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Mar 29 2018, 11:31 PM
[dohtml]<text style="text/css"><left><div style="width: 375px; text-align: justify; font-family: verdana; geneva; san-serif; font-size: 10px;">
hello wca and welcome to my neST, this where im gonna put all my bios for my wizarding world kiddos
eventually hmu if u wanna plot or smth cus like,,, im always down to plot

<p>easiest way to reach me is prolly discord (birbs#4126) but i def respond to site pms as well
<p> current kids:
<li>finn hobbes, fourth year, half-blood, gryffindor</li>
<li>artemis kokinos, fourth year, pureblood, slytherin</li>

<p>idea kids:
<li>eddie j. cross, sixth year, pureblood, hufflepuff</li>
<li>tomas q. asher, second year, muggleborn, ravenclaw</li>
Mar 17 2018, 02:34 PM

these babies will be the children of ashstar, leader of skyclan, and endlesssummers, the current deputy of warfare.

the two have been best friends for as long as either of them can remember and have one child that they adopted together already: strawberrypaw.

other info
as always, site rules apply

there’s a naming theme of either seasons/seasonally related names (e.g. summerskies, springshowers…etc) or fire/fire related names (e.g. smokestack, flameheart… etc), brownie points if you somehow manage to incorporate both

the kits will be loved dearly by both parents and should remain in skyclan, at least until apprenticeship. after that, it’s preferable that they stay, but up to the player.

applications are not first come first serve, but the form is free for all as long as it includes a name, personality, appearance, and gender.

deadline for app submission is on april 6th, but the birthdate is still being discussed and app deadlines might get pushed back further if need be

genetics — thanks to the lovely @LadyOcean!
Red tabby w/ low white longhair (carrying point) x Black w/ low white

Males: Black, blue, brown tabby, blue tabby, seal point, blue point, seal lynx point, blue lynx point

Females: Tortie, dilute tortie, torbie, dilute torbie, tortie point, dilute tortie point, tortie lynx point, dilute tortie lynx point

- Or any with white.
- Kittens with white can have any amount of white.
- Kittens with point will have blue eyes; otherwise, kittens with white can have any realistic eye colour; kittens without white or point can have any realistic eye colour but blue.
- Tabbies can be spotted, mackerel or classic.
- Kittens can have long or short fur.

winterkit | male | @mikki
kit 2 | ??? | ???
kit 3 | ??? | ???

if there are lots of apps don't worry because we'll increase the litter size!!
Sep 20 2017, 05:48 PM
OK SO telly needs a starry mentor to teach him about herbs and the like in his dreams. and so i thought a fun way to get others involved would be to throw up an adopt for the starclanner. more than likely this'll be way retro by the time everything gets properly going, but yeah!

i am Bad at setting these up, bc i tend to ramble but hopefully i remember everything i'm trying to get across. if you have any questions tho, or just wanna talk, you can just pm me here or dm me in the discord, my display name in the main server is sneks the word and my main user is birbs

the idea that i had was that the starclanner could be like a former meddie of thunder's who left/defected/got exiled? and that in order to repent/redeem themself their job is to help teach telly about herbs so that he can get on his whole destiny thing and go to thunder and do his job. though i kind of have this whole idea in mind, i totally open to new ideas and would love to plot something out if you've got thoughts.

honestly now that i've typed all this out, i feel extra af cuz this is literally for like one retro thread (tho i'd totally be down for more =w=) but like i got so hype ;;;; and have no self control

form (feel free to arrange this anyway you like! these are just things i think'd be neat to know)

age at death:
history (nothin' too fancy, just med background, other important backstory details, and cause of death)
other: (anything else you think is neat and that you'd like me to know)

Sep 6 2017, 02:51 PM
heyo so!!

uh, i want my Son to fall in love. it doesn't have to be a rush thing (and in fact, i'd prefer it not to be) but uh? i figured i'd throw it out there for anyone that was interested?

burn's got a lot going on atm (with parrot plot and pi bromance and winning oken over) but there's always time for romance! always

things u gotta do:
- stay/join/live in river
- be active
- LOVE PARROT (im jk, sorta)

things i would prefer (but aren't necessary):
- bigger (non domestic) canines and felines
- enemies to friends to lovers bc heck im a sucker for that trope
- someone to keep burn from doing entirely stupid things

i guess i should say something about burn lmao. ok so burn's p much a dork. he's reckless and prone to doing dumb things, not to mention he is terrible at taking care of himself. prime example being the fact that he is far too often hanging out in the sun when he is very albino and can sunburn. in addition to that, he's hella immature and honestly such a lil shit (that's to everyone though).

also!! he's also Bad With Feelings so expect lots of confusion and ??? moments, but when he realizes that it's Love, expect a whole lotta of burn being even more ridiculous than usual.

anything else ya wanna know burn can be found here and i think that covers it all. u can pm me if ya got any other questions and?? i guess i can hush now

/scuttles away
Sep 6 2017, 09:31 AM
[dohtml]<text style="text/css"><center><div style="width: 375px; text-align: justify; font-family: verdana; geneva; san-serif; font-size: 11px;">
<p>howdy pals, this is where im storing all my babs for the main game!! hmu if u wanna plot or smth, easiest way to reach me is prolly discord (birbs#4126) but i def respond to site pms as well



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