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May 13 2018, 06:08 PM
The pain had started shortly after they'd left ShadowClan, but at that point, it hadn't been too bad. Daisyfall had pushed it off as just being out of shape- which he certainly was- and made no mention. By the time they reached RiverClan's camp, it was a little worse. But even then, he just settled down to rest. It would fade away soon. All he needed was a nice, long nap.

But it hadn't gotten better. The pain had intensified greatly, and he could only describe it as a claw gripping his chest. The orange warrior's breathing was labored, coming in awful wheezing gasps.

"Bright.... Brightcloud...."
he called weakly for his daughter, unsure of her whereabouts in camp but knowing he wanted her near. Something was wrong. Something was really, terribly wrong. He tried to stand, to go to the medicine den, but as soon as he started pulling himself up, his legs all seemed to give out at once and the old tom collapsed back to the ground. Why did he feel so warm? Oh, his chest hurt!

Feb 24 2018, 09:15 PM

The walk back to RiverClan's camp shouldn't have taken as long as it did, the time more than doubled with Daisyfall's slow and unsteady pace. The blood had lessened a bit, but drops still created a trail as if his tracks in the snow weren't enough. He had not spoken during the walk, too afraid of using up the energy he already didn't have. His eyes was gone. Even with the one he had left, the horror on Valerianpaw's face had not been unnoticed by the ginger tabby.

At last, camp came into view. One paw through the entrance, then another, then the last two, and Daisyfall slumped on his rear, letting his head hang below his shoulders. "Ge' Brightcloud," he rasped, .
Jan 28 2018, 07:31 PM
Daisyfall was never sure that he was being a good mentor, but things seemed to be going well, for the most part. Valerianpaw was always eager to learn even the simplest things, which Daisy appreciated. Hunting lessons weren't always complete failures, and Daisy felt himself improving just by teaching it! Fighting, well, that was different. Daisy was better at teaching Val what not to do in a fight. Perhaps he'd have to enlist the help of Brightcloud to help bless Val with proper techniques.

"Hey, hey, kiddo!"
Daisyfall greeted his apprentice as he spotted her in camp, waving his tail in an added greeting. "M'fraid we don't have much of a fun day planned. Not so much training, really, either. We're gathering moss. For the nursery. But it'll be great bonding time, yeah?"

Jan 15 2018, 12:27 AM
[Didn't want the ash and dust thread to get too sidetracked, but also wanted daisy to meet warbler]

Fortunately for the entirety of RiverClan, Daisyfall had not been present for the attack, else it would have been very likely the ginger tom would have only made things worse. Accidentally, of course, but bad luck seemed to follow him worse than a hungry wolf.

But the sounds of a fight were not unheard from outside of camp, and in an instant he was racing through the territory to camp. His mind was focused solely on Brightcloud, prayed with all his might that she was safe and out of harm.

The ginger tom burst into camp, fur puffed out and breath coming in ragged gasps. "Brightcloud!" he exclaimed, rushing over to his daughter and sniffing her plenty. "What happened?"

Dec 29 2017, 02:13 PM
It had all happened so fast, and in a matter of minutes, Daisyfall burst through RiverClan's entrance, eyes wide. Few things had ever made him so upset, but the tom was clearly shook. "S-Someone, come quickly! Th-There's a baby bird! It's injured!" The ginger tom paced in a circle with his tail whisking anxiously. He could hardly stand to think about the poor thing, injured and alone, but he didn't know what to do! It was dying and it was only a baby!

Suddenly, Daisyfall gasped and stopped his movements. "Oh no! I left it all alone!" And, without waiting to see if anyone would help, he streaked back out of camp toward the blackbird chick. It peeped constantly, probably absolutely petrified by seeing a cat so close, but Daisyfall would never, not in his entire life and then some, harm the little bird.

"Shh, it's okay," he mewed softly, licking the top of its head (which probably only petrified it more.)
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