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May 25 2018, 09:26 PM
The Ring
The Ring is a group of animals who fight - fight each other, that is. It's a loosely connected group, where there are very, very simple rules. Fight when told to, stop when told to. Organised by a Karelian Bear Dog known only as the Old Man, it ran for two years, bringing in and out various members. Bets of prey, shiny objects, herbs, etc. were placed; valuable, given that the Ring operated in the City. Not all fights were legitimate either - sometimes a fighter would be 'paid' to lose, to throw a fight. The entire thing was corrupt.

Not all fights were to the death but many were. As such, out of the 30 regular fighters, only 8 remain - the others lost to time, illness, infection, or the very rare fights to the death.

Free-for-all, but I'll let you know whether or not your character has been accepted - but I'm not picky and if you're interested you've probs got it. Species, powers, what have you - it's all free for all. However, I ask that you have your characters be over a year old - minimum two years for the more accomplished fighters (1-3). The youngest any character would have been while in the Ring was 6 months old.

The Old Man didn't force people to fight - if your character owed him, if your character was 'sponsored' by another (AKA forced to participate by someone other than the Old Man for various reasons), or if your character simply wanted to cash in on the lucrative prey and herbs through betting or the 'Fighter's Reward' for participants, they could have become a fighter.

Please make sure to mention how old your character was when they first fought, and how old when they left, just so I can keep track! (and mention which slot you'd prefer, though you might not get it!)

You can do whatever you want with these characters!

    [1.] ufa -- 30 fights won -- 14 fights lost -- 2 death matches
    [2.] ufa -- 14 fights won -- 3 fights lost -- 0 death matches
    [3.] Kazimir -- 22 fights won -- 12 fights lost -- 5 death matches
    [4.] ufa -- 6 fights won -- 6 fights lost -- 1 death match
    [5.] Murmur -- 20 fights won -- 15 fights lost -- 0 death matches
    [6.] Whitney -- 5 fights won -- 0 fights lost -- 5 death matches
    [7.] ufa -- 12 fights won -- 14 fights lost -- 0 death matches
    [8.] ufa -- 10 fights won -- 2 fights lost -- 1 death match
What Happened to the Ring
Old Man's son, a savannah named Kazimir, murdered him in cold blood - or so it is said. Whether or not your character is happy to be free or mad at Kaz for ruining their lucrative business is up to you - either way, the old Ring is gone, and with it disappeared Kaz.
May 19 2018, 10:09 AM
Following some recent disagreements over what should and should not be permitted within the site's continuity, we at WCARPG bring you: the guide to retcon!

What is retconning?

Retcon (or retroactive continuity) refers to the revising of events in media. In the context of this site, that means agreeing that something didn't happen/happened differently than role-played, after it has already been role-played. While we all make mistakes and sometimes we want to change how we did something, in roleplaying this can disrupt the experience of others, so while on the site, these are the rules for retconning.

In Character

Something can only be retconned IF:
    [1] The event in question was never played out or discussed by characters in character (whether in one thread or threads related)
    [2] The event was happened in character, but only in one thread with less than 3 total rpers present (including the thread author) and with less than 5 posts total. In this case, the thread must be closed with a statement that it was retconned.

In all other cases, an event must have happened; primarily, this is to enforce the idea that in character actions have in character consequences.
Apr 23 2018, 10:41 PM
A Tale of Trying
Walnutcrown and Blackrise, for quite some time, flirted without establishing their relationship. Perhaps because of the situations they found themselves in, perhaps not. But one day, Wally was nearly murdered, and Blackrise left thinking she was dying. When he returned to see her alive and okay, they decided to pursue their relationship. And despite the health risks it carries for the fragile-boned Walnutcrown, they're going to do their best with this pregnancy and the children to come from this.

Not many! Know that these children will be loved. No strict naming rules, although Wally is fond of naming after trees (her brother was Elmpaw) and neither Black nor Wally are going to give them depressing or edgy names.

Not first come first serve - the kittens will be born on the 9th of May and double aged until they're apprentices on the 9th of August.

Black w/ low white x black smoke
Kits can be black, blue, black smoke, or blue smoke. Kits can have low white or no white. Any realistic eye color including blue only for kits w/ white.

AS WELL; Wally has osteogenesis imperfecta, which is a brittle-boned disease. As a result, the children are free to inherit this (and if they do, then they MUST inherit the Sight as well. If you don't wish to pay for that, I'll buy it for you if you're selected. In Wally's family, the Sight and the osteogenesis imperfecta go hand in hand; one cannot exist without the other unless you have a hella good plot).

1. Tumblerise
2. --
3. (if interest is high)
Mar 16 2018, 05:57 PM
Nobleground; the former heir of a kingdom only referred to as the homelands. Battleborn; the slave assigned to fight by his side. For a long time, their affections towards one another were smothered and kept quiet for fear of retribution - but Thunderclan has offered them a new life and a new start, despite their rocky beginnings.

Batts, as a transtom, will not be putting up with this 'mama' nonsense. Both toms will love these children despite their sometimes old fashioned views. They will have clan names as a nod to their new home.

QUOTE (Tybaxel @ Mar 8 2018, 09:12 PM)
Red classic tabby longhair x oriental black longhair
Males can be black, blue, brown tabby or blue tabby. Females can be tortoiseshell, dilute tortoiseshell, torbie or dilute torbie. Tabbies and torbies can be classic. Kits will be longhair. Kits can have any realistic eye color except blue. Kits may have oriental features.

Not too sure on how defects affect the children but I would presume they would be more at risk for genetic defects in the heart or otherwise due to Noble’s inbred lineage

There are five kittens ufa, not first come first serve but based on the quality of your application. It is very likely that you'll get some art for your kiddo since onesie is an art god.

The deadline is April 10th and the kittens will be born on that day and playable on the 1st of May as one month old, the 10th of May as 2 months, and apprentices July 10th; after that they'll be single timed.
Mar 9 2018, 12:04 AM
Hey y'all, here's our bois;

Father: Golden, long-furred classic tabby tom with creamish markings and golden eyes, picture here ; also has congenital heart defect (Coarctation of the Aorta + Ventricular Septal Defect)

Mother: green-eyed, black oriental, long-furred; pictured here.
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