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NEWS 08/13/2017: August's Gathering is now open for everyone to post in!

08/01/2017: Congratulations to Shally, who is our August RPer of the Month!

07/01/2017: Character bond has been reduced to 500fk in the shop.

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August Contests: Artist of the Month Nominations | RPer of the Month Nominations

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 September '17 RPer of the Month Nominations
 Posted: Aug 1 2017, 09:08 PM


the piniest
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Role-Player of the Month!

Every month, we'll be featuring one Role-Player of the Month (RPotM) and one Artist of the Month (AotM). This is an official staff-run contest, but who wins is up to the members!

How This Works

In this thread, you may nominate up to two RPers using the form at the bottom of the post. At the end of the nomination period (see the Deadlines section) staff will compile all the nominations into a poll for members to vote on. Whoever receives the most votes will receive this badge:

user posted image

We will also be keeping a page highlighting the current and previous artists & RPers of the month!

  • You may nominate up to two RPers.
  • The person you nominate should have been active on the site this month.
  • With that in mind, the posts you nominate should have been posted between 5/1 and 8/24.
  • Do not ask or beg for nominations (or votes). Doing this will disqualify you from this month's contest.
  • Whoever wins this month will not be eligible for RPotM next month.
Rules may be added, changed, or removed as needed.

Dates and Deadlines

August 1st-24th: Nominations are open!
August 25th-31th: Vote on your favorite artist!
September 1st: The winner will be announced!

Nominate an RPer

[b]I am nominating:[/b] (Include RPer name here - either link to their profile or tag them!)
[b]Why I think they should be RPer of the Month:[/b]

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