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Apr 6 2018, 08:14 AM

The woman had been given an apprentice, it was a great honour she had been not expecting due to having been in and out of Riverclan since her pregnancy and the tragedy that followed. The blue she-cat could not help but worry over the idea that perhaps Hollowstar would have seen her as a snivelly rascal that lacked loyalty to her clan, therefore never truly accepting her fully. It was the reason why she thought of herself as unworthy of an apprentice, not because she was unskilled but because she was haunted by what she imagined was how the clan saw her. It turns out Riverclan appreciated her far more than she initially thought. It left the female with a certain kind of heaviness in her heart, a sweet sort of mass that felt like fluffed cotton nestled deep in her chest.

Still, there were the prickly thorns of anxiety in her veins now that she was faced with an all new situation. What was she going to do? How was she going to do it? She had never mentored an apprentice before - what if she was going to do it wrong? What if she was going to fail Hollowpaw?

With her head settled low, the oriental female slipped her head into the apprentice's den in search of the young tabby striped boy, jade eyes scanning the insides as she'd call out in that soft, motherly tone of hers;
"Hollowpaw? Are you in here, dear?"

Mar 30 2018, 07:18 PM
It was now made evident childbirth was not entirely necessary in order to produce milk for Skippingstone, despite having been moons after the delivery of her stillborn litter, now started to drizzle with milk due to being so constantly one to smother Brightcloud's children. It was perhaps something that had to do with hormones or instinct - who knew, but the slate blue she-cat could not help but feel guilty she was so involved with the litter that was not her own to begin with. They were precious little creatures, kicking and well, plump with milk and healthy with their mother's nutrients.
It was all Skippingstone ever wanted in life, but they belonged to Brightcloud, the woman who she loved. Brightcloud and Hollowstar, the man who she loved.

Skip was selfish to think she could integrate herself like this and so the oriental decided to seek distance for the sake of her broken heart but for her mentality, she did not go alone. The sleek, heavily-scarred warrior came treading by Wildeye, fond jade eyes settling themselves over the patchworked female with a tender smile.
"Good morning, Wildeye." Greeted Skip with a gentle pur, her tail flicking over Wild's nape in a friendly touch, the other female a good friend of hers now the floods had drawn them closer. Ah, damn Skip's heart for being so weak, damn it for falling so easily for any girl who enjoyed her presence.
Gulping down anxiety that built in her throat, the oriental continued;
"Would you like to go on a hunt? Or a walk?"


Mar 23 2018, 04:10 PM
Even during the most trying of times with waters and floods to endure, Riverclan had managed to have been blessed with a litter of three beautiful children. Kittens that were a spawn of Hollowstar and Brightcloud, a beautiful young she-cat Skippingstone had developed a great fondness over and grown a love that was forever present in her heart. These were the children which lead her body to fuel itself with maternal hormones yet again, these kittens left her swollen with milk that leaked with the lack of mouths to feed - it was funny how sensitive the body was and it was because of this she was left to watch over the three siblings while Wild and Bright went on a hunt.

How precious these babies were, how absolutely beautiful. Absolutely flawless in Skip's soft jade eyes that were welled with adoration. She was certainly no mother to these precious children but as they kneaded against her belly and suckled up her rich milk into their plump little bellies, she soon felt almost as if she may have been.

So this is what it felt like to be a mother. This was how live babies felt like. They were meant to squirm and cry, they were meant to blindly move about and climb over one another with flailing paws and heads feeling around their universe, they were not meant to be the three cold, lifeless lumps of fur Skippingstone had birthed moons previous. This was what her babies were supposed to be like and even though they were not her own, she was crying at the thought, tears a result of both grief and want, the envy of a childless mother.

@Brightcloud @Wildeye
Feb 14 2018, 08:33 PM
Skippingstone had left without a single trace. No goodbye, no farewell, no hintage as to where she was going and why she took off. There was no one to speak to according to the poor woman who saw her own self worth deceased along with the precious children she had lost, there was no one who'd notice her departure and she was fine with that feat. She did not want to drag anyone down because of her actions and desires to disappear and become one with the earth, she wanted to simply rest and allow moss to seep into her eyes and let roots sprout for the spaces within her body that were left empty.

She wanted to be whole.
In her grief and flurry of shame there was no way she could have ever been a suitable warrior to Riverclan, there was no way she would ever be anything but a burden and so when she had informed Foxscar of the children she had failed to provide only to be left in the gutter to wallow and sob, she took this as an opportunity to never come back.

Until now.

Blue furred paws trekked over the clan borders, her coat thickened now with the settling of leafbear,
her fur lacking the scent of stale milk she had used to carry, her belly now had flattened out into that of any average feline, no longer sagging with a womb that was still trying to provide the space needed for a litter, no longer filled with an empty space that screamed of loss and grief.

Upon the borders she stood, angular oriental features scanning over the sights before her, a few extra scars added to her body from the quests she had indulged in her absence, but far less melancholy in her still quite solemn features.

Perhaps at least one person would recognize her.
Jan 6 2018, 06:12 PM
She had news to deliver, news that needed to be spoken of weeks previous to this day but tragedy and emotion had reduced her ability to do such thing down to merely dust and so it had been greatly delayed. The woman who was once a ruthless, noble warrior now walked with shame upon her shoulders and jaded, solemn eyes that stared upon nothing else but the floor as she moved. Grace no longer followed her strides and strength no longer blazed in her stare, to know what could have been, what was meant to happen, it ached tremendously within the pits of her heart because what had happened weeks previous was no accident.
It was a selfish faulty of hers.

She knew Foxscar must have been waiting for his litter, for the children she had promised to bear,
the ones that left her heavy for growing bodies and motherly love that felt like a stranger to the battle-hardened female.
She knew she had left him waiting for long, and now she had to face the truth of what had happened to the children on this man and speak honesty no matter how vile it was.

Far from the Riverclan borders the oriental she-cat made her way to where Foxscar had appointed to meet his kits, the scene where he was meant to choose which one he would keep but today nothing would be taken, nothing would be given over than grief and tragedy.
Seeing the frame of the all too familiar Maine-Coon before her, a sigh quivered from the molly who's belly sagged from the lack of children within a stretched womb and coat still carried the musk of milk which she continued to produce despite being unable to nurse the babies she had delivered.

She would not let herself appear weak.

Paws planting themselves firmly against the ground she stood upon, the queen's head lifted high,
seafoam eyes still clouded with numbness as she offered a firm nod of greeting to the male that had impregnated her and left her with nothing but corpses as children.
Her voice was hardened with an unfeeling tone as huge, bat-like ears perked forth in order to draw all her focus and attention upon what would be the reaction of the brute before her as to seeing no children to choose from like she had promised.
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