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May 18 2018, 07:20 PM
Progress was slow but sure, and for the first time Deerleap was actually allowed to start putting weight on his legs. Not much, Peppernose had said, and not for long, but Deerleap had never been very good at following directions. With poppy seeds to dull the pain that was sure to come, Deerleap struggled to stand. He was weak, as was expected, but like hell that would stop him.

Slowly, the manx did a few test steps, just to prove to the medicine cat that he could, and then he made a beeline for the exit of the den. Peppernose might've hollered something after him, he wasn't sure. All Deerleap knew was that he had to show Strawberryfire that he was walking again.

"Strawbs! Hey, Strawberry! Lookit me! I'm walking!" Sure, he probably looked stiffer than an elder in leafbare, but it was a lot better than laying around the medicine den all day.

May 5 2018, 11:47 PM
Deerleap had been more dutiful with his exercises, more positive with his attitude, and by some miraculous doings from StarClan (but probably just Peppernose,) he was healing. Slowly, but surely. He couldn't walk yet, but it wouldn't be long now. And once he did, he'd work his tail off to build up strength. He had an apprentice! Well, kind of. Part of him worried Endlesssummers would do so well that Ash would just remove Deerleap's part. What if Stormkit got to attached to Endy? What if Deer wasn't as good a mentor?

But where a thousand anxieties plagued his mind, he had twice as many positives to counter. Deerleap struggled to pull himself from the medicine den, but he needed fresh air. Green eyes roamed around the camp, and for once, a bright smile spread across his face. This wasn't so bad.
Apr 11 2018, 11:16 AM
For the past.... many days (Deerleap wasn't sure how many, to be honest) sleep had come in gone in waves. Naps lasted anywhere between five minutes to nearly the entire day, the latter of which he had poppy seeds to be thankful for. When he was awake, his thoughts were mush, words incoherent. The manx had been drugged up well, but even then not all of the pain went unnoticed. He couldn't walk, could barely move to a more comfortable position without help, and Deerleap wanted to die. Was he being a little dramatic?

No. This sucked. Everything sucked. What did the sky even look like? Just as the weather was starting to get to it's nicest, he was stuck in a medicine den for StarClan knows how long! By the time he could walk again, it'd be a sweltering heat that was too much for his thick fur, and after that, winter would come again. Great. Just great.

Deerleap had woken up just recently from one of his all-day sleeps. He'd been given just a few poppy seeds for the pain, and no doubt sleep would come again in time, but for now he just wanted to move. It was the first day since his injury when his mind was clear (or rather, clearer than it had been) and he could focus on more than just the strain of thoughts that echoed in his head.

Apr 4 2018, 11:17 PM
He'd finally done it. Hundreds of trees, rocks, and logs later, Deerleap had finally messed up real bad. SkyClan seemed to be on a downward spiral, with murderers and stillborn kits and exhausted deputies. What was another injured warrior to add to the mix?

Deerleap had fallen out of trees before, but each time he'd landed on his paws. It'd been uncomfortable, but not serious. In previous times, his paw hadn't snagged on a branch and broken. That definitely made it a little harder to land smoothly. And then there weren't usually rocks waiting at the bottom.

Alas, a broken paw was perhaps the least of the young warrior's worries. There was blood, and lots of it. He felt winded, his breath hitched and ragged. His left leg had broken, and from it protruded bone, and from that wound was the blood seeping. His sides would be bruised and tendered, and likely held internal damage. But he was alive. Barely, but alive.

Mar 19 2018, 03:16 PM
A long, drawn-out, and perhaps overdramatic sigh emanated from the young tom, his normally restless paws glued to the ground. SkyClan sucked right now. No one was ever happy anymore and everyone just kept dying, and that was just a complete bummer. Deerleap hadn't climbed a tree in like three days, and as much as he wanted to, he also didn't want to. Who would he go with? Strawberrypaw? Right. Obviously she hated him. So much for saving her life from a badger. He should have just let it have her.

No, he didn't mean that, but he was still bitter. Deerleap rolled over onto his back, squinting against the sunlight. The days were slowly getting warmer. The sky was blue, there was just the faintest breeze, and the forest was alive with excited birds and squirrels. Wouldn't this have just been the perfect day to climb a tree!
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