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Warrior Cats: A RPG

NEWS: WindClan is reopening the tunnels! and The Tribe has a board now.

Weather: It's newleaf! and each clan is having some weird weather

Ongoing Events:
We have an art contest up to design a new shopkeeper.
Nominations for summer's Artist and RPer of the Season have started! Open through June 15th.

Active Topics
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you and me, but mostly me - private
BloodClan Brimstone 0 3 42 minutes ago
Last Post by: Brimstone
soul on fire - open
ThunderClan Phoenixfire 2 17 44 minutes ago
Last Post by: stormchaser.
#1 babysitter - private
Loner lands, The City & Outerclans Phoenixfire 3 30 47 minutes ago
Last Post by: Phoenixfire
don't stand so close to me
p / burnout
RiverClan Six 7 58 52 minutes ago
Last Post by: burnout
there is no parking on the dance floor - open
ThunderClan Cloverfield 13 58 58 minutes ago
Last Post by: stormchaser.
seven birds -- private, prophecy
Fourtrees, Moonstone & Barleys Farm Neruka 10 89 Today at 09:43 am
Last Post by: Cloverfield
Fite Me(open)
ThunderClan heyyew 6 44 Today at 09:41 am
Last Post by: stormchaser.
FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT - Open, ATTACK (Pages 1 2 3 )
ThunderClan NPC 30 231 Today at 09:40 am
Last Post by: NPC
the web i weave is growing
ThunderClan spiderkit 10 126 Today at 09:36 am
Last Post by: telegraphavenue
turn it off, like a lightswitch! - private
SkyClan Lambleap 0 4 Today at 09:32 am
Last Post by: Lambleap
(o)ut of the frying pan
riverclan experiences a wave of humidity
RiverClan random events 5 44 Today at 09:12 am
Last Post by: burnout
Normal.(Open) (Pages 1 2 )
SkyClan heyyew 19 204 Today at 09:03 am
Last Post by: heyyew
my hopeless opus
the angry gorl reborn: joining
RiverClan Oatkit 11 105 Today at 08:58 am
Last Post by: burnout
i miss the rains d(o)wn in..
skyclan experiences heavy rains!
SkyClan random events 3 30 Today at 08:42 am
Last Post by: endlesssummers
We're bound by blood that's moving [o]
Rime & Sleet looking for Winter
WindClan Rimekit 9 123 Today at 08:34 am
Last Post by: brindleflower
you know what happens when you burn a bridge?
SkyClan hemlockthorn 6 56 Today at 08:20 am
Last Post by: endlesssummers
the tribe is here
ShadowClan Thunder of Distant Storm 14 191 Today at 08:08 am
Last Post by: jay
convict is escaping
and he's got hostages
Loner lands, The City & Outerclans Adderstrike 9 108 Today at 05:54 am
Last Post by: Wolfpaw
[TORW] Thunder x Dove
free art for adult babes
Adoptions NumbieOne 3 61 Today at 05:18 am
Last Post by: NumbieOne
Fairy Tail RP
Advertising -Iza- 0 1 Today at 01:45 am
Last Post by: -Iza-
the weather (o)utside is frightful
a heavy rainstorm is soaking shadowclan!
ShadowClan random events 3 33 Today at 01:28 am
Last Post by: Experiment X
written in the stars (o)
arrival of savannah children
SkyClan sleetkit. 0 18 Today at 12:50 am
Last Post by: sleetkit.
[SKYCLAN] deerleap x strawberryfire
DUE 5/26
Adoptions Tybaxel 11 371 Today at 12:26 am
Last Post by: Pizui
i have a complaint [o]
@StarClan: fite me irl 1v1
ShadowClan .rainpaw 8 116 Today at 12:11 am
Last Post by: .rainpaw
genetics training for yamine (Pages 1 2 )
Genetics Center Citali 24 175 Yesterday at 11:52 pm
Last Post by: Yamine
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