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May 20 2018, 05:53 PM
It'd been a while since Venomheart had visited her mother and youngest siblings. Perhaps they were only half-siblings, but fathers had never really mattered when it came to Ivyfang's litters. They were as much her siblings as Nightpaw and Wolfpaw were.

As she rounded the corner to the nursery, Venomheart halted at the entrance, finding it emptier than she had expected. "Bitterkit," she meowed in greeting, stepping toward her little sister and touching her nose lightly to the kit's head. "I was coming to see if you and your littermates wanted to join me on a walk to the forest, but it seems it would be just you and me. You're nearly an apprentice-- mother would be very impressed if you caught her some dinner."

May 20 2018, 05:34 PM
To make the trip to the moonstone less awkward (and to give Venomheart a chance to distract herself from how nervous she felt,) she had used the time to catch Emberblade up on the happenings within the clan. From the return of many of her siblings to the death of her long-lost littermate, Orbweaver, she'd spilled it all. He was easy to talk to. She could trust him. She shouldn't, but she could. Damn these emotions.

Mothermouth had appeared sooner than Venomheart had expected. She stopped at the entrance and remained silent for many long moments, peering in with what seemed a distant gaze. She'd only ever heard about it before. Her faith in StarClan was weak-- it wasn't something actively practiced in BloodClan, but the many former clan cats that resided within her clan had spoken of it before. She wanted it to be true, desperately. And here she would find out.

Night had long since fallen, and the sky was cloudless and clear. The moon was about half-full, but still it shone brightly down on the land. The stars were exceptionally bright outside of twolegplace, unaltered from smog and light pollution. The clans were lucky to look up and see that every night.

The black molly turned to look back at Emberblade, and for the first time, she let the fear show in her eyes. Were her legs shaking? "I..." she trailed off before the sentence even started, unsure what to say. Venom's mouth snapped shut and she only stared into Emberblade's eyes, trying to find some comfort.

"Will you go in with me?" She didn't know there was a stigma against warriors going into the cave, but if StarClan were about to let in a cat from BloodClan, surely Emberblade would be the least of their worries.

May 7 2018, 07:58 PM
They weren't sisters. Not really. There was no blood shared, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that their paths were hardly meant to be intertwined. Arcticstorm's interests were unpredictable and swerving. Venomheart craved stability, in her clan and family, and those were two very different standpoints. She hadn't spoken to Arcticstorm since she'd backed out of going after Nightkit, and it was not a decision she regretted. Perhaps if Nightkit had been in danger things would have been different, but Venomheart couldn't go running off on any adventures anymore. Her responsibilities were too high, too serious to abandon on personal affairs that were not her own.

The black molly rounded the corner, finding the silver pelt of her adopted sister. "Arcticstorm," she said, stating the name as if making a mere observation. "It's time we've had a little talk."

May 7 2018, 05:09 PM
"Orbweaver, walk with me," Venomheart called from a doorway, turning and padding outside and assuming that her brother would follow. It was... weird to have him back. She'd been certain he was dead. Then again, she'd also been certain Bonechill, Briarthorn, and Spiderpaw had been dead. Clearly she needed to stop assuming, although at this point, she didn't imagine there was anyone left. Lightningkit was missing, but he was alive. She could... she just knew it.

The black molly began to move leisurely down the nearest alley, pausing only for a moment to allow Orb to catch up. "I want to know what's happened to you while you're gone. With twoleg moving nearer, I.... I want to be as prepared as I can be."

May 6 2018, 11:07 PM
The cats of BloodClan assembled below her already, and as soon as it looked as if the majority had gathered, Venomheart spoke:

"Reports of twolegs on our territory is not uncommon, but lately they've been more frequent, and closer to our home than they've been before. As of now they pose no obvious threat, but we will need to be cautious and vigilant in the upcoming weeks. A sentry is to be stationed at all times in the window on the third floor overlooking the entrance to this building. Kite, I trust you can manage handling shifts. Include me in them as well. Everyone eight moons and older who is able will partake in the watch. Should twolegs be spotted near our home, an evacuation will take place. We will meet by the dock, and will assess our options from there. With any luck, these precautions will be unnecessary. If there are no questions, this meeting is dismissed."
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