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Warrior Cats: A RPG

NEWS: WindClan is reopening the tunnels!

Weather: It's newleaf! Temperatures are warm throughout the forest. Storms may pop up in the afternoon.

Ongoing Events:
We have an art contest up to design a new shopkeeper.
Nominations for summer's Artist and RPer of the Season have started! Open through June 15th.

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Yesterday at 10:34 pm
*Stole idea from mikki with permission*

Design BloodClan's new camp!

Due to forthcoming events, BloodClan will be in need of a new place to have camp! Anyone is allowed and encouraged to participate regardless of affiliation within the clan.

The creator of the chosen clan will receive 500fk

Current camp: an abandoned pet store with multiple floors

Requirements for new camp:
- Should be located near/in twolegplace
- Needs to have shelters for dens

Submissions should have the following:
- detailed descriptions of the territory. Feel free to make any landmarks (such as sunningrocks or the owl tree)
- pictures (images or drawings) to help get a better idea of what the area looks like
- places for a nursery, somewhere to hold meetings, and adequate space for the healers and their herbs (and a garden)

Ultimately I will look for creativity and practicality-- BloodClan is likely to settle in a safe place that won't be at risk of being destroyed again.

Submissions are due: June 3rd*

*date subject to be extended
May 13 2018, 06:50 PM
Tryna get some more friends for my characters so if you're interested at all in anything, I'm not too picky!

* apprentice of ThunderClan (probably about 13 moons)
* cowardly, a little bit arrogant, and definitely not thrilled with clan life. He was born a kittypet but came to ThunderClan to be with his mother. Though his loyalty is uncertain, he'll hang around the clans because he knows the twolegs would never take back a showcat that now has ugly scars.
open for:
- friends
- love interest (female)
- any can be non-thunderclan

* apprentice of ThunderClan (9-10 moons)
* snarky, sassy, and just plain rude. She's quick to judge and hates being wrong. Despite the large amounts of negativity, she's a friend who will be very protective and loyal, and probably a little too keen on beating up whoever hurts those she cares about. Once beyond the rude behavior, one would see she's very damaged from being abandoned by her parents. Her adopted brother, Antlerpaw, is the only thing tying her to ThunderClan, otherwise she hates her own clan and will probably one day leave.
open for:
- friends
- love interest (male)
- non-thunderclan would be awesome (but definitely not required) to give her a reason to one day leave the clan

* apprentice of RiverClan (9 moons)
* cowardly, easily frightened, entirely a pushover, and smart. He doesn't like to leave camp, but can easily be goaded into doing pretty much anything he doesn't want to. Otter is loyal to RiverClan and would never betray them. His hobbies include long walks on the beach and worrying obsessively over minor things.
open for:
- friends
- love interest (female)
- RiverClan only

* apprentice of WindClan (11 moons)
* generally quiet unless spoken to. She's a no-nonsense kind of gal who isn't afraid to snap at those annoying her, but won't hold grudges. Not for too long, anyway. She's diligent in her learning and is very focused on becoming a good warrior.
open for:
- friends
- WindClan preferable, but not required
Apr 13 2018, 11:57 PM
Soft growls rumbled through the sky, as if StarClan themselves were having a quarrel in the stars. It'd been so long since Sablepaw had heard thunder, but with the warmer weather, snowstorms were beginning to turn into thunderstorms. That was okay with her. Snow was too cold.

Tiny drops of rain fell lazily to the ground on and off, but it was never more than a sprinkle. The air was cool and fresh, and a light breeze ruffled the fur on Sable's back as she padded toward camp, a freshly-caught hare hanging from her jaws. It was later in the day, still a few hours away from sunset, but her work was completed.

Sablepaw set the hare down atop the prey pile, stretching forward on her stubby legs to get it to lay nicely before retreating a few steps back to admire her catch. It wasn't that impressive, really, but it would fill some bellies. The young molly spun around, coming nose-to-chest with a clanmate and stumbling backward. She landed on her rump with a soft thud, and raised a paw to her nose as her eyes watered from the hit. After testing to make sure nothing was seriously injured, deep blue eyes cast back up toward who she had run into, and she muttered a soft apology.
Mar 25 2018, 11:45 AM
Characters Included:

- Aristotle
- Coalstep
- Lilacpaw

- Tawnycloud

- N/A

- Daisyfall
- Otterpaw

- Bagelbite
- Deerleap
- Fenrirsulfr

- Venomheart
Feb 21 2018, 12:31 AM
Venomheart of BloodClan and Emberblade of ThunderClan are having a litter together!

dam: black shorthair with yellow eyes and polydactyl paws
sire: blue marbled tabby longhair with copper eyes

Blue marbled tabby longhair x black
Black, blue, brown tabby, blue tabby. Tabbies can be marbled or classic. Kits can be longhair or shorthair. Kits can be polydactyl. Kits can have any realistic eye color except blue

- There'll only be one kit to survive the litter, so only one application will be accepted. It will not be first come first served.
- The kit will be loved by both parents and should not grow up resenting either of them. However, the kit should remain in BloodClan until adulthood. He/she will be allowed to visit Emberblade, and he will be allowed to visit him/her.
- The kit will be born healthy
- Names should be terms cats know (I know, Draculakit would be awesome for BloodClan, but it just won't do :/ )
- As there is only one surviving kit in the litter, you must remain active. Failure to remain active will result in the rehoming of the character at the discretion of Egotistical Lilypads and myself.



> Silverstar of ThunderClan
> Coalstep of ThunderClan
> Darklingpaw of ThunderClan
> Arcticstorm of ThunderClan
> Duckkit, Nightkit, and Ratkit of ThunderClan


> Ivyfang of BloodClan
> Bonechill, unknown location
> Briarthorn, unknown location
> Wishkit, deceased
> Arcticstorm of ThunderClan (adopted sister of venom)
> Nightpaw of BloodClan
> Bitterkit, not yet born
> Wanderingkit, deceased
> Hydraulickit, deceased
> Wolfpaw of BloodClan
> Dewkit, not yet born
> Lightningkit, not yet born
> Pigeonkit, not yet born

Application Deadline: March 15th THIS HAS CHANGED
Due Date: approximately March 17th (subject to change)

Feel free to make your own application, but it should include a name, personality, appearance, and gender

Note: if you're going to track this topic, please click the button at the top of this post rather than posting. Track posts will be deleted so as not to clutter this thread.
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