could offer the family. "i think they knew we were coming and were in the middle of moving the kits when we got in. someone must have been on watch somewhere in the city. and... duke is right. bloodclan are heartless, but arctickit is more use to them alive than dead." though now that thunderclan managed to rescue one, what might they do to the kit that was left behind? would they punish arctickit for the actions of her clanmates?

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