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Warrior Cats: A RPG

NEWS: Check out Project: Zelig and The Tribe has a board now.

Weather: It's newleaf! and each clan is having some weird weather

Ongoing Events:
We have an art contest up to design a new shopkeeper.
Nominations for summer's Artist and RPer of the Season have started! Open through June 15th.

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Yesterday at 05:00 pm
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Yesterday at 03:59 pm
Bonefrost is Bonechill's uncle who turned him evil and is the mentor to Goldstar, turning him to the darkforest as well, he and Goldstar are going to drag some cats into the darkforest and play some games with them.

However these games will be a way for them to put doubt and torture the characters who join, it'll be emotionally and mentally hard on them.

If you want to sign up just state interest and with who.
May 25 2018, 01:28 AM
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<center><div class='post3_container'>
<post3_name>Project: Zelig</post3_name>
<div class='post3_subtitle'>innovation - creativity - adaptability - neuroscience</div>
<div class='post3_text'>[/dohtml] At Zelig institutes the "ICAN" method is our way of doing everything through innovation, creativity, adaptability and our reaches into the fields of neuroscience we have managed to do a ton of amazing, groundbreaking things here!

This is our facility, Location 0, our home base. We have taken an old state park and turned it into a sanctuary, now that the building has completed, we are in the process of relocating some animals from each of the colonies of feral cats we have been keeping an eye on, in hopes to learn how their regeneration mutations work!

1. You can only join when joining is open.
2. If you are inactive your character can be adopted out or killed off or assumed to be taken into the lab. Inactivity = 2 weeks without posting and no notice. If you're busy just let me know.
3. You cannot leave, once you join, your character is trapped here with no escape. In the future this may chance to allow a few to meet the other clans but not yet.
4. The sight and other spiritual abilities do not work here, or are much rarer due to their distance from silverpelt.
5. All other site rules apply, however since they were tested upon feel free to make them unique.

The plot
In Location 0 the gates prevent the cats from looking outside, but when they wake up they find themselves in a clearing, it almost seems like paradise, enough sun, and food, a calm stream for water.. but sometimes the scientists release tests in order to drive the animals to fight or get along. No one knows who to trust, or where to go, everything they knew about the forest was gone so they are trapped here for now...might as well get comfy.

There are three main sections;

1. An arid environment.
2. A dense forest.
3. A swamp.

Tho more is under construction.

Below is the form to fill out to join, here are the positions open, you can insert a character you already have or make a new one.

Originals (Survivors of round 1)
1. Firestar
2. Experiment Y (Maybe?)

Pair 1A
1. Male / 14 moons
2. Female / 14 moons

Pair 1B
1. Male / 10 moons
2. Bluepaw / WIndclan / Female / 10 moons - Pinyon

Pair 1C
1. Male / 6 moons
2. WIsteriapaw / 6 moons / Female - Kis

Pair 1D
1. Male / 4 moons
2. Female / 4 moons

Pair 1E
1. Male / 2 moons (Just weaned)
2. Female / 2 moons (Just weaned)

[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Clan origin:[/b]
[b]Open to:[/b] (Mates, rivals etc)

May 24 2018, 01:31 PM
Brimstone // Male // Serval // Orange and silver pelt, custom color // NightClan // Leader
-> Has all powers
-> Permafrost and Solstice's son.

Phoenixfire // Trans lady // Cat // Caramel with white // Loner
-> Has daemon and the sight and horns.

Sharktooth // Male // Cat // Black and white // RiverClan // Sr. Warrior

Magicpaw // Male // Cat // Brown tabby // ThunderClan // Apprentice

Cloverfield // Male // Pumalot // Spooooots // ToRW // Cave-guard

Crowcall // Male // Cat // Chimera // ShadowClan // Sr. Warrior

Lambleap // Male // Cat // White w/ curly fur // SkyClan // Sr. Warrior

Watchdog // Male // cat // Black smoke // BloodClan // Warrior
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