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Warrior Cats: A RPG

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Dec 20 2017, 12:34 AM
[dohtml]<link rel="stylesheet" href=""><link href=",700|Montserrat:400,700" rel="stylesheet">

<div class="bagbak">

<div class="dash" style="margin-top: 10px;"></div>

<align=center> <h1>THE MAJOR ARCANA;</h1> </align>
<div class="body">
<b>00. THE FOOL</B> <i>Rainpaw</i><br />
<b>01. THE MAGICIAN</B> <i></i><br />
<b>02. THE HIGH PRIESTESS</b><br />
<b>03. THE EMPRESS</B> <i>Sorrelwhisker</i><br />
<B>04. THE EMPEROR</B><br />
<b>05. THE HIEROPHANT</B><br />
<B>06. THE LOVERS</B><br />
<B>07. THE CHARIOT</b> <i>Wraithkit</i><br />
<B>08. STRENGTH</B> <i>Sedgefoot</i><br />
<B>09. THE HERMIT</B><br />
<B>10. WHEEL OF FORTUNE</B><br />
<B>11. JUSTICE</B><br />
<B>12. THE HANGED MAN</B><br />
<B>13. DEATH</B><br />
<B>14. TEMPERANCE</B><br />
<B>15. THE DEVIL</B><br />
<B>16. THE TOWER</B><br />
<B>17. THE STAR</B><br />
<B>18. THE MOON</B> <i>Salomé</i><br />
<B>19. THE SUN</B><br />
<B>20. JUDGEMENT</B> <br />
<B>21. THE WORLD</B>
<div class="tag">
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<div class="note">notes here if you like</div>
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Dec 5 2017, 02:29 AM
Kitten #1's Fur Colour: solid blue male w/ blue eyes
Kitten #1's Species/Mutations: feline, no mutations
Kitten #2's Fur Colour: solid black female w/ copper eyes
Kitten #2's Species/Mutations: feline, no mutations
Other Information: mom is a solid black female... so i would like to know all possible options for what the color the father was. thanks!!
Nov 29 2017, 11:29 PM
One year ago, when Twoleg scientists invaded the forest in search of wild animals to perform their grotesque experiments upon, they decided to make the warriors of SkyClan into their next victims. Most of its warriors were captured and sent to the Lab, where they remained imprisoned for the next seven moons -- but not all.

Some managed to escape -- including Ivyflower, an eager young queen pregnant with her first litter of kits. Waking up early one day to the sound of rattling cages and the desperate yowls of her Clanmates as they were forced into them, she was quick to realize that if she did not flee immediately, she too would be subject to the same fate -- as would her kits.

And so it was with this reason that Ivyflower ran away from the Clan and territory she loved and began a new life in a new Clan -- ShadowClan. For the sake of her family, she buried her past. She chose to raise her kits, Sootkit and Rainkit, as though they were full ShadowClanners like any other -- not once telling them of her troubled history or their true origins.

But fate prevented Ivyflower's family from enjoying the untroubled life she so wished for. Sootkit was struck with an illness -- an illness that twolegs with our advanced science and medical technology know and dread as leukemia. To the cats of the Clans, however, this disease remains mysterious, nameless, and worst of all, cureless -- leaving Ivyflower capable of nothing but watching helplessly as it ravaged her young daughter.

When Sootkit finally passed at three moons old, Ivyflower took it as a sign from StarClan that she was not meant to serve ShadowClan -- and in any event, she couldn't stand to be around the reminders of her late daughter's life for long. So she left ShadowClan to search for SkyClan, hoping against all odds that somehow, one day, she would be reunited with her old Clan again. Her son, Rainkit, would never see her again.

That is, not until Ivyflower appeared to him in a vision -- with a gift from the stars.

Rainpaw now has the Sight, and he's been getting a lot of messages from StarClan over the past few moons suggesting that ShadowClan isn't where he really belongs. At day, he hears the voices of his ancestors telling him to leave; at night, visions of warriors filling the sky like clouds invade his sleep.

And now, he's had enough -- he's left the Clan of his birth and is on a journey to SkyClan, hoping to finally get to the bottom of these messages he's been getting and to learn the truth about where he really comes from.

This is where you come in.

Being of SkyClan descent, it's only natural that he will encounter cats related to his mother, Ivyflower -- and to him -- when he arrives. Cats familiar with his mother who seem to recognize her features -- her blue eyes, her slate gray pelt, her diminutive stature -- in Rainpaw. These may be her old friends, family -- even her mate (that is, Rainpaw's father -- who naturally assumed his mate and kits perished in the Twoleg invasion.)

These can be cats who already exist IC, or new characters. It's really up to you! The only real requirement is that they belonged to SkyClan before they were captured by the Lab. Also, the only competitive category is her mate -- all others are first come, first serve :^)

Ivyflower's mate/Rainpaw's father: Available
Ivyflower's siblings (three to four max):
-- Available
-- Available
-- Available
-- Available
Other family (parents, uncles/aunts, cousins, etc, unlimited):
Stormheart, played by Guts
Friends (unlimited):

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Desired Position:[/b]
[b]Is this a new character?:[/b]
[b]Appearance & Personality:[/b] (optional except for her mate)
[b]Plot Ideas:[/b] (optional except for her mate)
Nov 20 2017, 01:19 PM
IMAGINE, if you will, that you are watching a movie, and in this particular movie, no characters appear on screen. in fact, nothing appears on screen. all you can see on the big projector screen in front of you is a monolithic wall of blackness, flickering from time to time with the artifacts of analog film.

yet this movie has a narrator, and he's telling you that you're not actually looking at a black wall – you're looking at a "summery" day in a "beautiful" forest. furthermore, he's telling you that this movie has characters, who are described as follows:
VENOMPAW: Venompaw is an evil young tom cat.

FLOWERHEART: Flowerheart is a terrifically sweet queen.

OAKCLAW: Oakclaw is an easy-going and funny tom.

bear in mind, again, that we never get to see these characters. we don't get to see, for instance, what makes venompaw "evil", or oakclaw "funny", we simply have to take the narrator on their word that they have these traits.

furthermore, we, as an audience, don't get to see the world that they live in; we never get the chance to really immerse ourselves in that summery day in the beautiful forest because the movie never gives us a vivid image of it beyond the spare adjectives the narrator tosses us.

and so the film goes on like this, a narrator speaking over a black screen, describing things and characters for us that we can't really see or experience. would you want to watch this movie? or does it sound boring? does it sound like it does a good job of describing its characters and its world? no?

well every time you as a writer "tell" and don't "show," you are in essence recreating this film for your audience!

is the number one piece of advice dished out to amateur writers, and what it means, essentially, is to eschew those boring adjectives and instead convey your characters' personalities through their actions and to describe their worlds through vivid imagery.

why is this important? well, generally speaking, people read fiction to step into the shoes of someone else, to experience another world, another life. when we fall back on adjectives to "tell" what's happening, we don't provide any of the sensory information that's crucial to allow our readers to vicariously experience our stories. consider these two brief examples:

    Gary, a student, had a crush on Susie, another student in his class, and felt nervous when he saw her.

    Gary's heart thumped hard in his chest when he recognized the girl taking the seat next to his. Susie! At once he diverted his gaze from hers, hoping that as she pulled her notebook from her backpack she did not notice the hot red blush flooding his cheeks.   

the first example "tells" through the abstract noun "crush" and the adjective "nervous." it lets us know that gary has a crush on susie, but it doesn't let us know what it feels like beyond that he feels "nervous." we know that they're students and they're in class together, but we don't really know what that looks like.

the second example "shows" us what's happening through action verbs and concrete nouns, and although only a sentence longer than the first, it gives us a lot more information. it never has to tell us flat out that gary is nervous; we know that he is, and furthermore we know what that feels like, because the passage tells us that his heart is beating hard that he's blushing. we know that he has a crush on susie because he feels this way when he sees her. finally, the choice details about the backpack and the notebook clue readers into the fact that they are students.

this is just one of countless possible examples of how showing who your characters are via their actions and details in their environment provides more thorough, more vivid information to your readers.

let's look back at the three characters from the fictional movie i discussed above. imagine your character is oakclaw. he's a funny, easy going tom, and you want to convey this in a post, so you write:
Oakclaw sat down. Oakclaw was an easy-going tom who loved to have fun.

hmm. this won't actually convince readers that oakclaw is fun-loving and easy going, will it? the only thing he actually does in the post is sit down, and anybody can do that, regardless of how fun and chill they are. so you rightfully decide the post is garbage, delete it, and start over. this time, as you write, you think: what do fun-loving and easy-going characters actually do?
Oakclaw sat down. He loved to lounge around camp and play with his clanmates.

this is better, because it conveys oakclaw's personality through potential actions (lounging around camp and playing) but it's still too abstract. why not show him doing these things instead? time for a third draft.
It was already sunhigh when Oakclaw finally padded out of the warrior's den. The tabby tom leisurely stretched out from tail to nose, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his pelt. In the corner of his eye, he glimpsed the dwindling freshkill pile, but shrugged it off, figuring that someone else would replenish it soon. Instead, he fixed his attention upon a nearby mossball and batted it into the nearby nursery den. "Anyone up for a game?" 

that's more like it! like with the gary and susie example above, not only does this final draft provide the exact same information as the first draft (that oakclaw is easy-going and likes to have fun) but it also lets readers know where he is (the nursery), when he is (sunhigh), and what he does (sleeps in, plays around).

these extra details also provide ample opportunity for character development: does ignoring the dwindling freshkill pile suggest that oakclaw is lazy or irresponsible? does heading to the nursery to play with kits suggest that he wants kits of his own? etc! hopefully, you get the picture.

in conclusion, by following these steps from abstract conception ("I want to write a character named Oakclaw who's fun and easy-going") to brainstorming what a character with those traits would do ("Oakclaw sleeps in, sometimes neglects his duties, and loves to play with kits") and finally writing out these actions, you can easily create a vivid, better developed, and more believable character.
Nov 14 2017, 10:19 PM
delete this please!!
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