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May 25 2018, 12:45 AM
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The sounds that came out of Lola's mouth when she was scared were almost supernatural. Loader than the howl of a wolf, more musical in their rising and falling tone than the song of a mockingbird, and more gratingly pitchy than the demanding cries of a bellyaching kit; whenever she screamed, the heavens were tempted to scream back.
<b>"¡AYUUUUUUUDA!"</b> The grasses ruffled. In a nearby oak, a murder of crows burst into flight. <b>"¡AYÚDEME!"</b> A family of deer fled into the bushes.
As a 20 pound man-made freak of nature, godforsaken volume was Lola's birthright. At home, her heaven-piercing wails were the only thing that <i>ever</i> made sus dueños angry. She'd sit in the windows scream for hours just <i>waiting</i> for them to come home and all she'd get in return was a swat on the back. Her eyes got misty just thinking about the unfairness of it.
Sniffling, Lola pressed through the woods, cringing at every thorn and twig that caught itself in her fur. She happened upon a large goose blocking her path. It fixed eyes upon hers. She tilted her head. Bobbing its head forward, it hissed at her. She screamed.
<b>"¡Mama!</b> Lola tried to back away, but the brush behind her was too dense. The goose, head still bobbing, took another step towards her. <b>"¡Ayúdeme, por dios! ¡Me quiere matar!"</b>

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