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Apr 22 2018, 05:41 PM
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<div class="elmos-post">
<span class="elmo-title">Backstory</span><br/>
On August 12th, 2017 these kittens were born (they are 8 moons now). Children of Tasha and Raul. They were part of a small community of cats that lived just outside of the Monarchs borders. Of course when the Monarch decided to expand, bringing this community into their fold, their was a skirmish. So the King sent his heir, Diesel, along with some Knights to quiet this. Instead the battle intensified and Diesel, who thought to raid their medicine den, instead infiltrated their nursery by accident and killed the queen defending it. Said queen being Tasha.
The civil unrest was eventually resolved and the community became a part of the Monarchs. Where these children have been raised every since, taken in by Hiccup (who became king shortly after this).
<span class="elmo-title">Information / Rules</span><br/>
One. Information on The Monarchs can be found <a href="http://warriorcatsarpg.com/index.php?showtopic=4248">HERE</a>. Please read that first post, it's a lot of information but it will be things that these kittens will need to know since they were raised there.
Two. These kittens will hate Diesel, the former heir who they saw murder their mother.
Three. It is because of their shared hatred for Diesel that these kids are so loyal to Hiccup. It might be the only reason or maybe one of many, it us up to you.
Four. Keep them with the Monarchs for now.
Five. Hiccup has helped raise these kids, fostering their hatred for his brother. Not quite a father but more then a mentor. Because of this, female or not, these kids will be able to become Knights and he might even make them members of his Kings Guard (of another rank they might be interested in) to keep his allies in positions of power.
<span class="elmo-title">Genetics</span><br/>
Shaded silver spotted tabby w/ low white (carrying cinnamon) x lilac shaded silver classic tabby w/ low white (carrying cinnamon)
Kits can be black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, brown tabby, blue tabby, chocolate tabby, lilac tabby, cinnamon tabby, fawn tabby, black smoke, blue smoke, chocolate smoke, lilac smoke, cinnamon smoke, fawn smoke, silver tabby, blue silver tabby, chocolate silver tabby, lilac silver tabby, cinnamon silver tabby, fawn silver tabby, golden chinchilla, blue golden chinchilla, chocolate golden chinchilla, lilac golden chinchilla, cinnamon golden chinchilla, fawn golden chinchilla, golden tabby, blue golden tabby, chocolate golden tabby, lilac golden tabby, cinnamon golden tabby, fawn golden tabby, silver chinchilla, blue silver chinchilla, chocolate silver chinchilla, lilac silver chinchilla, cinnamon silver chinchilla, fawn silver chinchilla, shaded silver tabby, blue shaded silver tabby, chocolate shaded silver tabby, lilac shaded silver tabby, cinnamon shaded silver tabby, or fawn shaded silver tabby.
Tabbies and chinchillas can be classic, mackerel, or spotted.<br/>
Kits can have high, low, or no white spotting.<br/>
Smokes can be dark, medium, or light smokes.<br/>
Kits with white can have any realistic eye color including blue, kits without white can have any realistic eye color except blue.
<span class="elmo-title">Form & Kittens</span><br/>
<b>Name:</b> namehere<br/>
<b>Gender:</b> genderhere<br/>
<b>Rank:</b> rankhere<br/>
<b>Appearance:</b> short please, this will be added to the monarchs with their name<br/>
<b>Personality:</b> personality here
Sardonyx - Bits<br/>
Egypt - Ego<br/>
Rhiannon - Emmers<br/>
Venus - Noccy
Apr 21 2018, 03:29 PM
I don't know genetics that well anymore but I checked out the guide and came up with these genotypes lol. Can someone give me what the kittens would be?

Bb1 Dd Aa T1t Spsp Ss Ii Wbwb Ll

bb1 dd Aa tt1 spsp Ss Ii Wbwb Ll
Apr 20 2018, 06:04 PM
It had been some hours ago since Whisperingwind had meet an unexpected and unfortunate fate, at the paws of a cat RiverClan had had troubles with before. He lay just a few tail lengths from the rivers shore, laying within a pool of his own blood. His handsome coat stained red and brown, and his pretty eyes dull. Whatever he may have been in life he was no more.

// Sad I killed him. Might reincarnate him someday. He was so chill than it was relaxing to play him lol. That or have his ghost haunt the clan lmao
Apr 6 2018, 04:33 PM
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<div id="onezero-container">

<div id="onezero-header">
<div id="onezero-logo"></div>
<div id="onezero-title">One Hundred and One<div class="onezero-subtitle">may the strong live on, while the weak fall</div></div>

<div id="onezero-content">

<div class="onezero-table">
<div class="onezero-table-title">101 Census</div>
<div class="onezero-table-content">
<b><u>Alive - NPC's</u></b><br/>
Ninety Seven<br/><br/>
<b><u>Dead - NPC's</u></b><br/>
<b><u>Alive - PCs</u></b><br/>
<abbr title="6 Months - Snowshoe cat with several scars across her face">Shatterpaw</abbr> ♀ LionClan [<a href="http://warriorcatsarpg.com/index.php?showuser=116">Ego</a>]<br/>
<abbr title="59 Months - Long-haired golden tabby with dark eyes.">Goldenstep</abbr> ♂ WindClan [<a href="http://warriorcatsarpg.com/index.php?showuser=871">Elmo</a>]<br/>
<abbr title="34 Months - Longhair cinnamon-silver marbled tabby">Whitney</abbr> ♀ Loner [<a href="http://warriorcatsarpg.com/index.php?showuser=763">Citalit</a>]<br/>
<abbr title="8 Months - A blue-eyed black smoke with a white underbelly. Lean and rather large. Part Maine Coon">Wolfpaw</abbr> ♂ BloodClan [<a href="http://warriorcatsarpg.com/index.php?showuser=534">Warped</a>]<br/><br/>
<b><u>Dead - PCs</u></b><br/>

<div class="onezero-info">
<div class="onezero-top"><div class="onezero-info-title">"You there, dry those tears!</div>
<div class="onezero-info-content">There is no point to them anymore. Do you know where you are? No, I doubt that you do. But you have the smell of ThunderClan on you girl, a smell I will never forget, though I was born and raised on the moors."<br/><br/>
He knows of your clan and the moors he speaks of have to be WindClan. For whatever reason knowing that another clan cat is here with you makes this entire ordeal better somehow. A heavy sigh ruffles your fur, making you realize that the stranger, whoever he is, was closer then you'd thought. Your rusty cages meshed together. "What is this place?" you dare to ask with a frightened whimper.<br/><br/>
"You probably won't believe me, I know I would not have. How many of use had heard that a clanmate had only been missing because a twoleg did this or a twoleg did that? I'd heard it so many times but nothing -nothing like this..."<br/><br/>
<i>Cats from all walks of life have a new reason to be afriad when humans target them for a sick and twisted desire to see them fight to the death. Caged and starved, fed only if they have fought for the right or killed for it. This kill or be kill mentality washes away former teachings and beliefs as these unwilling participants struggle to survive. Each of them needing the other to keep alive their past yet willing to kill in an instant if it means living another day.</i><br/><br/>
As you listen a chill of dread sneaks down your spine and you find yourself unable to speak. A silences falls on the room again but this time you can hear the ragged breaths of others around her. Many others. Growling arguments rise up in the background, silenced by vicious snarls. Suddenly you aren't so comforted by the presence of another clan cat. And he further solidifies that thought when he hisses into the darkness once more.<br/><br/>
"I hope you're ready to kill or you will be."</div></div>
<div class="onezero-column">
<div class="onezero-info-title">Rules and Regulations</div>
<div class="onezero-info-content">This is a long term plot, so expect for your cat to be here until its end. Estimated at a year (in game) for now, though it may go on longer that that. However, there is a loop how to this. As you'll read below.<br/><br/>
These cats are going to be pitted against each other in tournament-style and gladiator-styled battles. Fighting over their right for food. Those who are beaten in battle, though not killed, are taken and then killed by the twolegs as they do not tolerate failure or weakness. However, for those that want their cats here for merely a short time as character development, there is a silver lining. There is one human, despite his love for the fights, doesn't wish to see the cats that fail killed. So he will/can take cats, fooling his peers into thinking he is killing them but in reality he is releasing them into the wilds.<br/><br/>
Each cat must suffer from two or more of the negative side effects of the testosterone injections.<br/><br/>
Any armor worn cannot cover the throat. Nor can it cover more then 50% of the body. Studded claws or other sharp extremities are allowed.<br/><br/>
Females that have done well in the fighting ring and must retire (because of injury, rarely because of old age) become breeders. They are paired only with males who are strong and well-liked among the crowd.<br/><br/>
Kittens born here suffer harsh effects from the testosterone, usually host to three or more of the effects listed below.</div>
<div class="onezero-info-title">Testosterone and Armor</div>
<div class="onezero-info-content">To further increase their cats chances to win those captured are injected with testosterone frequently, once a month if not more often. This will create a rapid growth of muscle mass and strength but will invoke a number negative side effects. It is required that your cat have at least two of these side effects, though you may inflect any number of them on your character. Another thing to note is that these same effects will carry down to kits born from injected parents, as mild as bald spots to deformities to the severity of stillborns.<br/><br/>
Bald spots<br/>
Pain of the limbs<br/>
Muscle cramps<br/>
Trouble breathing (at times)<br/>
Heart burn<br/>
Mood swings<br/>
Stillborn or deformed kits<br/>
Extreme allergic reaction<br/>
Loss of appetite<br/>
Nausea and stomach pain<br/>
Swelling of the legs and joints<br/>
The idea of armor was originally inspired by ChangeHeart's artwork (an FF member). To make fights more interesting and possible last longer, the humans will begin crafting leather pieces to cloth the cats. Protecting vital organs and other weak spots along the body. To give you a better idea of what their armor might look like I will link you to the piece of ChangeHeart's art that inspired me. <a href="http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh180/LunalovesKiba/Meteorstrike-2.jpg">Cat armor here.</a></div>
<div class="onezero-column">
<div class="onezero-info-title">Breeding Record</div>
<div class="onezero-info-content">Retired females will be listed here along with the males they have paired with and the resulting litters. Please be sure to inform me whenever you wish your female to retire so that I may add them to this section. For mated pairs and their litters be sure to fill out the form below after they are chosen.<br/><br/>
<code>Female: name<br/>
Male: name<br/>
Number of Surviving Kits: number<br/>
Kits: name (player link)</code>
<br/><b>Retired Females</b><br/>
<b>Present / Future Litters</b><br/>
<div class="onezero-info-title">Territory: The House</div>
<div class="onezero-info-content">The two story building sitting so eerily at the end of the block has remained unused for a long time, its paint has peeled and its windows are shattered. The doors hang on their hinges and most are boarded to keep out intruders. Though there are very few living in the area that venture to close. Many of them suspect dog fights and worse things, but during the night it is not dogs but cats that screech in the night. There are several acres behind and along side this home, putting distance between it and its neighbors, giving the shady characters that run this place some privacy.<br/><br/>
The first floor of this house is as unkempt as the exterior. Faded wallpaper and rotting floors. A living room and a hallway that breaks off into a bathroom, leading to a kitchen. It is poorly furnished and filthy, though inhabited by guards.<br/><br/>
The second floor is another story entirely. The walls of the bedrooms here have been taken down, the walls painted and the carpet fresh. One large room where the retired females and their kits are keep. The living conditions for the cats are far better here, they are well fed provided for. Though once the kits have reached five months they are taken from their mothers and put in the basement.<br/><br/>
The stairs to to the basement lead to a stone hallway, a long and cold place with three doors at the end. To the left is the door that to the Cage Room, where the fighters are keep outside of the ring. Cages are stacked three high and ten across with one cat in each cage. To the right is a stonewalled room with a dirt floor. Two smaller pits have been dug here. The door straight ahead leads to the gladiator pit, a massive pit dug into the ground.</div>
<div class="onezero-info-title">Plans for the Future</div>
<div class="onezero-info-content">Eventually they will be save, a blessing from mother nature when a careless human tosses his cigarette into the tall grass which starts a fire that will eat across the ground and lick at the sides of the old house. The panic of this causes the humans to panic and flee, those in the basement disregarding the cats in the haste. But seeing this as their moment the cats scramble from the pits and rescue their caged brothers and sisters, as well as the queens and their kits above, before fleeing their hell forever.<br/><br/>
What happens after your character is free is completely up to you. However Goldenstep, forever altered by his experiences inside The House finds that he cannot bring himself to stay in WindClan. Unable to completely trust his clanmates and is aware that his newfound aggression over food is threatening the well-being of the ones he loves. So he will leave, seeking his former Gladiator comrades, to live the life with them (whoever joins him) as a group of loners. With no name and no ranks. Using the skills they learned and have somehow come to enjoy to wage war on their enemies, keeping their loved ones safe with their brutal and bloodthirsty methods.<br/><br/>
Join us by filling out the form! http://i.imgur.com/hlylYFl.png?1<br/>
<code>name: name<br/>
gender: gender<br/>
age: age<br/>
alliance: alliance<br/>
appearance: looks</code></div>


Apr 5 2018, 02:46 PM
<style type="text/css">
.elmos-post {
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<div class="elmos-post">@Egotistical Lilypad @Citali
He hadn't slept that night. There were to many thoughts flickering through his mind, of recent days past and those further. The former kings screams still echoed around him at night, though it wasn't guilt that ate at him, it was fear. Fear that, despite doing all he could to ensure his claim to the throne, he hadn't done enough. There was still someone out there that posed a threat and every day that he lived was a day that Hiccup continued to look over his shoulder.
Dawn crept over the trees and pierced the sky with the first touches of golden yellows and oranges before he stirred in his nest, raising from false sleep to move from the plastic tunnel, scrambling up the nearest post to place himself high. High enough to be seen by the gathering of cats below.
A few days before he'd sent Knights to spread the word that there would be an announcement today, and that all of the kingdom needed to be here to witness. No one knew the reason, not even his Kings Guard, and none would suspect that he would be picking bride today. Picking a bride and sending out a patrol to find his brothers whereabouts.<br/><br/>
A cool, calculating smile curled the corner of his lips as he stared down at his subjects. Seeking the beautiful noble girl that had stolen his attention a few weeks before. It was a shame a molly of such beauty had been hidden away until now, and yet a blessing that she had for he would have had to kill for her if another tom had taken her paw in marriage.</div>
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